Bloggers Should Build Their List Too and Here is How…

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List building is Hard! This is the common response I get when I ask my fellow subscribers.

It is not hard if you know how.

Check out the printscreen I have placed at the top of this post.

Over 900 new subscribers in just 10 days! Wohoho!

Ok, so how can you start building your list?

Before that, why do we always empahsize that you should build your list.

Your list is a group of subscribers who like your products and they are your best customers.

If they have yet to buy anything from you, they will, eventually.

Ok, I know you want to know how you can build your list.

In my coaching program, this is the 3 easy step approach I teach.

Step 1: Create a squeeze page for your freebie optin

You can create a simple report (of about 3 to 4 pages) and create a squeeze page like

(You need an optin box and to create it, you need to get a paid autoresponder like Getresponse.)

Step 2: Build Traffic to your squeeze page

You can find your potential subscribers from all over the internet.

Facebook grioups, forums, subscribers’ lists, twitter and the list can go on and on.

Participate in these channels and you will see people starting to opt into your list.

Step 3: Take part in ad swaps and giveaways

What are ad swaps? Ad swaps are cross promotions. You find a list owner of your niche and you ask him if you can do a cross promotion.

Sometimes, if you are a starter and you have no list, it is pretty hard. I admit.

So another sure fire way is to create a low end product – a $7 product and get an affiliate software which allows 100 per cent commission. This means that the list owner who promotes your offer get all the profits.

But they have helped you built your list.

This works and there are success stories of marketers selling 500 copies and building a list of 10,000 subscribers from scratch in less than 30 days.

Once you have your list, you can participate in Giveaways. You get to build your list too.

This model works and all you need to do is to take action now.

Submit your comment below if you have any question. =)

To your success,


8 Responses to “Bloggers Should Build Their List Too and Here is How…”

  1. Cyza says

    Thanks. This is indeed a good advise and good thing method to follow. Most of the bloggers don’t care about list. I realize the impotance of list quite late. Now I’m building my list my own way…own method.

  2. Cyza says

    Ops sorry… I have another question.. can you please share the affiliate software which allows 100 per cent commission…

    Thanks John

  3. John Yeo says

    Hi Cyza,

    You can get it at


  4. Nando says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for that important post. It goes without saying that anyone doing any type of marketing on the internet should build a list, but it’s equally important to know how to properly monetize and care for that list.

    It’s also important to do what you said at the end of your post and that is to take action. Unless you’ve got a million visitors a month coming to your blog, it will take being proactive, tenacity and patience for it to work.

    Sorry if i sound preachy, cause I’m working at building my list as well and it’s definitely work, but it will pay off in dividends in the long run.


  5. craig says

    Excellent Blog,i have been trying to build a list for over 4 months now so far i have got 151 so finding your Blog has given me other ideas to bi=uild my list.Thanks!

  6. Brandon says

    Hey all,

    John is my mentor and let me just say that it is just that easy. I have been online since May 2009. At the end of October we only had 70 subscribers, now we have over 700!!! Including 98 just today.

    All we have done is exactly what John says above 🙂

    Thanks John


  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Nando, no worries…building a list is really important…

    Brandon, well done my friend. you deserve all the success you have…more to come for u 🙂

  8. normz2 says

    I have been following John for several months now. He always gives relevant information. I was going to create a blog, but got sidetracked and now am putting up stationary sites. Maybe, I will create a blog in the near future.

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