Marketing To One…Yes. Just One.

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marketing to one
from 5348 Franco

If you are “trying” to sell people something, the result may not be what you want.

It takes alot of focus and attention to sell a person something.

You realise I mention a person and not people.

In this post, I am going to explain to you what “real” marketing is all about and it is going to be done in simple words…and just for you.

Most marketers made this costly mistake of trying to sell one thing to a general public. And that is why they construct their sales script (be it in email in your list marketing, verbal, presentation etc) to try to sell to everyone.

There is no focus and they fail terribly. Sounds familiar?

In fact, the ideal way is the other way round.

And it is to do our best to understand everything about your that particular prospect and just sell him that one related product that can meet his needs (or wants).

So the formula is this:

Identified Need + Related Product = Sale!

Ok, the learning point for this post is this.

In your selling process, do use the following pointers:

1. Communicate in a manner that is warm and friendly. Treat your prospect just like your good old friend and do your best to protect his interest.

2. Identify his need and be as specific as possible. If you know his problem is about not being able to reduce weight due to lack of motivation, address that in right on the spot.

3. Do not use words like “some of you”, “all of you” etc Use just “you” just as what you could have written in an email written just for your friend.

That is it.

These common principles sounds simple and in fact, they can be applied easily in your business. It does not matter if you can talking to your prospect in an email or on the phone or in a presentation. The principles to follow are the same.

In addition, do keep things simple and sweet too. =)

Practice these 3 points as often as you can and you will definitely be one of the world’s top 10% marketers and build your very own empire.

Share with me your thoughts after reading this post. I love to hear from you.


6 Responses to “Marketing To One…Yes. Just One.”

  1. Internet Radio Installation Services says

    Nice info John. I will follow your advices.

  2. Alessandro says

    Hi John and thanks for these special tips.
    Sometimes I forgot this type of basic but underestimated advices, that instead are big value ones, just because they permit to stay one step higher than the masses of sellers.

    Be unique finding specific niches can be really useful to find interested cash-in-hand buyers, so I’m perfectly in line with your points.
    Generally I write a topic and I try to find 20 sub-topic on which work with internet researches, articles and also the good old paper books.

    I suggest to adopt always the YOU system 🙂 just because help your reader to feel friendly to the author and stay easily in contact with him.
    In fact I love to put at the end of Summary (on every ebooks I made) a “Newsletter Subscribing Page” if the ebooks will be passed to other people.

    Thanks again John, you are always straight to the point 😉
    by Alessandro Zamboni

  3. John Yeo says

    @Alessandro: You always give me the impression you are very humble and always willing to learn and relearn the basics. You possess one of the finest and most basic success principles which anyone should have if they really want to succeed online…

    Thanks for your compliment and I am just applying my style – keeping in touch with you. =)

    @ Catherine: Thanks Catherine…Yes, we have to keep on doing what we really believe.

    Have a good weekend!


  4. Cathy@psychicforesight says

    I love this post.It puuls together everything I’ve believed about good service for years.

  5. normz2 says

    That is what real marketing is about. Filling a specific need.

  6. John Yeo says

    @Cathy: thanks alot…good service = happy customers = more sales at backend

    @normz2 : yes! when need is met, it equals to good value.

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