FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Membership For IM Technical Mastery

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from xnuzha

The 5 winners are
– Walter Friedman
– Judy Rodenhiser
– Didi – IM Software
– Cheryl Wright
– Sean Colman

I will be sending you an email on how to get your Prize.


It is another week of FREE giveaway.

The winner for the previos “Happy Father’s Day” giveaway is Ashok.
and his Prize “60 WSO Success Stories” has been sent to him.

Congrats again! Ashok!

To reward you for being my loyal subscriber, I will at times try to find some valuable freebies which can really help you in your Internet Marketing journey.

I managed to get 5 free membership slots for IM Technical Mastery.

This is a short write up of the site:

“IMTechMastery is a membership based site for Internet Marketing related Technical Guides. The guides are simple step-by-step illustrated instructions that are suitable even for the most technically challenged. We strive to be the best solution provider for entrepreneurs in Internet Marketing by providing them with the necessary technical competence to make money online.”

Retail price: US$17 per month

I have personally check out this membership site and the Massive information inside will certainly help you to overcome many of your technical hurdles.

* * *

Read the Question here…

The Question for this is really simple:

“Tell me one technical challenge you are now facing and share with me what you have done to try to overcome it…”

Your technical challenge may be:
1. how to set up a blog
2. how to set up your Paypal button
3. how to register for a domain and have the DNS propagated
4. how to install a WordPress platform
5. how to use cpanel etc

You realise my questions are always about action-taking.

Because I Love Action Takers!

So are you up for the challenge?

Send in your submission now and you can submit them in the comment box below.

I will pick the 5 winners and will contact the winners through your email on how you get your login id and password to access your Prize. =)

Contest ends on 1st July 2009.


37 Responses to “FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Membership For IM Technical Mastery”

  1. Judy Rodenhiser says

    I have so many technical challenges that I paid someone to set up my blog but now I find that I really don’t know how to maintain it. I am unable to add a contact page plug in and I don’t understand uploading and downloading. I have tried 3 different ftp’s, asked 2 sites for help, watched 2 videos on youtube and I’m still confused. I would like to be able to set up my own wordpress blog with all the plugins and be able to confidently work on it!

  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks Judy…im sure with this new membership site, it can solve most of your technical problems… =)

    Keep the comments coming in. You have a chance to win!

  3. John Yeo says

    Send in your comments…contest to run for another 3 days. =)

  4. Tracey says

    Hi John…another great gift for me…

    hmmm…as for me, i have no idea how to set up a blog
    in cpanel…sorry about just seemed so hard for me
    and that is why I gave up…

    now with your free gift, I am ready to start again

    (Thanks for your encouragement as always…I love to look forward to every email of yours…)

    I have asked for help from some forum friends but they are too busy to help me…it is ok but at least i did move on and ask for help….

    Hope I can be one of the winners…this is my turning point!

  5. Eddie Foo says

    hi John,

    wow, free membership for technical support. Sounds interesting.

    For me is definitely blogging. I always marvel at those sites that looks so cool, e.g. YOURS… and my simply sucks.

    It took me soooo long to get something up and realized I still have to put plugins, themes, autoresponders… oh man… this really is… *censored*

    I really hope I can win and looking forward to this product! Thanks John for the giveaway. 🙂


  6. John Yeo says

    Thanks Tracey and Eddie….sounds like blog set up is one of the common obstacles…

    keep your comment coming…there are 5 Prizes to be given away and you can be one of the Winners! =)

  7. Cheryl Wright says

    So where do I start?

    I am so technically challenged it’s not funny. I have software I’ve purchased then found that I don’t understand how to install, so it just languishes on my hard-drive.

    One of the software products I purchased that I REALLY want to use is a Poll creator. I opened up the instructions and felt like I was reading a foreign language.

    I’ve had other people install blogs for me in the past, but managed to install one recently. The sweat was pouring off me while doing it, because it was so incredibly stressful. I ‘appears’ to be right, but the settings don’t work properly. (And I followed the instructions step-by-agonising-step.)

    I also managed to install a plugin on a WordPress blog that someone else had installed for me. Again I had sweat pouring off my face, and I was literally shaking by the time I finished.

    The plugin ‘appeared’ to install without issue, but I later discovered I’d done it wrong because it doesn’t work the way it’s meant to work.

