She Sold Her 1st Blog For US$347

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Today, one of my students flipped her First blog for US$347!

It is a 3 day’s listing and she sold it 8 hours before the listing ends.

And she took up my site flipping coaching for around 1 month.

I am really impressed with her and she is on her way to sell more blogs.

Congratulations, Fiona!

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5 Responses to “She Sold Her 1st Blog For US$347”

  1. Ask Campaign: All About Blog Flipping | John Yeo’s Blogging for Profits Work At Home Blog says
  2. Venisse says

    I like the look of your sites and the idea of flipping blogs is interesting. What I would like to know is how to make a blog like yours. Where do you find all of your affiliate products? Is that how you make your money is by commissions on affiliate products? Do you offer a video program on how to make these blogs.

  3. Kit says

    What are the best blogs to flip and how long does your blog need to be up and running before you can flip it? Thanks.

  4. Doug B says

    Congratulations John and to Fiona as well as to all your students!

    In honor of Blog Flipping Month (July),

    my question is,

    Aside from the example we see (weight loss) above,

    what other niches are so high demand that even any first-time

    blog flipper can virtually assure themselves a quick, decent profit margin flip?

    Looking forward to the answer to this question and the others in your upcoming Blog Flipping Step by Step Report!


  5. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot =)

    I will answer them together with the Ask Campaign at

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