[Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 2

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from sweethobbes

Hi, I have hoped you enjoyed the 7 questions in part 1. Now I am going to cover more on blog flipping so you can start making big money really soon.

1. What are the most important aspects of blog flipping?

If you are flipping new blogs, the important aspects are the design of the blogs, bonuses you are giving plus the earning potential of the blogs.

For design of the blogs, you should get professionally designed theme such as woothemes or studiopress themes. By editing the images and the color codes of the stylesheets, you can magically create professionally-looking blogs.

For bonuses, always look for those which can add value to your customer. Some examples are unique articles, ebooks, paid plugins and so on. Remember, your buyer wants to make money with the newly-bought blog. So whatever you can provide which help me reach closer to his goal is always welcome.

For earning potentials of the blog, it should be able to make money with different monetisation methods such as adsense earnings, affiliate marketing, cost-per-action marketing, selling own products and so on. Again, the buyer wants to make money and the blog should be able to have some means to make money.

If you are selling mature blogs with traffic or earnings or both, you should be able to present proof of your traffic (or earnings).

For traffic, do present your google analytic reports and show what keywords your blog is ranking.

For earnings, do show your adsense earnings reports if it is an adsense blog or your Clickbank earnings printscreens if you are making money with selling affiliate products. Some sellers even do a video of them logging into thier adsense or Clickbank account so as to prove that their earnings are real.
These may seem daunting at first glance but I’ve developed systems and steps that are simple and easy to follow which has benefitted my students greatly.

2. How do you really know what niche to choose and what to avoid?

It is easy to find what niches are hot. One of them is go to what are sold in the blog marketplace at https://flippa.com/buy/listings/sold

Research has already be done for you and you just need to sell what other people are selling well.

Another good place to find profitable niches for your blog is Clickbank marketplace. Go for those with high gravity, above 100 and those are niches which people are still buying. “100 means that about 100 affiliates have been paid their commissions.

Personally, I always check out those unsold blogs at https://flippa.com/buy/listings/unsold and I will avoid those niche blogs which ended unsold.

3. If you find a niche that proves fruitful do you just keep producing blogs within that niche? Is there a saturation point?

Yes, personally I go for a maximum of 6 niches. First, as you do more, it is easier for you to focus on just these niches. Plus, you have already invested in these 6 niches’ bonuses. So it makes sense to fully utilise them. And as you do more of your selected niche blogs, you get to be more and more familiar to the style of your blogs. Digressing into more than 10 niches will stress you out unless you are planning to outsource the work.

4. Where to get the contents for the blog?

You can get 2 kinds of content. One is the private label rights (PLR) contents and you can buy them from Warrior forum special offer thread or any PLR store.

For unique content, you can write them yourself or get writers to write for you. You can find writers from elance.com, getafreelancer.com, odesk.com etc

5. Should content be unique or can autoblog do?

Both work equally well.

If you are selling an auto-blog(or blog with auto-blogging plugin), the buyer will be expecting non-unique content.

If you are selling blog with unique content, the buyer will be expecting unique content.

So, it depends on your selling angle. Just be truthful in writing your sales page title and content and the right customer will be attracted to it. And remember both titles and content must be congruent so that the buyer is not confused after reading your sales page on your listing.

If you are selling blog with unique content, you can use PLR articles as bonuses for Buy-It-Now buyers who buy it at the full price.

For a new blog, normally I have at least 10 unique blog posts and about 5 pages (contact me, privacy policy, video gallery, product and Amazon store page)

6. What is the best way to approach all the content?

This is a very subjective question and there are a lot of methods to approach content. It really depends on what you prefer to be most suitable for your business.

The easiest way however, is to engage some writers to create content for you. If you are getting the auto-blogging plugin, you need to buy the license to sell it and this cost around US$550. It is very costly to most beginners who have just started out.

7. Wouldn’t there be duplicates if everybody is use the same contents?

Using duplicate content is mostly a myth, in my own opinion. There are so many other factors which determine if a blog is ranked well for a particular keyword. It includes quality of links within the blog and to the blog. Other factors such as the meta tags, description and quality and relevance of your content are also important too.

It is true however that some buyers would prefer unique content blogs but I’ve sold many with content from article directories so I see no problem with this.

8. Do you need to have traffic already generated to the blog before flipping it?

If you are planning to sell the blog for more, you can generate targeted traffic to your blog.

However, it is not necessary as you can still sell new blogs. There is actually a technique that I and my students use to great effect for selling Brand New Blogs.

And that is all the time I have here. I’ve covered quite a bit today and in the last part of the Blog Flipping Answer Series, I’m going to do a roundup and show you how this can be a really profitable and simple business for you. So stay tuned!


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  1. [Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 1 | John Yeo’s Blogging for Profits Work At Home Blog says

    […] In the next blog post, I am going to share with you on the most important aspect for blog flipping like picking a profitable niche and the content for the blog. So stay tuned! […]

  2. Lisa Oliver says

    Hi there, I really appreciate the free advice you have given in this post – I always thought that for a blog to sell that it needed to be successful in terms of traffic and revenue but you have shown that you can sell blogs – even brand new ones – I am off ot Flippa to see what types of niches blogs have been sold it – thank you again for the tips – I will be watching for your next post with interest
    Have a great day

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