    All that angst and it’s not right anyway!

    As you can see, I’ll take action, and will try just about anything. Having the understanding to match would be great.

    The best outcome I could hope for would be the independence that would come with understanding the technical stuff. Having to rely on other people all the time really is a drag.


  8. Didi - IM Software says

    Hi John,

    Actually, I don’t have any experiences yet about how to set up a wordpress blog and using cpanel. So far, I only use free blog platform such

    However, the biggest obstacle for me is about to choose the best company to register domain name and hosting. The reason is I’ve read and hear so many suggestion. At the end, I confused and still don’t made any decision yet.

    Thank you.

  9. hidman says

    The greatest technical challenge i had was trying to convert hyper-links from word document to pdf and make the link work. Scoured the forums for solutions but apparently, there wasn’t any. So i took up the temporary measure of just cloaking the link using tinyurl. Not exactly what i desire, but effective for now. 🙂

  10. Pam says

    Hey John,

    Wow This is exciting stuff l hve greatly benefited from some of your free stuff so free membership will certainly complete the puzzle…My challenge has been the technical side the compressed files,linkin URLs all that stuf been too confusin.l have bought different How to course which are pretty confusining me now….PLs consider me

  11. Angela Bell says

    Hi John,
    Winning this contest would really be great. Most of the time when I do have a problem, I find if I just walk away and come back later, it will work out fine. But, I need to learn more about keyword searches and how to use that tool correctly. And also how to add links.

  12. Brad Spencer says

    Recently, I purchased a new site from Godaddy. One of my best friends from college owns a hosting company that I use. He showed me how to purchase the domain name and I loaded it into his hosting set up.

    I go to log in to the FTP client and nothing….

    and nothing…

    I change the username and password…and nothing.

    So after a little while of getting frustrated, I went back and searched around Godaddy’s “My Domain” thing to think if I had messed something up.

    Come to find out I didn’t set up the Name Servers on Godaddy’s end (just my friend’s hosting account) and lo and behold it finally worked after getting the nameservers changed.

    C’est la vie and I’ll never make that mistake again 🙂

    This membership would be really cool John!!! I need some technical help (always the thing that holds me back…has for years)



    PS- I have had some success but my stumbling block is always website/tech/install/scripts etc….

  13. John Yeo says

    wow…so many responses…

    Keep the comments coming in….5 Prizes to give away!

  14. Miles says

    Hey John,

    My biggest obstacle at this point would be setting up my “own” video capture page, rather than using a template that thousands of other marketers are using.

    Have a Great Day,

  15. Jack Henry says

    My technical challenges and details which I would like to see included are as follows:
    Please note that these should be both in video (screen casts) and pdf formats (with lots of screen-print), for those that learn quicker by watching videos, and for those that like to learn by reading documents (either printed out, or in on screen)…

    1). Excruciatingly simple to follow steps.
    A complete step by step (paint by numbers) approach of what everything is inside cpanel, and what features in cpanel that I should be MOST interested in (involved with), and a detailed breakdown of what the other features are, even though I would not be using them regularly, or be concerned about them that much. It must be clear, with lots of illustrated instructions, whereby the familiarity of the content on the screen shots and screen casts will help those gain confidence.

    2). Create milestones / action steps achieved.
    Confidence building measures incorporated in the training, whereby someone could easily and safely save the work done as you go along, and then revert back to it if they make a mess of it, and thus starting from that point, rather than having to start at the very beginning, thus getting frustrated and possibly even giving up.

    3). Plugins discovered.
    A FULL explanation of what plugins are, and what their purpose and usefulness is in relation to various elements in a blog etc… people like the all singing and all dancing plug-in, but few really understand what they are used for, and when they are not necessary for some types of blogs etc.. e.g. it would be great to know a list of popular plugins, “essential must have” plugins, alternative (nice to have but not necessary) plugins… you see everyone wants the latest and greatest plugin, but the usefulness of these are often unclear.

    4). Fear of upgrading.
    People naturally fear change, and whenever there is an upgrade version of something, there is such a danger of wiping over (losing content) the work which has already been created, and thus they are reluctant to upgrade, even though the upgrade is perhaps beneficial to their needs. A list of how to upgrade (without fear of loss), and a scale of how and when to apply certain upgrades would be great.

    5). Embedding / addons.
    It would be great to have a simple, easy to follow course on how to embed videos / audios on the blog or website. Simple.

