Email Interview #10: RyanChua

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Ryan Chua

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

I’m Ryan Chua and I hail from the humid island of Singapore. My area of expertise is online marketing which includes traffic generation, list building and content websites.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that

One of my first successes is basically building a local community and car club ( based purely out of passion, and took a pretty long time (over 9 years and counting to date) to build it up to the close-knit community it is today.

Basically i followed my passion, and it wasn’t because of the money. I simply enjoyed pulling people in together to share information and enjoyed interacting with people online. I started from building a website and forum and pulled members from a hosted-forum network ( over to help jumpstart

Today, the site has generated me a wealth of friends and business contacts, experiences, comfortable recurring income (from advertising) and fulfilling one of my biggest passions, cars at the same time.

3. Share with us one obstacle which you have overcome and you have learnt alot from it

The thing about the internet is that, the internet is not made out of websites. It’s made out of people. Put your shoes in the mind of your people (i.e. your customers, fan base) and find out how you can cater to them better.

I used to believe that tweaking my website to my own liking was the most important thing. Although it is to some extent, open your website to suggestions and criticism from others as well. You can easily be blind to your own creations (and mistakes even).

4. Share with us one mindset tip you would like to share with others, especially those who find IM hard

Honestly, what’s worth getting and achieving doesn’t come easy. Everything is hard if we don’t go headfirst into it.

Be truthful with yourself and give yourself some time to achieve a small result. Earning your first dollar is the hardest step, after that the first hundred..and so on. Incremental steps are essential to work to a bigger result, and even then, that takes time and effort.

Never give up, always take action, take note that you’ll always trip and fall from time to time, and all of those are the actual recipes for your “success”. Seek help from others who are along the same path, help others, make contacts and believe in yourself, your future and dreams (that will actually happen).

Okay, so the last two paragraphs were general must-have mindsets.

The money winner is FOCUS. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on the most crucial stuff on hand.

5. Share with us about the uniqueness of one of your products.

My products are always community based as I strongly believe that people are always the strongest drivers for a proactive, recurring community. I usually leverage on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Forums to push and promote my products (and sales come usually from that).

6. One project you are working on right now and you would like my readers to know

Working on an automotive social site. Still in the works, but once it’s out, I’m sure i’ll have my close partners let their friends know about it. 😉 Right John?

7. One last tip you want to share with my readers

While you always hear about IM being about profitable, lifestyle, freedom etc… it can easily lead to you being delusional about being rich in a short time. You MUST align yourself with your interests, passions and find out how you can make money around that using IM for the long term.

Set targets and goals, keep working and be focused on them, HAVE a HELL LOT OF FUN and make plenty of friends along the way. 🙂

Ryan Chua

* End of Interview *


3 Responses to “Email Interview #10: RyanChua”

  1. John@Email Marketing Services says

    I think this interview points out a ton of good information when it comes to making money online. Don’t be negotiated by money. Aspire to do something you enjoy that way your success and hard work will be much more rewarding.

  2. Lenny Hursh says

    I’ve learned a lot from this site – I hope you continue writing because I love your stuff!

  3. Max says

    Whats the good word Mate? Very Good blog here mate…You australian?

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