Email Interview #38: Sherine

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In the previous post, I was intrigued by the many methods you can make money online. Pei Yu is selling her products on Facebook and forums.

Why do people sell products on forums?

Forums is a community of very targeted audience.

For instance, fish lovers like myself invest alot in maintaining our aquarium tank and the well-being of our fishes. So if a vendor who sells quality filters is to promote fish filters to us, there is a higher possibility that we will buy. Why? Because we are fish lovers and each of us have at least 3 filters and are always looking to buy new one to replace the old ones.

So, if you are planning to sell something, do not just stop at blogs. Facebook fan pages and forums are great resources for you to tap into.

In this new interview, I am delighted to have another stay at home mom cum business owner to share with us how she is tapping into website, Facebook fan page to boost her sales.

>>>Start of interview>>>

1. Share with my readers who you are

Hello everyone! I am Sherine from Singapore, owner of The Little Wardrobe. I was previously an Auditor. Decided to quit my auditing job due to the long working hours as well as the need to travel frequently when I was expecting my boy. In April 2009 I gave birth to my boy, Gregory. I then took up a job with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in June 2009 but left shortly to help start up business for my relative. I started up The Little Wardrobe store at Raffles Place in late 2009.

2. What business you are in and what is your website address?

I am in the children apparels and accessories business. The apparels are sourced from the United States of America and the United Kingdom to Australia and Korea, The Little Wardrobe takes pride in making available the latest in chic youngsters wear with stocks arriving every two weeks. My store is located at 1, Raffles Place, #03-10, Singapore 048616. My web store URL is, however we are more active and updated on our facebook page where most online customers purchase their items. Do search for “The Little Wardrobe @ OUB Centre” on facebook and enjoy fabulous deals and first hand information on our new arrivals and promotions.

3. How does having a website/ blog benefit your business?

Having a website allows me to promote my business. It allows customers to get more in-sights information on our store and products. As for our facebook page, it serves like an online store where customers can easily view the items available and place order by commenting below the pictures. Facebook is everywhere, on smartphones, ipads, etc. Customers can now shop with ease and convenience. I am able to keep track of my customers’ orders easily on my smartphone anywhere.

4. What motivates you to set up your own business?

I used to do trading of premium collectibles/toys via ebay and web as a hobby. However, I decided to go ahead with the children store after I gave birth to my son after realizing how much I spend buying toys, clothings online from the US, Australia and Korean websites.

5. What challenge you did face along the way and how did you overcome it?

The trade I am in is very competitive. The market is open. In fact, most blog shops and facebook stores actually carry the same brand/items. Retailers like us start cutting price to stay competitive, hence suffer thin margins as low as S$3 per item. I have rental to pay where blog shops don’t. That is the problem. We are limited by space as well. I wish to carry more brands, but my store does not have enough space.

On another matter, our facebook page currently has about 18,000 fans. I am personally facing the problem of missing customers’ comments, missing out customers’ reservation, tracking customers’ orders from Singapore Post, replying late, etc. Glad to have a pool of loyal and nice supportive and understanding customers.

6. How do you juggle your time between managing your business and spending time with your family?

I am very glad to have a good helper from the Philippines to help me look after my son while I concentrate on my work and my hubby’s store. I try to schedule time for my son’s enrichment classes which is currently 3 times a week. He should be starting daily classes a childcare centre soon. Not forgetting my staff, Helen from the The Little Wardrobe. She is a great help in the store and manages the store and facebook page while I’m overseas!

>>>End of interview>>>

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