    6). Security.
    How to secure your website and blog from spammers, and undesirables. When to update, how to update, and where to go for automated tools to update.

    7). Attractiveness.
    Everyone likes to have the sexiest, most colourful and best content on their blog or website. It would be great to know which content, colours, plug-in, themes, location of auto responders, add ons, rich features to use, and which to avoid either because there is too much work or because they are ineffective.

    8). Stickiness.
    Visitors will make a decision within seconds whether to stay on the blog or website, or to close out without ever returning or at least book marking the site. Again, a scaled list of features should be included which will convert the visitor to become a prospect, and potential customer, by getting them to know like and trust you, from that initial impression when they land on your page.

    I firmly believe that most Internet marketers (including and perhaps especially those that are technically challenged) WILL take action, it is the fact that they feel incompetent and have a lack of knowledge as to what ACTION to take in order to grow their confidence levels, and thus becoming more successful in their online business pursuits.
    I am sorry that this list is so long, and perhaps it represents part of the holy grail of Internet Marketing, and also I apologise for the over emphasis of the word “confidence”, but in my opinion, this actually represents the true and factual reason why many get so frustrated and give up in their conquest, simply because they find it so difficult to get out of first base, by setting up their blog and website. I truly believe that if they can master this first technical hurdle, then it will motivate them to get on with the “marketing” side of their internet marketing business, and whilst there will always be a lot to learn from the ever evolving internet, once they achieve success with the simple technical aspects, that they will in turn specialise in an area where they will become even more successful in future.
    It would be interesting to see other people’s views in relation to this post, and if I am way out of sync, then I truly apologise, but it is in my humble opinion the reason why so many people stumble at this crucial first hurdle, and therefore never able to complete the race.
    Whereas, if they achieve success and confidence, then this will in itself create the dynamic to motivate them to have the correct mindset and tools for success.
    Good Luck and best Wishes to all your readers.

  16. Norene says

    Hi John,
    My biggest challenge is putting it all together. I have read enough to understand the overall concept of internet marketing, but I am continually running into snags. My current snag is setting up a landing page. I don’t even know where to be begin to create one. I think having a membership like the one you are giving away would be a wonderful way to keep things moving for me — to help me get unstuck. Every time I get stuck it is so difficult to find the resources to get me unstuck.
    Thanks for creating this contest and for securing 5 memberships. We all appreciate your efforts to keep us moving forward. -Norene

  17. Jeffrey Fenske says

    Like another posted already, I hired someone to make my blog but am now lost as to how to maintain it. I’d like to be able to at least get to the point where I could buy PLR or write posts and make those posts update automatically. Then, some notice from the search engiones would be nice as well. Thanks, Jeff

  18. Walter Friedman says

    I also paid someone to set up a WordPress blog, and initially, I understood how to work with it.
    But I let a week or so elapse and now I am back to being confused about how to add content, change the “theme” and generally mange the blog in a competent way.

    I guess that I really need some hand-holding, and a source of information that I can go back to repeatedly until the knowledge really sinks in.

    Part of my problem is that I think that I am “scared” of making a mistake, so end up freezing. My aim: to see the technical side of I.M. as a game to have fun with!

  19. Michelle says

    I am still using blogger and I have read a number of problems arise if I host my site on free website. Tt will be great if I can get some help to migrate my work to my own website. I need help to understand how to do SEO for my site as well if that is provided technically.
    BTW, John, thanks for a great blog.

  20. Michelle says

    I am still using blogger and I have read a number of problems arise if I host my site on free website. Tt will be great if I can get some help to migrate my work to my own website. I need help to understand how to do SEO for my site as well if that is provided technically.
    BTW, John, thanks for a great blog.

  21. Rosemary says

    I have read some good Auto-responder pieces, but I still don’t know the exact auto-pilot way for a bunch of them. I would like to use the ones that come with some of the PRL goodies and I am not sure how to place them.


  22. Phill@diecast,model,vehicle,car says

    Hi John,

    Luv to win one of these memberships , need help with nearly all the techie stuff have brought numerous books and videos on how to do this or that , but alot leave a bit to be desired and often speak in technical terms duh so I still don’t know how to do it . Need Help.
    But still having fun.
    All the best.


