Private Coaching and Apprentice Program [Now Open!]

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I am opening up another 2 more slots for my Private Coaching Program,

In this Coaching program, I am going to teach you the 4 methods which I am personally applying and making money from:

1. Product creation – you will get to create and have your own product

2. List building – you get to have your own list of subscribers who you can sell to

3. Blog flipping – you get to build and manage a blog of your favorite topic and make money from it
Plus, you will learn how to flip and sell it for a profit.

4. Facebook marketing – you get to leverage on the power of Facebook and get a list of loyal fans supporting you and possibly, buying from you

I will cover one topic every 3 months so that by the end of the 12 months, you are skilled in using these 4 methods and have more than one income stream.

I will support you for 12 months.

If you’re looking for a complete business system for creating consistent monthly income stream while working from home starting from the beginning of 2011, this paid Private coaching is the one for you!

The seats are very limited and there are only 2 slots left.

So if you are sure this program is the right one for you,
sign up now by emailing me at askjohnyeo @ to apply.


P.S Bonus for this month – I have included another business model – offline consulting in the coaching which has made my student US$8000 within 30 days.

P.P.S. All applicants will have to go through my interview phase.

P.P.P.S. Check out the 22 posts with testimonials and track records of my students!

Plus the product launches I have successfully helped in and I am always in the top 10 among other bigger players.


13 Responses to “Private Coaching and Apprentice Program [Now Open!]”

  1. John Yeo says


    15 applications have been submitted and 1 slot has been taken up.

    So one slot left.

  2. azie says

    am interested

  3. John Yeo says

    I have sent u an email.

  4. kelvin says

    i am interested.

  5. John Yeo says

    Hi Kelvin, I have sent u an email.

  6. peter says

    I have been in internet Biz for 3years but have not made a single cent.I think your offer may help me make a few Dollars but having such bad internet history i may not be sure.How do i start with no money and no experience?How do i promote my website which has not sold a single book?Help Me.Thanks

  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Peter,

    I will drop u an email.


  8. Rjchard says

    my situation is the same as peters above

  9. John Yeo says

    will send u an email too =)

  10. James says

    I am interested but not too sure about the cost.
    Have seen too many hype on the Internet.
    Can I have more detail of the program

  11. James says

    I am interested

  12. John Yeo says

    Thanks James. I have replied to your email. Welcome to the coaching!

  13. Kelvin says

    I am interested in your apprentice program. Is it still open? I am sorry. I lost yr email. That’s y I have to re send you. Appreciate your reply.

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