[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 7: Uploading Of Video & Pictures

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from the_brownhorse


This is John here and this is going to be the last FREE blogging module.

The purpose of this blogging module is to increase your blogging knowledge. Only if you know more, you can apply it to your blog and really make money.

Action = Income. More Action = More Income.

NO MORE excuse from now onwards you can’t do this or that. (For those who still continue to whine, I am really sorry. A 9-to-5 job is more suitable for you.)

The 7 blogging modules here can help you in creating a decent blog and you can easily
monetise it by selling affiliate products.

If you have no confidence in creating your own blog, you can hire professional help
and our team will be able to assist you.

Here is how you can get help from us.

(Sign up for our Blog Maintenance Program or our Blogging Membership Site.)

Ok, in this final module, I will be talking about how you can add a video into your blog by embedding the html codes and uploading a picture into your blog.

>>> Watch this video on how you can upload a photo.

You can get royalty free photos from https://sxc.hu/

>>> Watch this video on how you can add a video.

Now we have come to the end of the “Blogging for Newbies 101” blogging series. I really hope you can apply what you have learnt here and use it for your blog.

Even if you do not have a blog, do start NOW!

Yes now!

No more waiting…

I am going to start a contest when you have a chance to win a Blog Consultation and Coaching (worth $997)!

Yes, I am going to personally coach you in how to run and monetise your blog for 3 months!

And in each week, you get to send me 2 emails (8 emails per month).
And at the end of each month, we can do a skype consultation (whether typing
or chatting) which will take about 1 to 2 hours.

The last student who actually took this US$997 Blog Coaching has a money-making blog and his personal product right now…And he is an absolute newbie when he first started it.

He is also a very hard-working person…and he deserves every little bit of success that comes his way.

Just look at how action takers can eventually WIN…

If you think you can WIN too, this is what you need to do…

If you want to be in this contest, just submit 2 things in the comment below:
1. your name and
2. a reason why you deserve to be in this contest…

I will eventually choose who I feel is the Most Determined to succeed in blogging…(this is just the first part of screening…there will be a few more email and skype interviews along the way.)

Contest ends on 21 March 2010, 12pm EST

Submit in the comment below your name and a good reason why you want to sign up for this contest now.



19 Responses to “[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 7: Uploading Of Video & Pictures”

  1. Jason says

    Are you crazy John? lol…wow…i cant believe when I read this post…Thanks alot Bro!

    Ok, let me try…I want to be part of your contest because I have been blogging for 1 year. I have traffic but not good enough to convert them into paying customers…I hope you can just teach me on the monetisation aspect and it will be good enough….thanks alot…

    P.S: Love your blogging series…i really learnt alot.


  2. Bruce Blackwell says

    I’ve only been blogging for about 5 to 6 months. My website has been up since 1992. I’m just learning and need as much help as I can get. At age 56 I would like to retire soon and leave a money-making site(s) for my retirement and even more so for my children.

  3. Adalia says

    My name is Adalia John and I am very serious about blogging.I started blogging nine months ago and I had no idea what I was doing. I was under the impression that having advertisement on my blog would deter visitors. My biggest challenge is getting visitors to my blogs. There is so much content on the internet regarding blogging, its easy to get overwhelmed. I am ready to monetize my blog and would like some input on how to do so – without losing my purpose – which is to share information with female entrepreneurs for their personal and professional development. I spend hours reading this and reading that…only to become more confused. I have even begun to question the content I have been putting on my blog.


  4. luis says

    I thought the vudeo was pretty good, the only bad thing (don’t get mad) is your english, and the sound was kind of funny

  5. John Yeo says

    no worries Luis. 🙂
    English is not our first language but it does not stop us from being successful.

  6. Sherry Lynn says

    Hi John
    I think I deserve to win because I am so very passionate about the theme of my blog…supporting people to market their business. I am so passionate in fact that sometimes I forget about the $$! I need help building my list so I can share my passion with the world.

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  7. Seun Kolawole says

    Hello John, my name is Seun Kolawole. I keep believing that blogging is a goldmine that is not yet tapped to its fullest in the country I came from. I have learn’t a lot about blogging success yet we are unable to break the jinx yet. So I took it upon myself to go extra mile in being the first success story in the blogosphere, seeing this makes me more happy and I think I have found the solution to the problem which is this coaching. My people are willing to get the solution to the blogging thing, we have been doing series of trials and errors but none of us has recorded a significant success. I used to have a blog https://myjobhuntguide.com but its temporarily unavailable now, trying to upgrade it.
    So, why not give me a chance and let’s together liberate my people.

