A Single Blog Which Makes $10,000/Month. Possible?

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Hi everyone,

Christmas is coming and everyone is thronging the shopping malls to get gifts for exchange. But please get the right gift!

A moment ago, one of my friends told me she got a book as a gift for Christmas exchange. She has to return it because the content is scary and not suitable for kids.

Knowing who you are giving to and whether your gift is of the right kind is important.

Similarly in blogging, understanding who you are selling to eventually is important.

Beginning of next year, I am going to create a blog which aims to provide a monthly income of US$10,000/ month, hopefully.

It is just one blog and it is possible.

As mentioned in the post on “Creating Values“, I am going to create a lot of value for this group of customers and I am going to create a community.

When I shared this to my friends, most are skeptical.

“Blogs are for leisure…for us to pass time…for us to vent our inner frustrations…for us to grumble why others are making more money than us.

But I am very sure I can do it. Like a Christmas gift exchange, I need to do two things correctly.

1. Identify the right clients who are always buying
2. Identify their problems and position myself as the solution or the expert.

I believe a blog is very powerful.

It can be an online platform for your fans and customers to get to know more about you and your business.

And with a group of fans and customers, you can basically create a whole range of products and services around it.

Workshops are already very lucrative!

Selling tickets to 200 participants at $20 each can bring you $4000 for that one day.

When you have traffic to the blog, advertisers will want to work with you so as to place their ads in front of your readers’ eyes.

These are just 2 income generation models for blogs and there are a whole list of methods you can apply.

But always remember!

Creating value for your readers always come FIRST!

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One Response to “A Single Blog Which Makes $10,000/Month. Possible?”

  1. Kenji Tay says

    $10,000 a month from a blog ??

    You MUST be out of your mind..

    because… it is completely doable =P

    I believe it depends on what kind of model or platform you are using the blog as and the market you are into.

    Blogs are “GOLD”… and most people dun realize it… and although I adopt a different style from “blog flipping”, both styles of using blogs creates an income of constant cash flow for us, the users.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas =)

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