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Hi, in this series of interviews, I am sharing stories of local stay at home mothers who have successfully built their home-based online business. Our guest for this week used to be a Flight Attendant for Singapore Airlines and now she runs a blog shop selling skincare products. Her name is Dulcie

I got to know her and about her blog shop from my wife who had bought from her when my wife was pregnant.

As starting your business at home gets much easier with the availability of internet, more and more parents, especially mothers, preferred to work from home while taking care of their young children.

I really hope such stories can continue to inspire you that working from home with the use of internet is VERY POSSIBLE! – just like how many parents and I have done it.

* Start of Interview *

1. Share with my reader who you are

My name is Dulcie and I am 30 this year. I used to work as a Flight Attendant for Singapore Airlines for 5.5 years. Married in 2008 after being in a 10-year relationship. Shortly after, I got pregnant and have my 1st child, Troy in November 2009.

2. What business you are in and what is your website address?

I am selling branded skincare at discounted price. I first started off with a blogspot: after giving birth to my son.

Products are all 100% authentic as they are imported by respective local distributors. Misconception of running a discounted online skincare shop is that all items are old and near to expiry date, or unsure of the origins/source of products.

What makes My-Peau different is that we also carry latest products that are newly launched in stores! “What you can find in the retails, we can get them too!” Being able to get them at a discounted price, I was able to extend the discount to my buyers and make a small profit out of it.

3. How does having a website/ blog benefit your business?

Being able to reach out to people all over the country as well as overseas. Most of my local customers are mothers as well. During confinement, ‘we’ usually do not go out. Even after maternity leave, some would go back to the work force, leaving them only enough time to juggle work n family. Estores opens 24/7, Therefore internet shopping gave them the ability to shop at anytime they want.

4. What motivates you to set up your own business?

After giving birth to Troy, Hubby and I decided that I would take care of Troy at least untill he is about 1 years old. Therefore, I became a temporary SAHM (stay at home mom). At the same time, I wanted to make some pocket money for myself.

Being able to run an e-store gives me the flexibility controlling my time. Woman these days wants to be financially independent. Being able to buy whatever they fancy without having to ask from Hubby.. 🙂

5. What challenge you did face along the way and how did you overcome it?

Challenges would mainly be the bigger players in the market. Very competitive prices, holding more brands and have been in the business for a long time. So I have always thought…what makes me different? Doing a one man show, I was able to “know” my customers, especially there are alot of return customers.

The experience is more personalised as I always reply to enquiries as soon as I can. Being in the service industry for some time, customer service is my top priority. I try my best to make my customers service experience a great one and winning their trust.

6. How do you juggle your time between managing your business and spending time with your family?

Managing my time between family and work has been easy. In the day, I reply to emails / update new products whenever I can while my baby is sleeping. Taking a chance to bring my baby out in the day for a walk by going to the post office to post out packages. My hubby is also very supportive and would usually drive me to collect stocks during the night.

7. Any other final thing you would love to share with my subscribers?

Thank you for visiting my website. I would like to share that I am in no way associated with the Brands of skincare I carry. However, rest assure that they are all authentic as they are all imported by the local authorised importers. You will be 100% satisfied with the items once you have received them!

* End of Interview *

You can check out Dulcie’s skincare shop at
and Facebook fan page at

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2 Responses to “Email Interview #33: Dulcie”

  1. Lori Vargo says

    Hi John
    I enjoyed your interview with Dulcie. I am interested in setting up such a site similar to Dulcies. I am a weaver,
    4th generation, making loom rag rugs. My mom and I have already developed a reputation across half the state of
    Michigan, but we would like to go further. We are interested in developing a site or blog showing our rugs to more
    customers beyond our state borders. Any info you could provide would be most appreciated. Thank You

  2. John Yeo says

    Hi Lori,

    Nice to meet you… =)

    There are 2 types of sites.

    The first one is the more traditional one which is the website.

    The more popular option is a blog which is easy to maintain and you can easily add a shopping cart so your buyers can order online.

    Tell me more about your specific needs so I can give you a more detailed reply.


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