Part 2/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession! + 1 Prize for 1 Winner

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My business partner Ben had a hard time choosing
1 winner…and he is really impressed by all the
business ideas you have.

So instead of giving just one prize, we are
giving out 4 of them.

So here are the 4 winners.

1. Sue
2. Charles Ho
3. Alessandro
4. Carly Lewis

Congrats! We will notify you through email on how you
can download your “Product Wealth Secret” Package (worth over $5000!)


This is the second post.

I am sure if you are reading this, you are probably interested
in making a difference to your life.

In fact, making it better than where you are now.

There is a study done. Many people have lots of ideas.

What is stopping them is inaction, procrastination, self-doubt,
“I am never good enough” mentality.

It is not easy and these negative thinkings are not uncommon.

I choose to believe that you are smart and you are skilled in
doing something, and much better than the rest.

For example, you can take care of your kids well or you
can make nice chocolate cakes or you can fix a computer.

All these skills can be shared in the form of information in
electronic books which can be sold as product.

But like what I said, inaction stops many of you from creating
your personal product

So I want to do an experiment and only if you give me permission to.

And here is how…

Share me one thing you are good at
and what kind of product you can create to share your knowledge.

For examples,
if you are a good cook, you can create a book on cooking recipes.
if you are a clerk, you can create a power point slides on how to be organised
if you are a salesman, you can create audio products sharing how to sell anything.

So now is your turn. This is going to be simple.

In the comment box below, submit a comment:

“I am good in (fill in the blank)
and I can create a product about (fill in the blank)”

And here is a bonus, I am going to choose One random winner
and you can win as long as you take action now and submit
the comment below.

(I will choose a winner randomly so the quality of the
answer does not really matter….what matter most is
you take action!)

The winner gets a free copy of my Product Wealth Secret
(Full version) Launch special package

You can see the page at
or the product review page.

And winners do not wait for their negative thoughts to consume

They take action NOW! Right Now!

(This contest is opened only for the next 12 hours!)

In the comment box below, submit a comment:

“I am good in (fill in the blank)
and I can create a product about (fill in the blank)”


77 Responses to “Part 2/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession! + 1 Prize for 1 Winner”

  1. Part 1/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession! | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - says

    […] Part 2/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession! + 1 Prize for 1 Winner Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, that contest is really awesome !
    And I’m also curious to see other answers…

    My idea is completely about an “Entomology” guide, simple to read for non addicted people, or visitors that have no time to follow an university course.

    I saw that there are many interesting keywords, but I never proceeded to creation, probably for the fear to make a giantic waterhole…
    My family, from three generations, like to collect butterflies and insects from all around the world, including scorpions and spiders.

    So my idea is to develop an e-book with videos.
    The e-book about notions on butterflies and insect’s life cycle and the video about the collector’s action to complete the drying up in drying room of the insects and butterfly before effective preparation.

    A guide useful for advanced students but also for beginners, full of strategies and photographies, completed by one or two good videos.

    That’s my idea, I hope to realize that in the future…

    Thanks John for this opportunity, it probably will make me ready to start.

    Goodbye by
    Alessandro Zamboni

  3. Misako says

    Hi John, thanks for the opportunity. I am good at playing PC games actually, LOL. I was thinking of creating a product about Modern Warfare 2, since that is the ‘in’ game right now. Maybe something similiar to those WOW products you see on Clickbank. Still brainstorming for ideas though. I will keep everyone updated 🙂

  4. Candace says

    Hi John:

    My expertise lies in resume writing, job search and interview coaching, so my mission is to create an e-book on resume and cover letter tips.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  5. Amy says

    Hi John,
    The information you provide on a daily basis to us is priceless. I love the “in your face” (receiving e-mails daily) from you. I always look forward to your mail.

    I am good in…….. The 35 years of knowledge gained from owning horses,understanding their behavior on the ground and under saddle. Running a horse farm.

    I can create a product about…….. Living with horses. How they communicate with us, using body language to “talk to them”, their theraputic uses, etc… I can create a knowledge base for owning a horse farm and how to make it profitable.

