[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 1: Choosing Of Niches

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from freg

Hi, recently I have done an “Ask campaign” which allows you to share with
me your number one problem in blogging.

There were many comments submitted – more than 40 of them in total!

The types of problems range from choosing of niches, getting of domains,
creating content, finding the right content, setting up of wordpress platform
to installation of plugins and many more…

Does any of these problems sound familiar to you?

If yes, read on…

Starting this week, I will be sharing with you on some basic stuff you need
to know if you are really serious in wanting to create a profitable blog
so you can make some money and work from home (and have more free
time to do things you enjoy.)

I am going to make every module (or post) short and simple so even
newbie blogger can understand.

So for today, let’s talk about “Choosing A Niche”.

Where can you choose a niche?

You can choose from Clickbank.com marketplace

*DO NOT choose a make-money-online niche! This is always the
BIGGEST MISTAKE for new bloggers.

Once you have chosen a niche which you like, you need to find the keywords
which the site is targeting.

One of the best free online tools is Google Keyword Tool. Just insert the whole
domain name into the search bar and the tool will create a list of relevant keywords.

If you want to find if the keyword is profitable, just check the advertisers competition.

Another free website resource is Spyfu.com

If you are really new to blogging and this is your first time doing keyword research, bear
in mind you have to find the right keyword.

The right keyword will bring you the right type of traffic which may or may not
buy from your affiliate recommendation.

In our Blog Maintenance programme, we always create a list of at least 200 keywords
for one niche and we will always research on 3 to 5 niches at a time.

That is a total of 600 to 1000 keywords! And can be really
overwhelming for anyone, including newbie bloggers.

You may spend a week to 3 weeks to find the right keyword. But with experience
or with experienced bloggers like us guiding, this normally take a day or 2.

Make sure you find the right keywords and you will be on the right track. (Otherwise,
you may find yourself going back to square one.)

On the next module, we will be talking about “Choosing of Domain Name
for your Niche Blog.

Have a great weekend! And this is [Blogging for Newbie 101] signing off… :p



12 Responses to “[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 1: Choosing Of Niches”

  1. normz2 says

    There is one area that you did not mention. Back links. I have put up a number of new sites in the last two months and linked them together. I found that it increased my traffic quite dramaticaly. Google found the new sites almost right away without promoting.

  2. nat says

    I like all your advice! I am going to build my blog.. can I do it on my own? Who can help me? sorry for such teck questions:)

  3. MaxSze says

    Thanks John for “Refreshers” course for starters and newbies!
    Friends this is step by step. Follow diligently and you
    will be on the IM journey. God bless!

  4. hipriestess4u says

    I have 5 or 6 blog sites, and I am now listing all of my sites on each of my blog sites. Is that backlinking?? I was trying out some stuff, like I write scifi flash fiction, and wrote a book and have put it on my blog sites. I wrote a blog about motorcycles and helmet safety for a personal reason, and the traffic is now past a thousand. I have been trying to get people to my sites, and that seems to be the biggest problem. I also started signing up to affiliate sites and belong to a bunch of them. So I wrote a few blogs about blogging and it seems that is the information people really want. https://bloginthefogforgreen.blogspot.com/ So now I will backlink all of my blogging sites.

  5. Pauline Bennett says

    What a great help to me as I am a complete newbie and just starting out and have been thinking of doing a blog.

  6. luis says

    Good stuff, keep it comming

  7. Sandy says

    Can you give any more specifics for choosing a niche so far as number of searches go? I have read that a niche that has more than 1000 searches a month and less than 50,000 competing sites is a good one to go for but this seems to be very restrictive to me. What is your advice?

  8. Peggy says

    Hey John:

    Great content and what a wonderful thing to do for all us. I know there are various stages of “new” and any help you can give to us will be of help.

    Thanks, for this wonderful gesture.



  9. John Yeo says

    normz: thanks so much…yes..this will be covered in the traffic section

    nat: our Blog maintenance program can help you build your blog, even though you know nothing about blogging at all

    Sandy: you can find out more about the criteria for searches of the keywords here
    => https://www.johnyeo.name/article-marketing/get-more-traffic-by-setting-the-keywords-right/

  10. alexis says

    so im completely new to this stuff, one thing that I don’t understand is, after getting keyword ideas, how do I use these?

  11. John Yeo says

    Hi Alexis, You can use them for your blog names, blog posts titles, tags, backlinking of keywords to your domains and so on…

  12. alexis says

    Ohh, alright thanks so much! =D

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