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from zemotion

It was really hard to decide because there were so many good answers.

I settled on 4 winners instead of 3 🙂 I’m also going to throw in a surprise too!

1. Neil
2. Kelly
3. Trish McIntyre
4. Miles

I will be contacting the winners and sending them their prizes!

Congrats again and everyone is a winner here because you took action!

There is a surprise too for everyone who took part! =)

Do leave a comment on how you feeling right now, as a Winner!
(In, everyone wins!)

Get technical help and move on. See you at the top!


It has been a long but fruitful week as we are two very important events.

One is our Blog Membership Site launch and the other is this weekend of FREE giveaway.

In the internet marketing arena, I am grateful I have many like-minded friends who are always there to help. I love to learn from them too and hear their stories of how they started off internet marketing and how they have successfully built their online business.

One of them is Jaz Lai and you can check out the email interview I did with him.

I have another good friend in the Private Label Rights niche and her name is Peggy Baron. She is very nice to offer 3 FREE PLR Article Bundles for 3 Lucky Winners and the winner may be You!

Peggy Baron

Here is the question:

“If you had a bundle of 7-10 PLR (Private Label Rights) articles in your niche, how would you use them to get the most out of them? Hint – You can use the articles more than one way; you can use them several times!”

For those who want to know what is PLR, you can check out wikipedia.

Best answer gets 3 free PLR article bundles from Peggy Baron at (Choose from bundles available on the website.)

I will pick the 3 winners and will contact the winners through your email on how you get your Prize. =)

Contest ends on 3rd August 2009.

Send in your submission now and you can submit them in the comment box below.


28 Responses to “FREE Giveaway Contest: 3 FREE PLR Article Bundles”

  1. alohamolly says

    I would use them to create ebooks and partly as giveaway bundles for my readers/client.

  2. augusto arnel says

    I will try to use it to create more power on my site and attract more visitor on my blog and if possible to try make it affordable for those like me as a begginers.

  3. Mike says

    PLR is useless. I would download them, let them sit there for a few weeks and then delete them.

  4. Gert Hough says

    You can do a lot with PLR content. The easiest for me now is to spin them to more than 100% at least en then submit them to a network of more than 10,000 blogs that each gives me 3 dofollow backlinks (guaranteed to be dofollow or they are banned from the network).

    But you can also make videos from your articles and submit them to video submission sites for free search engine traffic since the search engines are suckers to new search phrase related videos. And that is easy too as you get lots of tools to automatically convert your article into a video.

  5. John Yeo says

    Looks like there are different views of PLR…anyway thanks for your submission and support! =)

    Keep the comments coming in! =) You stand to win too!

  6. Louis says

    I would make little videos inspired by these articles and post them on Youtube with a link to the article on my blog.
    Every 6 or 12 months, I would burn a CD or DVD and sell it to my subscribers.

  7. Norman Macey says

    There are many ways to benefit from PLR articles.
    If I were to win a pack of these articles they would undergo my own personal test.
    This does not include using any software,I gave quite a lengthy explanation on article writing for 2009 in my last submition to Ezine Articles.
    Yes please, send me along a pack if the quality is up to my expectations I will be more than happy to endorse the authors work.
    Norman Macey

  8. Neil says

    John I’d create a series of them. If the were in the same niche I’d also create One audio for each and one 5 minute video for each.

    If they were different I’d create a family tree. What I mean by that is each product has some relationship with another!! eg Take Oil you could write about how its formed… but to it has a family so you could write about engines.

    Get my drift Folks.

  9. Bobby Combs says

    You can use them to make ebooks, Give them away for signing up for a newsletter, build blogs with them, gifts for signing up to your email list, use on blogs to direct your readers to affiliate products you sell, you can sell them in bundles or separate, there are endless ways to use plr content. Why not use as many as you can to generate more business.
    Bobby Combs

  10. Gavin McDonald says

    1) Sell the product in its locked format (.pdf or .exe for E-books).

    2) Compile a collection of Private Label Articles into an Information Product and sell.

    3) Offer Basic/Master Resell Rights to the product and allow your resellers to the resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. You can make even more money by “franchising” the selling rights to your customers (who are preferably marketers themselves).

    4) Create multiple free reports and bonus incentives from the Private Label Rights product for viral marketing purposes. Your own links within the reports and bonuses serve as back-end selling.

    5) Create multiple articles. You can break up an E-book with Private Label Rights into several articles for article submission and send to your mailing list. You can add your own resource box with your own set of links at the bottom of each article.

    Thats what i would do with my PLR Bundle…………..

