Email Interview #36: Vanessa Azure Lin

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I have always been impressed by how resilient stay-at-home mothers are. It is not easy to manage a successful online business while taking care of their young children.

After becoming a father earlier this year and having to look after my baby girl, I can really empathise with these mothers. If the day is not planned properly, all the activities will be revolving around the kids. A typical half a day can start like this – making milk for the baby at 6am, bathing the baby at 9am, preparing for the next feed at 11am, playing with the baby at 2pm, feeding at 3pm and so on. Half a day is gone.

In an office context, it is equivalent to doing your colleague’s work and not being able to start yours.

So, in this interview, I am delighted to share the story of air stewardess turned stay-at-home mom. I hope you can learn something out of it. (This is another similar story of Dulcie who used to be air stewardess too.)

*Start of interview*

1. Share with my readers who you are

SAHM, WAHM, Full-time housewife! (Haha) Hi, I’m Vanessa. I am a cheerful mum with a 19 month old daughter. During my early 20s, I was a flight attendant with Japan Airlines and Silkair Airline. I stopped working totally while I was pregnant and during this period I opened an internet shop call Azure Maternity. =)

2. What business you are in and what is your website address?

As you can see by now, my shop specialises in maternity wear. Azure is my middle name. My aim is simple; Impact and X-factor. My clothes have to be classic and stylish that you will be proud of wearing them. Most of my clothes are selectively chosen and shipped directly from Korea, please be assured that once you receive the items, you will come back for more! ^ ^

Shop at and add spices to your new wardrobe!

3. How does having a website/ blog benefit your business?

What can I say? Internet + Website = Customers and Sales! Having a website is wonderful, of course. You can shop 24/7, enjoy the whole collection of clothes at the ease and comfort of your home.

It serves as a medium for me to “communicate” with my shoppers.

4. What motivates you to set up your own business?

Frankly, quite like most other maternity shops, Azure Maternity was opened for the same reason too. It was hard finding really cool, really stylish maternity wear that goes alongside with the everchanging fashion. While I was pregnant, I shopped all around the maternity shops in my country, in the internet, I did thought something was missing from these shops.

Through my research, I decided to open an online shop. Objective is simple: Provide STYLE for the new era mom-to-be!

Happy Shopping with Azure Maternity!

5. What challenge you did face along the way and how did you overcome it?

Well, the biggest challenge I have faced is whether I have spent enough quality time with my daughter daily. Her need of attention increases as she grows older. I would spent time teaching her words, watching music video with her and playing her favourite game. Whenever she’s asleep or playing her toys, I would make use of the time to focus on my work. In this way, I won’t feel guilty neglecting her and at the same time I feel happy being able to manage my online shop.

6. How do you juggle your time between managing your business and spending time with your family?

Having a good time management plays an important role. I train my daughter to be independent; she could play her toys in her own room for a good 30minutes. I follow a strict routine, making sure I have time for my family, work as well as some “me” time.

7. Any other final thing you would love to share with my subscribers?

I am happy with my life and work and I hope you enjoy shopping with Azure Maternity. =) If you have any questions about your pregnancy or breastfeeding, please feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to help! =)

*End of interview*

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2 Responses to “Email Interview #36: Vanessa Azure Lin”

  1. Alex Becker says


    First off I’d like to say that I like your simple, no pressure interview style, it is nice to see someone that is not trying to ram sales links down the readers throats.

    I do have one suggestion though. I would like to know ‘what kind of money your interviewee’s are making in their business’? I’m probably not alone there either.

    Could you please add that question to your interviews from now on, I’m sure there are many of us readers that would like to see that information added.

    – Alex

  2. John Yeo says

    Hi Alex, thanks for your suggestion…and thanks for your compliment… =)

    Yes, we are all interested to know how much the parents earn.

    As a gauge, those who own blog shops may make a consistent monthly 4 figure income. Those with a shop may make at least 5 figure income monthly.


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