Your Money Is In Your List

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blog carnival submitter contest

Many have heard of this saying “money is in your list.”

If you asked me a year ago, I might not believe this. But when you ask me right now, I can tell you a definite “Yes!”

Lately, thanks to Calvin Woon, a great friend of mine, who gave me an opportunity to join a Joint venture contest organised by him for his blog submitter software.

It is a great software on how you can submit your blog post link to a blog carnival and get backlinks with more traffic back to your own blog.

This is my first time joining such a contest.

Initially I did it with the attitude of gaining experience.

The result for such a contest was terrific for me.

I was ranked number 2 in his contest!

blog carnival submitter contest

It was really an eye opener for me and it is definitely a very enriching experience.

So what do I want to share here?

No matter what niche you are in, you got to build your list.


With a list, you can keep on helping your customers, adding great value to their lives and providing them great info.

So how can you build your list?

First you need to get a reliable autoresponder service like GetResponse.

Once done, you can login and start collecting emails and names by having a opt in box at your sidebar.

In exchange for your subscribers’ emails and names, you can create a free report, article and ebook as a form of bait.

Again, this is a gradual process and all you need to do to start having a 4 or even 5 figure list is to start today – Right Now!


7 Responses to “Your Money Is In Your List”

  1. mail@affiliater says

    Hello John,

    Congratulations for your great achievement.

    I also agree with you about creating our own list, many expert said money is in the list, but in my opinion we must honestly help people in our list and the money will come later

  2. John Yeo@wedding planning says

    Yes, you are right…before the list is able to trust you enough to buy, you have to create great value and treat them well…it is reciprocity =)

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  7. Georgi@Work From Home says

    Hi, I stumbled across your website and I must congratulate you not only for your template but for the content also. People do need this information in these times of financial crisis.

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