New Cool Blogging Contest Coming Up!

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from johnthescone


Thanks for the great submissions of your stories in the previous post on “What is your struggles?

And I have been looking through the comments posted in the previous contest which is still open.

From the stories and some email correspondences which I had with some of my more successful students, I realised the key difference between these 2 groups.

It is NOT about how much one know although knowing the right facts and having the correct information do give you more choices (or better choices) on how to make your next move.

It is also NOT about how much money you have right now though having more money does give you more advantages such as getting a paid domain which you can sell it at a profit later on.

It is definitely NOT where you are now. Everybody goes back to square one and starts from the basics of blogging. And for the fact that everything is available on the net, you can use it so easily once you know where to find it.

So what is the key difference?

I have 2 choices now…one is to tell you what it is or the other is for you to experience it…

And those who choose the later paths will be a step closer to success, compared to those who want the answer now.

I know you are determined…for the fact, you are reading this post.

I know you are doing it for a greater purpose…for your freedom, for getting more time with your family, for paying your children’s medical bills, for reaching a dream which you have been holding onto for a long long time…

I know you are with me, in the same boat…(I am doing it just for my baby girl…who should be coming out anytime soon…and you have a very anxious papa writing this post and conducting this contest. :/)

This contest is going to be very simple and the benefit which you will get is you will have your working blog and your new blog is going to be better than the one you have right now.

I won’t release the details yet.

I just want to know how many of you are committed to this contest…so I can decide if there should be this contest in the first place.

This contest may last for 3 to 6 months…

* * *

So if you are interested to join, just post in the comment below now:

>> I want to join!

* * *

I really hope to see you inside…



24 Responses to “New Cool Blogging Contest Coming Up!”

  1. David says

    I surely want to join!! I used to be sitting there reading ebooks on self improvement and IM. This year I have finally taken a major action by joining your blog maintainance service, looking forward to have my first blog.

  2. Laura says

    I want to join too but tell us more, tell us more! 🙂

  3. SEO Expert For Hire says

    I want to join the blogging contest. thanks

  4. Deb Lamb says

    I’d be interested in joining too John. Looking forward to hearing the details of the contest.

    Thanks and make it a great day!

    Deb Lamb 🙂
    Freelance Ghostwriter & Copywriter

  5. Karen De Haan says

    I’ll join!

  6. Leslie Post says

    Hey John,
    Definitely sounds interesting! Can’t wait to hear the details.
    I am at a point where I want to take my business to the next level (I am mostly an offline marketer) and from all the studying I’ve been doing the past year I’ve narrowed down how I want to approach this to blogging and article marketing. I think a contest would be a great accountability factor for me.
    Thanks, look forward to hearing more!

  7. Lisa says

    Yes I am interested in joining. I am learning a lot from reading your blog post. Thanks for the info!

  8. Paul Hanna says

    Hi John
    Thanks i would like to join…

  9. Venkatesh says


    I wanna!

  10. Linda Cummings says

    Always interested in learning and in contests.

    Tell us more.


  11. patricia ramsawh says

    I want to join too. A little scared but still want to join.


  12. dave says

    Hi John, Yes!

    Looking forward to hearing the next step.



  13. Bruce Blackwell says

    I want to join

  14. Maria Mekus says

    YES – YES – YES. I have joined the contest mentioned above. And HOW EXCITING!!

  15. Richard says

    I’ll join

  16. Sheila Edens-Brown says

    I want to join.

  17. Linda Banal says

    Sounds great.
    Tell me more. Seems interesting.

  18. Arya Saleh says

    I want to join

  19. Cindy says

    I want to join!

  20. Imman says

    Hi John,

    I’ll definitely join but

    Please tell me more about this contest.

  21. t.syarbaini says

    Hoping more benificial output, I’ll join too, John!

  22. sev says

    “Yes,I Do”
    Want to join…

  23. Irene says

    Yes John – I want wo join.
    I am from germany and my english is not so good, but I want to trie it. I found your blog and learned so much only by reading…

    So please tell us more…

  24. Jackie says

    I want to join! Count me in!

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