Email Interview #2: Dylan Loh

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Dylan Loh

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hey John, I’m Dylan from Singapore. I would count list building, affiliate marketing and email marketing as my main strengths.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that

I first tasted ‘real’ success with the successful launch of my product ‘Secret Article Profits’ I was doing article marketing pretty hardcore at that time and I knew that many people were starting to use it as an income generator.

Fact is article marketing has been around for as long as Internet marketing as been around but it was just at around that time that people were suddenly jumping onto it.

I knew there was a hungry market for it and I created my product specifically to cater to that. 🙂

3. Share with us one obstacle which you have overcome and you have learnt alot from it

Build relationships first and foremost. This holds true not only for your customers but also with
your subscribers, your joint venture partners, your graphic designers etc…

When I first started out, I was naive and didn’t think too much into building long term relationships, needless to say, I rubbed a few people the wrong way, luckily, I was quick to realise that building a long term relationship takes time effort and most of all, sincerity. Focus first on the relationships and the value you can provide and then think about the money – not the other way round.

4. Share with us one mindset tip you would like to share with others, especially those who find IM hard

This is something that I’ve repeated over and over again and I shall repeat it here once more. That is TAKING ACTION. Looking deeper into that, its taking FOCUSED ACTION. That means concentrating on one task, one method, one product at a time. But most importantly, DO SOMETHING.

5. Share with us about the uniqueness of one of your products.

I thought was pretty good, it combined teaching both Adwords and Adsense in one product instead of splitting up both into separate topics.

6. One project you are working on right now and you would like my readers to know

Its top secret 🙂 Well, if they really want to know they can go to, they would be the first to be notifed!

7. One last tip you want to share with my readers

This would be pretty much the same as number #4. Take action and never give up. I’ve been around the IM industry for quite some time as you have been to John. And we both know, at the end of the day, the people that makes money are the ones that don’t give up and the ones that ends up as skeptics are those that gave up too soon too quickly.

Dylan Loh

* End of Interview *

Share with us your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. =)


5 Responses to “Email Interview #2: Dylan Loh”

  1. Rommel Ramos says

    Hey John,

    Glad to see SO MANY Asian counterparts here and, “making a killing” on the internet! Will you also feature more Asian IM heroes too like Ian del Carmen, Carl Ocab & Andy Immotna from the Philippines (where I also come from)?

    I’m beginning to add BLOGGING to my ‘resume and learning some real good stuffs from you as well!

    Thanks for these post, and looking forward to see more coming

    ~ rommel ;p

  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks Rommel…

    I will feature them as long as I get in touch with them. =)


  3. Garry says

    Hi John,
    Thank you for the bloggerspaycheck, i’ve read it through a couple of times and now am rereading and doing what you have said to do in it and make blogs and link to them and find niches, well I’m Interested in Writting about Relationships as I’m in a Relationship with my Ghanian fioncee, and we hope to Marry in September if I can earn enough Money to get her and her Mum out here to Australia.
    But yes you have helped me quite a lot in teaching me how to blog properly and make good money I haven’t made any yet, but still hopeing to very soon.
    Regards Garry.

  4. Mary...Gotta Get that list! says

    It’s sure a wake up call at the bottom end here starting out.

    Coming from info from the top end of town, where they can afford to outsource everything, a lot of beginners info is lost.

    To begin internet marketing is a massive learning curve for non techies & soooo enthralling!

    Thanks for the tops.

  5. Ivan Ong says

    Way to go John and Dylan…

    Your interview once again reminded us not to give up and keep taking action.. These 2 are probably the most important factor in almost every business you do… and with Internet marketing… the results and rewards comes much faster then any forms of business… 🙂

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