  6. Alberto says

    Hi John,
    Was a great idea of the contest to check how many visits you have in your blog, I’m sorry but in some moment I will copy you.
    I’m a chemist and I plan to write guides or books how to make things, like cosmetics, soap, candles, etc, at home, something simple and entertaining, and I need some elements to sale them automatically :o)

  7. les says

    Okay John – I am good at teaching – I have been teaching small business for over thirty years. As for a product – I could perhaps produce an ebook on small business planning, or I could delve into small business online marketing or many other small business issues – but is there a market for the product?


  8. Peggy says

    Hi John:

    I love all the stuff you do. I always look forward to your emails,please continue to keep all of us informed.

    I am good at…..Listening to people’s problems and helping them reach a resolution and peace of mind.

    I could create a product….an e-book helping them with self esteem, self worth and self image problems. I would like to have a website that gives the client unlimited resources for self-help and peace of mind. Help the client remain centered in their life.

  9. Richard Duszczak says

    Hi John,
    My expertise lies in drawing cartoons – and my niche within that is my passion to draw motivational cartoons that inspire people onto success. The only product that comes to mind is an ebook full of inspiring cartoons and quotes.
    I’m sure there would be other products – but as yet I’ve not figured out what people would purchase. Any ideas/suggestions welcome!

  10. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot for the great comments!

    Keep the comments coming. 10 more hours before contest ends!


  11. John Melanson says

    “I am good at gathering teams
    and I can create a product about consulting IM to small businesses”

    Thanks for the chance John. You rock !

    ~John M

  12. Bill says

    Hello John,
    I am good at explaining seemingly complex things in terms the average individual can understand. I am creating a line of products that expands on Digital Camera User Manuals such that someone with a new camera will have a source to find BETTER THAN ADEQUATE information for using their new camera

  13. Graham says

    Hi John,

    My expertise is in International Financial Services Recruitment and I am going to produce some products on both CV writing and interview techniques.

  14. Paul says

    Thanks John, as I read the challenge it came to me.
    I am a very good wedding photographer and I could sell a guide that brides could use to show someone that they know how to photograph their wedding. The bride gets images to treasure and the friend gets knowledge they can use for other events, everybody wins!

  15. Melissa says

    Hi John,

    I’m a bit of a Renaissance woman, good at many things, but ultimately following my creative passions to create a life I love. I’d like to create a blog/book/CDs on following your dreams and living a creative life, and how to turn your creative passions into a career.

  16. Manny says

    Hi John,

    Every email you sent me give me hope in pursuing my goal to earn money on internet.

    I am good in Illustration…and this is my online job for almost 3 years. I am getting old that’s why I am seeking for financial support to my family for my retirement. My eyes and my hands sometimes are not functioning anymore so I would like to shift my earning perhaps in Blogging as you always said I can earn money in Blogging.

    I can create..children’s book for blogging or for reproducing Coloring Book for Kids.

    It’s a pleasure and honored to be one of your student.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Jean says

    Hi John,

    I am good at income tax preparation. I could write a book full of tips to save people money on their taxes.

  18. Carly Lewis says

    “I am good in organization of companies
    and I can create a product about creating business systems to help companies make more money.”

  19. normz2 says

    Thanks for the good information. I am very mechanically inclined. I can solve problems that most people cannot.
    I specialize in appliance repair. I could write a book on this one.

  20. Annie says

    Can you think of a legal way to make $15,000 by Christmas, please? That’s what I owe on my CC.

    On a more upbeat note. how about “Unusual/wacky ways to save energy”

  21. Mok Tuck Sung says

    I am good in helping small businesses to improve their profitability from within its existing business and I can create a product about the system that I am using.

  22. Dave says

    Hi John,

    Good information, keep it up.

    I am good with Microsoft Office Products and Video.

    I can create great powerpoint and xcel documents.

    Thanks, Dave…

  23. Sue says

    Amy: I’m waiting, lol!!!!

    John –

    First – thank you for all the great information, and inspiration!! I’m in the process, now its a matter of getting the lead out. You’ve been a real blessing!!!

    I’m great at baking and preserving food (jams, jellies, pickles, etc) and also at growing food.

    I could create recipe books, as well as primers for gardening at different levels of expertise.

    If I really worked at it, I could also create gardening journals and other information products that would backend the main items, lol.

