[Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 1

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Thanks to the many question posted in my – Blog Flipping Ask Campaign. There are almost 90+ questions submitted!

I have categorized the questions into a few main parts and throughout these few days, I will answer these questions in separate blog posts so that it is not too overwhelming for you. Today we will be covering the basic questions and I hope to give you a good understanding of what blog flipping is about:

1. What is blog flipping about and how do you start?

Blog flipping is essentially the selling of blogs. In our case, we build these blogs with the intention to sell within a certain time frame. There are basically 2 types of blogs that we flip; brand new blogs and matured blogs.

Brand new blogs has an advantage of taking less time and effort to build but usually will command a lower price. Matured blogs on the other hand will take time to build traffic and income before flipping and thus command a MUCH HIGHER price.

Flipping brand new blogs is the preferred choice for beginners because it is much easier to do and faster to see results. In essence, what you do is only 2 steps: Build Blog > Sell.

To start blog flipping, there are some essential things that you would need:

– a hosting account (always get a unlimited domain hosting account so that you can host multiple sites under the same hosting. This will save you lots of money)

– a domain which you can buy from godaddy.com (do not use the domain given free with the hosting account for the blogs that you want to flip, get a new one through godaddy or namecheap)

– paid wordpress theme (there are certain themes that have proven more sellable than others and I will share with you on another day)

– istockphotos (although these may not be 100% necessary, it would be good to have)

You will also need to sign up for:
– Clickbank account
– Adsense account

With these in place, you would just need to do the following:
1. Register Domain Name
2. Set up hosting
3. Install WordPress
4. Edit and set up blog
5. List it and sell
6. Transfer the site to new owner
7. Rinse and repeat

2. Why do people buy unproven, brand new blogs and is it easy to sell?

There are basically 2 reasons why people will buy unproven blogs; usually they will see the potential for this blog to earn and would pay to take over your site and save all the effort (equivalent to outsourcing the entire blog development to you) or that the buyer has no knowledge on how to build a blog and thus will gladly pay for your done up blog that they can use immediately. There are a lot of people buying and selling brand new blogs on Flippa and since there is a market for it, it is in my opinion relatively easy.

3. If you build a profitable site then why sell it?

It really depends on your business model and your passion.

If you enjoy creating and designing new blogs and sell it, you can flip new blogs. The reason for selling usually boils down to one of the following:
• I’m broke and I need the money fast
• I’m raising funds for a new project
• I’ve lost interest in the project
• I just don’t have the time
• I build up online businesses with the express purpose of selling them
• I’ve taken it as far as I can and its beyond my abilities to grow it any further

I’ll be going into more detail of these in the report.

4. How can someone make BIG money flipping blogs?

BIG money can be made by treating blog flipping as a business.

If you are selling new blogs and if you define Big money as US$3000 per month, you can make this amount of money by selling 10 blogs at a price of US$300 per blog.

And you will need to sell about 2 to 3 blogs per week which is reasonable.

Alternatively, you can sell mature blog which is earning US$500 per month at a price of US$5000 or more. Thus, you can purely focus on building this ONE adsense blog for the entire month.

And if you have the resources, you can create 1 such adsense blog per week (4 per month) and have an online income of US$20,000 per month!
There are more income opportunities that I will reveal soon in the report.

5. I am a newbie and not technical inclined, can I do it?

Definitely! Like I mentioned before, blog flipping is one of the easiest way to start earning a decent online income for newbies. Of course that’s not to say that there are no skills and techniques that you need to learn but it is on the whole one of the most straight-forward business there is. I’ve taught quite a few newbies who went on to sell their blogs within a month (see testimonials/proofs) and I’m very confident of it. I’m actually planning a secret project at the moment and I will be revealing more information about it soon.

6. Are your instructions easy to follow and is high technical skill required to do this?

Now this is a very subjective question but because I’m not a technical person to begin with, I make sure that the things that I teach are as simple and easy to follow as possible. I often give step by step instructions to my students for them to follow. Of course a basic foundation or knowledge of internet/computer is helpful, high technical skills are not required.

7. Is it expensive to start and how much time and effort is required before I can see the $ coming in?

It is definitely not expensive to start compared to the many make-money courses or ebooks which you may be buying (I’ll cover with you a basic cost calculation in the report).

Blog flipping is one of the easiest ways to make money and it is the most newbie friendly. I have students who take just 7 days to sell a US$297 blog. Others may take a few weeks to a month.

Well I guess that’s all for now and I hope it wasn’t too long for you. If you’re interested in learning how to get started on this, do stay tuned for my next blog posts and my FREE report when I’m done with the questions.

In the next blog post, I am going to share with you on the most important aspect for blog flipping like picking a profitable niche and the content for the blog. So stay tuned!


8 Responses to “[Blog Flipping Answer Series] Part 1”

  1. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Great post John, I really appreciate it.
    Where did you find the time to answer soooo many questions ? 🙂

    See you,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  2. John Yeo says

    Hi Alessandro,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Many subscribers emailed me asking for my blog flipping coaching programme.

    So this post is for all of them. =)


  3. Farhad Khurshed says

    Hi John

    You talk about Adsense. What if Adsense has rejected your application and you can’t get an Adsense account?


  4. kamarul says

    thanks a lot John..I really looking forward for you next post since i’m starting to gain interest in blog flipping

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  6. John Yeo says

    @Farhad, there are many monetisation method like clickbank and cpaleads and not forgetting amazon affiliate and ebay partners network for you to sign up

    @Kamarul, thanks alot…more great stuff coming up at https://www.johnyeo.name/flipping-website/blog-flipping-answer-series-part-2/

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  8. kelvin says

    I am keen to sign up for your blog flipping course. How do i get started?

    I brought the video course for the blog flipping from your website.

    Please provide more information

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