Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List?

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I was talking to a friend on being super affiliates for
joint venture partners and I feel there are some
useful pointers even newbies can start applying
and aim towards being one of the best affiliates.

So starting from this week, based on my experience
of being a super affiliate, I will be providing
a series of blog posts, high value info so that
you can immediately start to create your own
product and make your product line.

And with your product, you can path your route
of being one of a super affiliate like me.

So are you ready?

Here goes…

1. Build your list from ZERO and UP.
A list is the most important aspect of a business.
I have learnt from an experienced internet marketer
that you can sell your business, but you can always
have your list to fall back on.

Your list is your most important treasure of your

Start building it now by creating a simple product
and using it as a freebie for optins and slowly
drive them up your sales funnel and convert them
to higher ticket item.

2. Treat your list well.
Your list is like your friends who trust you
enough so that is why they have opt into your list.

Beside promoting products to them, always give
them free good value stuff such as a useful blog
post to answer their burning questions, a gift exchange
between you and another product owner so your
list gets it for FREE.

It is similar to you receiving a surprise gift from
your good friend and I am sure you will stay happy for
the whole day.

3. Plan your list well
When you collect opt in, remember to group them
up into different groups or campaigns.

You wont want to group a dog owners in a cat owners

The freebie or promotion you sending to your list
must suit their needs.

Imagine you have signed up for a travel newsletters
and you keep on receiving food recipes emails.

It does not make sense.

4. Dare to see where your list stands.
Join giveaways or joint venture contests. You can sign up
Mike Merz’s Joint Venture (JV) Lists, Announcements, Blogs, And Community Forums.

I think it is one of the best jv communities in the internet.

or you can join Reed Floren’s list at Reed Floren How to Go From ZERO to HERO! Success Secrets to Take You Straight to The Top!

Join about one contest a month to see what is the price
of items your list can buy.

Offer your own bonuses other than those bonuses
offered by the partners…

They can be audio interviews with the jv contest owners
with PLR, or personal consultation for the buyers
through your affiliate links…

The sky is your limit and the best thing for you
to do right now is…

Start building your list from ZERO and UP.

Build your product now and Start building it RIGHT NOW!

P.S: I will be posting a series of product marketing
blog posts for the next few weeks. Let me know
what you want to learn from me about product

P.P.S: Share with me your comment below. I love to hear from you.



5 Responses to “Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List?”

  1. kelsie_laine says

    What are the right words … super, great idea

  2. Net Biz In Buzz » ‘Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List?’ by John Yeo says

    […] Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List? … […]

  3. Lukman Daisy says

    is the Super Affiliate good to distribute product in various kinds,nationwide.

  4. Lita says

    Dear Johon,

    Thank you so much for your continuous messages. I was not able to log on for so long. Likewise, i would like to take this opportunity to ask the following before i’ll start with this.

    1. How much will i spend before i can have the website you are referring to.

    2. Is there a fee/cost to maintain the website?

    You can see my questions entails to cost. The reason being is that, i don’t have funds now. I am still unemployed since January of this year. And i have been looking for possible source of income, hoping an immediate one to earn, because i still have children to support. For now i am being helped by my brother who has family as well, and i know sooner he might not be able to support us anymore.

    You look so young but then seems very successful. I hope for your patience to deal with me.

    Again, thank you John. Have a great day!

    Warmest regards,

    Lita Aquino Oliveros

  5. Nestor says

    Great post. I totally agree with you.

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