How Can JV Contest Make You $1000 in 7 Days

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from cleebster


This is closely guarded secret and not many marketers
are kind enough to leak these out.

*Come closer…I want to thank you for being my subscriber
and I will only say once.

And offer this once.

Before that, let me explain what a Joint Venture is?

A joint venture or jv is a collaboration among partners
in the same market. For me, I have a great team of
like minded friends in the internet marketing niche and
we often have contests called JV contest.

It is equivalent to all your friends (100 of them) coming together
and asking all their personal friends to give you their

For example, 100 friends bring in 10 friends each and give you
$10 each, you are getting $10,000!

Similarly, in such a jv contest, we cross promote one another’s product
and together we make more money.

Joining a contest is simple. But the magic lies in
the marketer organising the contest.

And he is the one who makes tons of money, possibly
US$10,000 or more in 3 short days.

Vince Tan, a good friend of mine made $180,000 in 10 days
in his jv contest last year and he is going to organise one again

I am sure he is going to have another breakthrough.

How many of us make half of this amount in 12 months?

This equals to receiving a paycheck of US$15,000 a month.

Now you know the power of a jv contest.

Let me show you my earnings as a jv contest
in one of the many jv contests I took part in.

This is what I made personally within 7 days.

You can imagine the gross sales of a single JV contest!

It is 10 times to 20 times more!

And that is why a normal person may be able to retire
after running a few contests in a year.

You can be one of them!

So now, I know you want to know how
I did it.

Now you can get personal access
to my cash churning Joint Venture system…
without spending $1997 like other courses.

Like what I said, you can’t really get the same
amount of information I am about to release elsewhere.

With this personal access, you will get:

1. Access to all the pages my A-class JV
Partners have access to. You have no idea
how much value we are giving our A-class
partners in this 5 figure launch!

(Value US$397)

2. Access to your private blog containing
25 modules with step-by step detail and
you get to ask me questions along the way
so that you can stuff your bank account
with cash from your JV contest.

(Value US$297)

3. Access to my new product “JV Boot Camp”
for FREE. You get to have all the content,
videos, mp3 interviews with my partners
and transcripts which I am going to
price at US$997.

(Value US$997)

4. Access to VIP email notification and you
will get to watch my every single step
during the entire 14 days launch and see
how I generate Huge cash windfalls and generate
a Huge list of buyers for life.

(Value US$197)

If you get in now, I’m gonna throw in an
additional bonus – an invitation to partner
with me on your next product.

(Value US$497)

I myself is a super affiliate and I am ranked
among the top 10 (or top 5) in all the past
8 major contests against bigger and more
experienced marketers.


I’m writing this not to brag but to show you that
I can help you a lot with your next launch as
a JV Partner too. 🙂

This bonus alone is going to cover your expense
for this access to my JV Contest Secret System.

I am only offering another 10 more tickets
and once they are sold, it is over…

(and I am making it really affordable so you
do not need to spend $1997 on other courses.)


Get it now while you have the chance.

P.S: If it shows “error” after you click it,
it means it is Sold Out! So Get it Now!



4 Responses to “How Can JV Contest Make You $1000 in 7 Days”

  1. Roger Crain says

    Once again John, I like your idea about how you can make $10,000 in seven days. Sounds like a sure winner.

  2. John Yeo says

    Definitely it is! Sign up now before the ticket is sold out.

  3. wilfred says

    hi john, i like your website, i like your blog too. As for the moment I’m still making my way to blogging job, i jut cant make it because my personal computer has a problem and i can’t use it now. By the way i received your blogging info on my email add, I will try to have a website as soon as my computer will be OK.

  4. John Yeo says

    All the best Wilfred!

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