I was WRONG and a major DECISION

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from ladyganesha

Since my baby girl was born, I’ve had a lot less time in front of the computer.
She has to be fed about 5 times a day. I was so tied up and waking up in the middle of the night to change her diapers that I made a decision in my business.

As most of you know, I’ve been hugely successful with blog flipping for quite a while and I had an equally successful coaching program for it.

All of my students have “graduated” and shown tremendous results(See it for yourself):




However when the last student graduated, I decided to cut myself some slack.
It was getting tiring for me to coach students and take care of my baby and my business at the same time.

I made a choice and stopped accepting coaching students and went ahead to close the program.

Soon, I realized I was wrong, DEAD WRONG.

You see, when I did a ask campaign for you guys, I realized that many of you were actually interested in blog flipping and were desperate to get started.

I’ve received emails from so many people asking about my coaching program that I was literally sweating with stress.

Yesterday when I was replying an email (to reject the requests to open up my coaching program), a student called.

She just sold her 4th blog and had finally made her first thousand dollars online!

She was crying with excitement and went on to tell me how much it meant to her. She had been trying everything online to no avail and only after going through my blog flip coaching program had she found a true online business that could provide an income for her and her baby.

She told me that if it wasn’t for this, she would have given up and would never had been able to work at home and take care of her baby at the same time.

This struck me deeply as a father; I knew how great it would be to be able to work at home and spent time with your children as much as you can. I realised that this was what a lot of you would have wished for.

How much of a difference it could make in others life if I had been able to coach more people?

MAN! I was so WRONG to have cut myself some slack when there were people who needed my help but I chose to left them hanging.

I’ve thus decided that I need to be responsible to you and I am already planning on something that will surely make a difference.

I have the initial plans drafted out already and once I confirm the details in a day or two, I will let you know firsthand.

I promise this will be great and it could very well change your life so remember to check your inbox for my next email.

Enjoy your weekend!



7 Responses to “I was WRONG and a major DECISION”

  1. DeAnna Troupe says

    First of all congrats on the new baby! I’m right there with you. I have a 6 month old daughter. Just don’t wear yourself out trying to please everyone. If your daughter is like mine, I’ll bet she loves playing with you. Make sure you have enough time for her!

  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks DeAnna…im still learning to be a good daddy =)

    Congrats to you too…. =)

  3. Rogelio Jr, D. Ybañez says

    Hi John I was just wondering if this is absolutely for free? I am very very interested to know more about his and earn.

  4. John Yeo says

    Hi Rogelio,

    Check out for my next post…meanwhile u can check out https://www.johnyeo.name/flipping-website/blog-flipping-answer-series-part-2



  5. Alphonso says


    Welcome to the club John, hind sight is 20/20.
    You really won’t appreciate the moments of passion
    and self-impathy while they’re manifesting.

    You’re gonna need a flash forward, or like the
    rest of us oldschool GP’s wait ’til after the facts. To
    come to the estatic joy of realization.

    That you would not ‘ve missed or changed one
    precious moment, for all the stressless sleep of
    this world. It’s never to early to start child-proofing
    the entire house.

    I’d like to be one of the first to wish you both
    patience, stamina, and endurance during the
    “terrible 2’s OMG episodes”. Have fun translating
    the handwriting on the walls.

    Thanks a milllion for sharing, talk at you soon.

    =>Stay Frosty !

  6. Steven Wong says

    Hi John,

    Glad to know your recent news again after a while. I have add you in FB just now.
    Also, good to hear you become a father by now.

    Look at the sharing from your students, indeed it is good to hear those testimonials. I feel the same like you, it is not easy to coach people hand on hands but when you hear good results from them, you will feel like all prices paid off!

    Look like you are selecting either A or B situation. I want to share with you that lately I read from a book saying that we can actually have both option instead of either one. Maybe you can think of a way how to have both together.

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    […] I’ve said in the last post, I’ve decided to do something very special for you. As you know I have already coached many […]

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