Niche Research #1: 6 FREE Google Tools You Should Use

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from manfrys


I have received over 70 plus emails in the past 7 days asking on how to research a profitable niche.

And that is similar to receiving over 10 emails a day from my 11,000 email subscribers.

I was sharing with one of my friends that anyone can find a profitable niche online and
no niche is saturated.

The magic is you got to find the right keyword.
(With the right keyword, you get the right traffic.)
And to do that, you got to use the right tool.

Google has been really generous in these past 2 years, making many
tools free of charge so business owners wannabes like yourself
can start making money online right now…Yes, Right now!

As I have said many times, the right keywords must fulfil
the following 3 criterias:

1. there must be a demand
2. other people are spending money to get it
3. the profit is significant enough to make your time and effort worthwhile

Below are the 6 free google keyword tools which you can use.

1. Google Sktools

2. Google Keyword tool

3. Google Search

4. Google Search Options
=> Whenever you do a search in google, you can see a “show options”
just above the search results.

5. Google Wonder Wheels

6. Google Related Search
This feature is found in to help you to refine your search and at the
same time, telling you other similar niche keywords other people are finding.

In the comment box below, let me know which one you want to learn more
so I can cover that in the next blog post.


11 Responses to “Niche Research #1: 6 FREE Google Tools You Should Use”

  1. Bryan Hee says

    Driving traffic from targeted sources is the key to success in internet marketing.

    Keyword research is vital before building your online business.
    You need to know what keywords your market is seeking and the level of demand online.

    You need to find out what people demand and then you provide solution or services to solve people’s problems and the better you are at doing it, the more money you will make!

    To your success,
    Bryan Hee

  2. mr ron says

    nice info..
    thanks 😉

  3. charles d hart says

    hi john, thank you for the information i sure can use it. maybe i can get something done for
    a change. thanks again, charles d hart

  4. Alwinjoe says

    Hey john,

    what i am thinking is : Did you have a sixth sense? Just kidding!
    I really like your info….

    keep it up!

    It’s me,

  5. Albert F A Matthews says

    Hi John,

    You should of placed insights into this list as google insights will give you performance of the chosen keywords from 2004 to date which is very handy to see increases or decreases and related searches and if you look out for BREAKOUTS ( which means the keyword is HOT, just my little to penny…..

    Have a good day john

  6. John Yeo says

    great comments guys…keep the comments coming in

  7. Shireen says

    Thank You very much John…will come in right handy.

  8. Tom Horton@ StartOutOnline says

    Hi John, Its always great to get your emails with links to your new posts, they help me out a great deal.

    Many thanks


  9. Angela says

    Hey John,

    I’m back and as always, you give great information and new things for me to check.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


  10. Jai says

    Nice info presented in your pages John im your genuine list member 🙂


  11. atul says


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