    Now…. to “git er done!”

  24. John Yeo says

    wow…amazing how motivated you guys are!

    keep the comments coming in!

    20 more hours to go before contest ends!


  25. paul says

    Hi john
    ispent all my working life repairing and waterproofing concrete ie multi story car parks blocks of flats bridges,
    idont know if there is a call for this sort of infomation.

  26. Charles Ho says

    Hi John,

    I have been in the F&B business for more than 30 years and I would like to share my expertise to those wanting to start or run a restaurant business successfully and profitably. I would also like to reveal the secrests or winning strategies to increase revenue (bottom line) as well as reduce food cost, etc, etc.

    As for my product, I hope to create a website to sell e-books and e-courses on:
    1.) How to start and run a restaurant the right way (guide book, tool kit, etc).
    2.) How to optimise your profits through menu engineering.
    3.) Providing training and coaching in enhancing staff skills in persuassive selling, suggestive selling, on-selling, up-selling and cross-selling.

    Thanks! 🙂

  27. Debbie Stone says

    Hey John,

    I am good at gardening, also with domestic pets (cats, dogs), herbs, and I can create a product about all the various information for all the above topics. Probably would start with a blog offering all kinds of top notch info and other affiliate ads to get started and then move into creating a product.

    Thanks for ALL of your support!!

  28. Donald Fowler says

    I am good at engineering geology, and I can create a product about what to look for when buying a house or piece of property.

  29. DeaconDavid says

    I actually have a couple of ideas. I am good at blogging and I could create a book about blogging for fun and profit. I am also a Christian parent and I could create an ebook about Godly parental advice.

  30. MinHui says

    Hi John,
    I’m good at Chinese Training. I could create a e-book to teach kids .

    Thanks for your e-mail course !

  31. Mike says

    Hi John;
    Liked the post & the previous one…

    I am good at understanding how the mind works & how people “get in their own way” when trying to achieve goals in their lives.

    I am & will continue to create information products & tools people can use to empower themselves to create the lives they want.
    Thanks, Mike

  32. tarun says

    I am a university degree student. I belong to a middle class family of India. I am 20 years old. In 19 years of my life I had a lot of ambitions like to be rich, to be the best in the world, go to top of the world, I didn’t know what I was doing. In the last year my point of view has been changed drastically. No my ambition has reached far more high than any limitation. I want to be a human being whom god loves each and every moment…….

  33. asgar khan says

    I would create a system,an energetic healing system which help anyone going through years of fear,stress and physical illnesses.

    The healing process would show precise ways ,a step by step process changing dis-empowering thoughts,beliefs and habits.

    I would like to make this freely available,for families experiencing poverty,and people in long term care,like elderly,and even orphans,and people suffering longterm illnesses.


  34. Victoria says

    Hi John!
    I am good ex-newspaper reporter/photographer, now blogger/photograher and I am creating a Caribbean travel site for visitors (as I love traveling and love where I live!) and for sailors (as I am a good sailor and live aboard my little yacht). The site will also feature my photo gallery with pixs for sail. Concerning product creation, I have 2 ebooks the land tour of St. Martin and the Sailing guide to 4 islands in our area.

  35. Connie Ring says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all the great help.

    I am good at fine art painting. I’m working on an instructional
    ebook on learning how to paint in a light and fun filled way.


  36. John Yeo says

    Wow! excellent submission!

    keep the comments coming in!

    12 more hours to go!

  37. Suganda says

    I am good in design and build a house and I can create a product about house design and interior design.

  38. George says

    Out of all the mail I receive I enjoy yours the most. Over the years I’ve had so many jobs, I have no idea what I am really good at. All I know is I enjoy being online learning new things.

  39. Gail says

    Hi John,

    My husband and I are good at taking pictures of our pets and local nature. I could create a photo membership/share site.

  40. David says

    I am good at cooking Chinese food, i can teach people how to cook healthy and delicious food online.

  41. Adelina says

    Hi John,
    I am a good forex trader. I can create a product how to trade forex safe and profitable in very long term. I have a system that I have been developed for few years.

  42. dickson says

    Dear John: am scrolling up and down your blogsite and came across this:

    asgar khan says:
    November 17, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    I would create a system,an energetic healing system which help anyone going through years of fear,stress and physical illnesses.

