IM Buzz Riches Contest Result – We Are In Top 10!

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IM Buzz Riches Contest Result

This is my good friend…

Stephen Luc
Stephen Luc

And he is special…

so what is so special about him?

Thanks to Calvin Woon, and of course my buddy & JV partner Stephen Luc, we are ranked #7 in the IM Buzz Riches Contest.

And thanks to the many of our supporters and subscribers who have made this possible.


4 Responses to “IM Buzz Riches Contest Result – We Are In Top 10!”

  1. Edmund Loh says

    Hey Jhong Ren,

    Well done for entering top 10! For someone who has been in this business for a shorter time than most other IM experts, you did very well against other top names in the industry. Not sugar-coating 😉 I wasn’t even enjoying your level of success given the same time you have! You pick up things fast and above all, you are a massive action taker. Only if more people are like you. 😉 Congrats and here’s to more success!

    — Edmund Loh

    P.S. Hey everyone, I won’t forget to mention Jhong Ren also topped my leaderboard for my Mega Red Packet launch some months back too! 🙂

  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks Edmund! Thanks so much for your encouragement and guidance all along… =)

    I think the reason for my success is partly because experts like yourself and Calvin are willing to guide me all the way. =)


  3. Calvin Woon says

    Hey JR (& Stephen),

    A big thanks for helping out and congrats on topping our leaderboard!

    Yup I agree with Edmund totally. John seems to be propelling real fast, he’s the man to look out for! Not to mention he’s incredibly humble as well, and that’s a trait which many people (myself included) certainly have to learn from!

    I’m sure in the near future, your name will be right at the top with the big guns!


  4. John Yeo says

    Hi Calvin,

    thanks for your kind words…still have lots to learn you know =)

    See you guys and Edmund in Sept 09. =)


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