    PLR Extreme Boot Camp

  11. kelly says

    “If you had a bundle of 7-10 PLR (Private Label Rights) articles in your niche, how would you use them to get the most out of them? Hint – You can use the articles more than one way; you can use them several times!”

    Resell them.
    Share a chapter or two with them for free (till a deadline).
    Rewrite them and sell as a new product.
    Use them on Squidoo pages, on your blog, etc.
    Email or forward them.
    Add some PLR “content” to egreetings, and send them to friends!
    Use PLR to entice people to subscribe to your RSS.
    Use PLR content in your videos!
    Print them (in brochures!)
    Give them away (if allowed).

    Not sure if PLR are allowed for joint venture though (some creators do not allow them).

    Thanks – love your interesting content and lots to explore your blog too!

  12. Maureen Daniels says

    PLR is a great opportunity to enhance visibility to your blog and gain subscribers-I would offer them to my subscribers as resource. Videos are a great visual media for learning and would offer those to my subscribers as well in a contest format or a new subscriber sign-up. As i try to offer great resources for work at home business owners, I would love these articles to offer really true help.

    Thank you for this opportunity,

  13. John Yeo says

    wow, great comments! well done! looking forward to more comments! =)


  14. Scott says

    I would spin them, have the best ones on article directories and use the other ones as content on blogs and web 2.0 sites.

  15. Angela says

    If I could receive a bundle of 7-10 PLR’s in my ninch, I would use them as advertising to generate web traffic. I would also sell them at a low price or break them up into more then one post on my blog in order to make someone really interested enough to come back to finish reading the outcome. I also would give them away to build my list there are so many different things you could do with them. With the economy in the state that it’s in, there are so many people turning to the internet to try and make money. We all know it’s not as easy as it sounds so I would like to help new people like myself because I have had some people trying to help me. There is a lot of money to be made on the interent and some people don’t worry about making a lot of money just enough money to take care of their families. Therefore, everyone needs just a little help now and then.

  16. Trish McIntyre says

    I would use the PLR articles by taking one article and rewriting it into 2 blog posts. They’d be used in social marketing too.
    I would also use some of the article in an autoresponder series to inform them of my niche product.
    I would ask a question from my readers using info from one of the articles and reward them with a freebie ebook!
    Finally, I’d take the title of all of the articles and try and think what other material could be covered using these titles as the starting point.

  17. Miles says

    Well first I would rewrite them and use them as blog posts.
    Then I would rewrite them again and post them to ezine articles.
    Then I would rewrite them again and use them for all the other article directories.
    Then I would rewrite them again and make a free report or ebook to give away as incentive to join my list.
    Then I would break them up and use them as autoresponder emails.

    That about sums up what I would do with 7-10 high quality plr articles.

    Have a Great Day,

  18. Karen says

    I would rewrite them to fit my personality and then put them on my blog. I would then put a link to my blog on some of my squidoo pages and articles on other sites. Thank you for the chance to win the PLR. I am always in need of material.

  19. Peggy Baron says

    Wow, John, you have the most responsive readers on your blog! I’m really impressed with the answers and it’s going to be hard to choose the winners. It looks like a lot of people understand the many ways to use PLR. 🙂


  20. John Yeo says

    Thanks Peggy and Thank U to all my subscribers who left a comment…

    I love action takers and I will be giving away a mystery prize to every one who submitted in this contest.


  21. Andrea Ross says

    I could sell it as an E-Book or software also I could re write the articles and post the changed content to a article directory

  22. Miles says

    Thanks John,

    Good things are happening!
    Thanks for the prize.



  23. augusto arnel says

    you know john I think I don’t really realize how is PLR meant to be and thats why I should have your professional guidance and congratulation for all the winners too they deserve it.

  24. John Yeo says

    Miles, BIG Congrats! =)

    Augusto, there are tons of ways to use PLR…and the limit is in your mind. =)

  25. Peggy says

    Congrats. to all the winners. Isn’t it great to be a winner?
    Also, a special thanks to John and Peggy Baron for making this giveaway event possible.

    I can’t wait to find out what other great things we are going to be doing in the months to come.

  26. LUKMAN DAISY says

    1 am so excited about the winning of the program .so i hereby feel gratitude indeed.

  27. Trish says

    Thanks John,

    It’s great to win and be on my way to being a winner!

    Thanks for the motivation!

    Trish 🙂

  28. Leo Maciolek says

    Hi, i must say fantastic website you have, i stumbled across it in AOL. Does you get much traffic? If you wantto exchange the links with us please let me know.

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