    The healing process would show precise ways ,a step by step process changing dis-empowering thoughts,beliefs and habits.

    I would like to make this freely available,for families experiencing poverty,and people in long term care,like elderly,and even orphans,and people suffering longterm illnesses.


    **Can i ask asgar to correspond with me as i have something in common with his energetic medicine which he knows and can teach?

    Asgar can you write me a note at please,thank you.

  43. TJ says

    Hi John,
    I am a great parent, and a single one at that! With two teenage boys. One of which has learning disabilities. I could write an e-book both of these subjects.I find there really isn’t much out there that relates to boys. Everything you see or read is about how to instill self worth into girls ie. “Girl Power” etc. I would love to implement something for young boys and men maybe.

  44. Superman says

    I am good on giving people things for free. I can create an atmosphere with joy and happiness. Money is not everything.

  45. Suganda says

    Hi John, I am good at house design,I can create a product about house design and interior design.

  46. John Yeo says

    wow, keep them coming!

    5 more hours before contest ends!

  47. Jim Clary says

    I am a Master Automotive Technician and I can write an ebook about maintaining your car.

    I want to thank you John, you made me think about this for a while and maybe this is a great idea for me.

  48. Garth says

    Hi John,
    I’m a great yoga and meditation teacher from Australia. I have done yoga for 40+ years, have travelled extensively throughout India and have taught people of all ages. For the past three years I have also been teaching children yoga at the school my 8 year old daughter attends and I have subsequently written a book “YOGA for Kinder & BEYOND” that I am preparing to self-publish. It’s a concise and practical guide to leading a life that is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually more fulfilling, less stressful, and consequently more joyful and abundant. Thanks for this opportunity you present your readers. Namaste

  49. John Yeo says

    1 more hour before contest closes!

    keep your comments coming!

    everyone stands a chance to win!

  50. Alicia says

    I love travelling and have visited so many exciting countries. I can write an ebook on travelling the world, catering to those on tight budgets through to those who love travelling in style.

  51. Emil says

    I am studying Online Marketing from a long time, but I did not mutch steps until now. I get a lot of knowledge about the topic and I want to make a home study course in romanian.

  52. Ron McIntyre says

    Hi John,

    My expertise lies in the Law of Attraction and helping people to apply it correctly in all areas of their life.



  53. hpnugroho says

    Hi Jhon, ..
    My friend told me that I’m have good leadership, so I want to write about being good leader ..

  54. Edmund Ng says

    “I am good in sales and marketing
    and I can create a product about sales technique”

  55. Barbara says

    Hi John,

    Hey this is pretty neat.

    I think I am good at counted cross stitch. I have even made my own patterns. Needlework is one of my favorite things to do when I need and want to relax. I could very definitely write an ebook on counted cross stitch and how to make your own designs to stitch.

  56. minal says

    I am hair makeup and henna artist specialising in Asian wedding
    I wd like to write abt how to look radiant on the wedding day!

  57. millie miller says

    John, I’m not sure what I’m good at. Been trying to get my children’s book published. I enjoy writing poetry and children’s books. I also like to inspire people. I have a great faith in our Higher Source, and I am grateful to be here today. I am an 11 year cancer survivor. I enjoy research as well. I suspect I could blog on any number of things…
    Thanks for the opportunity, John.

  58. John Yeo says

    Thanks for the submission. This contest has ended
    and we will reveal the result soon.

    For those who missed this opportunity, you can check out the package at

  59. Manny says

    Hi John,

    I am good in illustrations and planning to have a blog sites that artists/ illustrators like me could share their works to display or sell their artworks. And I like most is to do coloring books for children ages 5 to 12.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to write here.

  60. Kathleen says

    Well for the past years I have been into genealogy. I got pretty far in my family history. I have learned a lot and wrote an eBook on my journey and created a web site. I have tried to promote it but with no luck! I did not realize there was so many other people doing the same thing.I enjoy writing about family history.

  61. Olaina DeWalt says

    Unfortunately, I’m on my way out, but I wanted to thank you for this great opportunity!

