He Gets Free Flippa Listings for a Year!

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Flippa has given a BIG BONUS Prize for their 100,000th listing.

Congratulations to one of my students plus a really good friend from Italy!

Alessandro has won for him free Flippa listings for a year…which means he could have saved himself alot fo money for listing fees…and make lots more money!!! “wohoho!

Congratulations once again!


2 Responses to “He Gets Free Flippa Listings for a Year!”

  1. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Wow John !
    Yesterday I tried to participate as the other hundreds of Flippa users… and after a few seconds I saw that my auction was the number 100’000 !

    For me is like to winning FIFA World Cup !
    Firstly I said : “No, it cannot be true”.
    But when I went to Flippa blog to watch, people was just discussing about me 🙂

    I’m very happy in the day after, I will try to do a site for each week but I will need to use a lot of outsourcing.
    At least for articles.

    Thanks John for making a post about my Flippa winning !
    See you soon,

  2. John Yeo says

    Congrats my friend!

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