  23. Fiona Chin says

    Hi John,

    Though I have a PhD in Nanotechnology, I not even know how to set up a blog, set up a website etc. I even found it hard to follow some of the ebook out there. Sometimes I am so frustrated that i wasted too much money to purchase the ebook, and wasted my time trying to figure out how it works.

  24. Tasha Smith says

    Hey there John,

    Where do I start? I am new to all of this, so I can honestly say that I have no idea how to do any of it. I hear about so many people struggling with just the “basics”, that I would sure like to start off on the right foot. This great membership would let me do just that.

    Thanks for the consideration, and have an excellent day.


  25. Hugh says

    Probably my biggest challenge is coping with web 2 networks and turning them viral. There are simply so many of them, what ones work, which are a waste of time, how can one simplify this whole web 2 process to drive traffic and build effective links?

    It’s a nightmare and sucks an unrealistic amount of time that can be better spent writing original content instead of being bogged down for hours posting on this and that site, only to be black listed because you used the wrong word….yes it’s happened with squidoo and they shut my account for talking about “Foreign Currency”! Believe it or not its on their black list!

    So web 2… what works, what is a waste and how do you speed up the process???

  26. Faye says

    Hi John,

    Tech challenges come up all the time for me. How do I upload file to my hosting company using ftp. Then there’s cpanel with all those different names for different files. I’ve read the manual and re-read the manual. I’ve outsourced but not got what I wanted. Would love to learn about this as the more I learn the more I can show others what to do.

  27. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John.
    My geatest problems is to include an Autoresponder code in a ready to use template.
    I try many times but I never made it correctly…

    Thanks and goodbye !


  28. Marcus says

    Hello John,

    My greatest technical challenge would be tweaking a given theme to get the exact result or look & feel that I want. I’m new to IM and WordPress, so I am having to learn a lot in a short period of time.

    – Marcus

  29. Maxine says

    Hello John,
    I, too, appear to be just like everyone else.
    After downloading software and advice, and checking
    this and that for the last 2 years, I don’t seem to
    be any further advanced than when I first began.
    Just a little more familiar with my computer. But,
    when I try to fix something it is just like reading
    a foreign language.Will persevere, though would like
    to be earning some money at this stage. Enjoy your day.

  30. sean c says

    technical difficulties are a big problem for me, so much so that i truly think I am losing a lot of money.

    simple things they should be, but for me, if i cant get it to work I really do not bother.

    1. plugins – usually should be easy, but i have had so many problems, and even have a wishlist of plugins I want to get wokring for my sites

    2. software – i buy software like BANS for example, I have had a ton of ideas that would probably make money, but because i do not really know how to use it the way i want to, I just leave it.

    3. wordpress – i have problems with templates etc, there is probably a way to make my sites more seo friendly, but i am not sure!??

    this is just the tip of the iceberg, and as I build more sites etc, I am sure there will be so many more little problems along the way.


  31. FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Membership For IM Technical Mastery … says

    […] Read the original here: FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Membership For IM Technical Mastery … […]

  32. Jenna says

    Hi John,
    I purchased a product about Blogging and it is a great product. Unfortunately when I got further in this is the instruction that is given:

    “You need to do is add the RSS Reader icons so that users can subscribe to your blog in there
    RSS Reader. This is very important to do so here’s a quick and easy way to do this…
    First you need to download the plugin:
    There are simple instructions on that website on how to get it working. Once you have the
    plug-in activated you get to select the icons you want displayed”

    Well I went to the page, I am fairly good with technical things but I spent all day trying to get it right. Fat chance. Now I have a 70 dollar product that I can’t use.
    I need this giveaway badly!
    Thank you Jenna

  33. Cheryl Wright says

    That is so awful, John, thanks so much!! (I’ve been away a couple of days, and came back to this. Wonderful surprise – thanks again.)


  34. Cheryl Wright says

    Okay…. so “awful” should be awesome. lol

    Can you tell how excited I am!!!


  35. John Yeo says

    Hi Cheryl,

    You are welcome…I have sent u an email..remember to optin to get your prize!

    Congrats again!


  36. John Yeo says

    We have 2 more spare prizes…will choose the best two from the next few submissions! =)

  37. Jack Henry says

    Hi John,
    Maybe I will be 6 or 7 lol.
    My list of challenges is above, but the main one is
    cpanel and wordpress installations.

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