Ranked #1 in JV Contest – Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish

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Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish Contest Result

Thanks to Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish, I was able to participate in their JV Contest.

There were a total of 257 JV Partners & Contributors and our team was ranked Number 1.

This year has been pretty smooth for our team, especially when it comes to contest and we are always ranked among the top 10, if not top 3.

Thanks for team mate Benrick who has always been so committed to our online business development.


One Response to “Ranked #1 in JV Contest – Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish”

  1. don says

    Congratulations on your first place finish. I wasn’t aware that people are flipping blogs. Knew about the websites, I suppose flipping blogs would be mcuh the same thing.
    Again congrats on the 1place finish.

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