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from msc72

Why list building is important from the start of your blogging journey?

It is always easier to get your loyal readers to return than to find completely new readers.

There is already a sense of bonding with your readers and so it is right to continue to build that relationship. Remember, the eventual outcome is to turn your readers from readers into paying customers.

With a list, you can also ask questions like what their needs and wants are. Then, your product/ service can center around that, rather than having to guess what they want/ need.

How to ask?

You can do an “ask campaign” and ask them what their needs are so that you can better serve them. You can also start off asking these questions:

1.What are the challenges they are facing?

2. What kind of info do they need and they find it hard to get?

3. What kind of info do they wish to get from you?

Such questions can be a very good start in understanding your subscribers and a good start in thinking of what kind of product and service you can provide to them.


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