    I’m good at writing, but I live in extreme pain all the time. I would like to start a site about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain problems.

    I know a lot of people suffer many kinds of chronic pain, and it would be awesome to find some solutions for them.

    Again, many thanks, and I hope I open my email later to a winnter’s notice!

    God bless,

  62. Alton says

    Hi John,

    I suspose I am good at most everything I setout to do, my problem is I get lost in the shadows when left on my own. I enjoy working with others and can be a real team player when involved with the right people. My biggest problem I feel is patience…I don’t seem to have enough of lt 🙂 meaning I want everything to happen right away! But I am training myself to be more patient and understand that some things do take time in order for the outcome to be a success!!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to to express myself!


  63. Penny says

    I am good in collecting business quotes and I can create a product about business quotations or daily quotes or desktop screensavers

  64. Edward Han says

    I am good at technical knowledge and I create a blog to teach others how to solve technical issues.

  65. Lori Vargo says

    Hi John
    Cool idea about the contest. Love how creative everyone has been with their talents. I designed a new woodcraft this summer concerning nascar, call them my pittstop kids.
    Been selling them at craft shows now trying to figure how to get them nationwide. Each driver is handpainted so no two are alike. Considering doing craigs list, just not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with orders online. I tried ebay but unfortunately the price is not negotiatable.
    I would welcome any suggestions
    Lori Vargo

  66. les says

    Must say I am a bit disappointed. Your post stated the winner would be drawn randomly and that the quality of the comment would not make any difference. Quote:

    (I will choose a winner randomly so the quality of the
    answer does not really matter….what matter most is
    you take action!)

    Yet the winners were drawn according to quality. quote:

    “My business partner Ben had a hard time choosing
    1 winner”

    Must say John, great way to ‘make friends and influence people’


  67. John Yeo says

    Hi Les,

    To be fair, I didn’t choose at all.

    I let a third party choose the winner
    and I gave out 3 prizes instead of one.

    edit: another random winner chosen
    and we will contact you on how to get your


  68. John Yeo says

    Let me choose a random winner….

    The 4th winner

    Carly Lewis

    We will contact you on how to get your prize!

  69. Terrence says

    Hello John, I was a golden glove boxer that was ranked # 1 in the nation back in 1980. I want to create a ebook training Diabetics how to “lose weight the golden gloves way” in only 3 minutes per day

  70. Sucan says

    Nice article, thanks for sharing the info.

  71. Tracy Swartzbeck says

    Well I must say, it’s about time I found a decent site with good info on what I was looking for. Great job on the site and the post. Thanks

  72. Edward Han says

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Hope you can make full use and benefit with them. All about success is the effort you are willing to put in. The principle is like a farmer that plough the land and planting the seeds. Soon after he will be able to harvest its fruit.

    So, wish the success for those winners!

  73. Roy says

    Research: What I’m doing, when I don’t know what I’m doing.

  74. Imman says

    I start learning from you. Hope you don’t stop teaching newbies like me specially in how to monetize blogging.

    Nice article and strategy.

    I like to follow being a successful blogger and you inspired me to go on.


  75. Edward Han says

    This site is inspiring. It gives you a chance to learn from one another and understanding what you read is more important.

    I believe one has to be FOCUS and take action what they have read instead of just sitting on the fence and hoping for success. One thing you must bear in mind, don’t get yourself into a situation of information overload. Stick to do one thing at a time. You must start today! Not tomorrow or the day after. If you want success, do it now!!!

    That is why people who come to my site will learn to take action even they totally have no technical knowledge about building website, html programming, etc. It is a sort of idiot proof where anyone can get started to build online business. It is only a matter of whether you want to start or remains sitting on the fence.

    I know everyone here can do it, so stop dreaming and get on your feet!!!

  76. Joe says

    Hi John…I’m good in martial arts and I can create a product showing people how to incorporate martial arts movements in their exercise programs, which will enable them to improve their balance, speed and reaction time. This is in addition to the usual benefits that come, in any regular exercise program.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  77. Edward Han says

    Hey Joe

    I am always interested in Qigong and martial arts. But never really get into doing it. Now just practising simple Qigong for health.

    It will be good if you can compile your martial arts into a book so you can sell it and others benefit from it.

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