My Rant on ” All PLR is nothing but rehashed garbage”…My answer, Crapola!

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from muzzlehatch

This, in no way is acceptable for any well trained marketer to take verbal or written pot shots at
one area of Internet Marketing that has been a veritable backbone of support…

allowing thousands of would be Internet entrepreneurs the opportunity to break into the
Internet world on the proverbial “shoestring”!

This is the information age and information is the boon of cyberspace…

Fortunately, over the years,many talented authors have provided well written information
solving problems, providing solutions and teaching others “how to” :

whether it’s in the form of a digital e-book, report, software script or a simple video…the information
provided fills a need and, usually comes with some type of Rights!

These Rights are a simple way to get their message out around the Globe,while giving others

Number one in importance, the basic benefit of offering instant product service and sales with
resale or creative license to those who may or may not possess the talent to do so otherwise!

Not to say, there isn’t a lot of rank amateurism out there, but taking action is learning and
learning is what all the top notch Marketers themselves went through in the beginning…

Not to get off subject here, but one of the most popular foods in the world is nothing but a variety
of rehashed ingredients from other cuts of beef, pork, etc…It’s called the Hot Dog!

Marketers, quit Hot Dogging!

Yes, you can get burned with inferior PLR, MRR or any type of product: digital or physical…

that’s the world of consumerism…

Toy recalls, auto recalls, food contamination, etc.

It all comes down to the end product being something that is beneficial, or, does offer a new
slant of expertise on any variety of Internet subjects.

And, I’m willing to bet the naysayers don’t have the common good in mind when they make such

Because I for one have seen too many top Quality products coming from all around the World that if applied the correct way are very beneficial to those who use them as a learning or teaching tool.

As with all things, including Rights products, If your going to use them as your own, then find at
least one or two things you can add to make it better than it was when you got it!

It could be something as simple as updating resources, your own expertise from examples, or
modernizing a concept that would be relevant on a subject now, versus maybe two to three years

These are the features you can add that will set you apart and take an oldie but goodie and bring it back in version 2.0, 3.0 etc …

There is some Great talent out there, Go For It!

George Ball

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