Not Able To Make Another Sale? You Are Missing This.

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Many wonder why they can’t make any sale be it article marketing,
setting up sales page or even simply trying to sell an idea to
a friend.

When I just started out, I was absolutely clueless…no idea how to
sell a single thing. Sales is a BIG Fat Zero!

Having bills to pay and mouth to feed, it is no joke to see
zero income coming in.

It was then I talked to one of my marketer’s friend and humbly
asked him for advice.

The truth was exposed! (though it hurts as well to know it)

I simply do not understand
why do people buy in the first place.

Look at the advertisement around us.

Which ads leaves you with the deepest impression?

Is it the one with chunks of words or one which
is in a story form?

Here is a story…

A happy family went on a long-awaited family oversea
trip, only to realise all their belongings were brought
to the wrong airport.

The next moment, the father flashed out his phone
book and made a phone call. A nice and helpful lady
over at American express assured him that everything
will be ok and they will mail him a new card within a day.

Phew! Their holiday is saved by American Express.

* * *

Would this ad be better compared to a 1 second ad –
Sign up for American Express Card now?

I am sure you know the answer.

Knowing the power to persuade is important. In fact,
it is the top 3 reasons which determine if you
can make money from your online business – be it
you are getting people to sign up for a Free report
or buy a $4997 Home study course.

Submit your comment to let me know what you think
about the importance of persuasion.


9 Responses to “Not Able To Make Another Sale? You Are Missing This.”

  1. Norene says

    I think the power of persuasion is critical — but in this day and age, so is trust. Building a relationship with those you come in contact with — either on your blog or through email, is, I think, even more important that persuasion. If you can’t build trust, and keep trust, then it will be very difficult to persuade anyone to do anything. Just my 2 cents. -Norene

  2. Hartmann says

    I mean that persuasion and trust have to go hand in hand. When my subscribers have trust to me, but I can’t with persuasion offer what I sell, the conversion is never succeed, both for me important factors.
    The difference is, when I get in my box this lovely stories, specially from insurances and credit-cards. Do you know what I do, click and delete.
    I get a few newsletters, german and English, also there lovely stories but I read and go to the next point. But here me write a known person and I want to get this informations, it isn’t trust but relationship.

  3. Living Low Impact says

    I agree with Norene. Trust is critical to any relationship. The world if full of shysters who seem to be able to persuade an eskimo to buy a freezer but when you try to sell someone something they do not need where is the trust factor.

    I personally do not try to sell anyone something they don’t need. But if I am selling it, they need it. Just joking of course.

    I like your story buy the way. That is where I am at. Zero sales and mouths to feed. It is a good lesson. Sell the sizzle, not the steak. I had forgotten that. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. augusto says

    hello john, its been a while, I know persuasion is where you can earn but you cannot persuade anybody if you don’t know, you your self don’t know what you are selling and it was what happens to me I had bougth some thing that I don’t seems to know on what to do with it. Thinking of you as my mentor but I can’t afford your price so I keep on looking for some cheaper ads only to find that I am going nowhere but thanks anyway for keeping me posted, any advice from a friend?

  5. normz2 says

    To improve your sales you should pick the right niche, find the best keywords to bring in the customers, create an urgency for them to buy right now, Some people have a silver tounge and can persuade anybody to buy anything at anytime.

  6. Jay Kelley says

    How do you acquire the “art of persuasion.” I sure need some.

  7. John Yeo says

    In the world of internet when human is connected so closely, trust is still the basic element, even in this IT world.

    To acquire the art of persuasion, one way is to do more of it…another way is to read up so you know what to expect.


  8. Rebecca says

    Interesting point you raise here John and I have to agree with the other comments, that it is about building trust.

    If someone doesn’t trust you or what you say, they will not buy. However, I also think that trust can be earned very quickly in a good sales letter. If it couldn’t, products would not get sold every day, would they?

    The idea of telling a story is a very old one and time tested too. People relate to story telling. Story telling is indirect induction hypnosis, a very powerful way of over-riding a person’s conscious objections and earning trust by allowing a listener/viewer/reader to become immersed in the story and ‘led’ in a particular direction far more easily, while they believe they are fully conscious and aware.

    As an internet marketer and also a fully qualified hypnotist, I am enjoying exploring these ideas more fully and how they are used in promoting products. It’s certainly very obvious when you turn on the television how much the top paid advertisers understand this technique too. There are many ways to use this kind of power, and I believe it should be used carefully.

  9. Internet Business says

    Making sales on the internet means several things need to come together, persuasion, trust, knowing your target market and what they really want. I just recently read the book by Joe Vitale called ‘Hypnotic Writing’.

    The book helped you understand what it is that draws people in, in other words how to get their attention and keep it. If you need some help with persuasion writing, I thought this was a good one. Nice post John 🙂

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