  8. Adedeji Ademola says

    My name is Adedeji Ademola. I deserve to be in the contest because I live in a third world country if not fourth world and people used to believe that one cannot make money on the internet in this part of the world.But I am determined and ready to spend most part of my day and night to learn from you to prove that one can do it in this part of the world. Besides, I have enough motivation in you and in the fact that I am not working presently despite graduating for more than two years now.I would be glad if I make it John and I’ll make you proud.

  9. Maricel says

    I work as a freelance writer. And I’ve been hired by other people to blog for them on different topics. It’s interesting how they set up their blogs with a little help from my ideas and skills. I would like to be able to set up my own blog (and make it successful) so that it will be my turn to share what I know and to share my skills, using my own name.

  10. Venkatesh says


    I have absorbed every one of your emails posts and videos. I don’t have a blog as yet, but will have one within about 2 weeks. Apart from all the usual things about serving my readers well and making money and earning a name for myself, etc., I have one great ambition – one day I will advance so far I will giving you a few pointers you did not know about.

    How about that, John Yeo? Did I hear you say “Yeow!”?

  11. Anthony says

    Hi John

    Great contest ! Thank you for your newbie 101 modules. My blog is my business – not profitable yet, but it will be. I’m motivated by the successes of youself and others, its obvious I too can do this – and I’m in!
    This is my life now, helping and inspiring as many as I can along the way.
    Thanks for your help, John.


  12. Margaret says

    Hi John:

    I have enjoyed your posts and realise that I have key areas on blogging to work on and you have been very helpful.

    As you can see I have had this blog for a while, and I post regularly and take my own photos. And I am always looking for ways to improve.

    I am in a niche area I am passionate about so writing posts is fun and very easy for me.

    One of the things for those of us who wish to succeed is the amount of people who send us e-mails and to read through them all takes patience and determination to find the right mentor.
    And to succeed, I believe we have to be determined to try new things and not all of them will work for everyone.

    So I hope you will consider me but, if not, this note still says “thank you” for your great blogging tips.

  13. Manuel/Imman says

    You are really blessed for sharing techniques on you blogging.
    If you remember I am one of your follower using my yahoomail but I can’t
    understand all the article messages you sent me but this time it is very clear to me by watching these free video. Are you using wordpress of this video posting? with Hostgator?

    Can you help me to improve my blog using your techniques?
    Please review my posted website blog that I can’t finish since last month.And plese let me know your comment if this is right or wrong.
    How could I monetize from my blog? Blogging is not my expertise but I am trying to learn more maybe with your kind help.

    I hope by this time I will not mistaken to select your ebook of my blogging that I am trying hard to do.

    God Bless.

  14. John Yeo says

    Great to have so many submission! =)

    Keep them coming in…


  15. Ming Jong Tey says

    Hi, my name is Ming Jong Tey. I’ve started out blogging for fun. But as the more I understand the blogging world, the more I realize the sheer potential of earning at least passive income from this seemingly simple task. Needless to say, I stumble along the way and am still trying to get good results from this business.

    Your blog has been very helpful and constructive. I’ve benefited from the tips you gave and I intend to learn more from you, so that I can be as successful as you are.

    I believe there’s simple solutions to complicated challenges; hence, given the right coaching, I too can master the skill of monetizing using blogs like you!

  16. tom says

    Hi John,
    Briefly, I am impressed with your honest desire to help others, and your deep insight into the workings of blogs.
    I am 65, and in desperate need of getting some income happening from my new blog, because in my efforts to help others the last few years, I have ended up broke. I am passionate about writing, making videos and involved in anything creative. I have researched heavily for many years, while working in the health field.I also have a few original and effective products, such as balancing music and pain relief crystals.
    My downfall is lack of marketing skills. I am starting to realise I really need a mentor or partner.

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    […] I have been looking through the comments posted in the previous contest which is still […]

  18. Cindy says

    Hi John –

    I am a single mom who is devoted to being able to stay at home with my daughter. I started blogging about a year and a half ago but have had trouble expanding into a more profitable niche. Raising my daughter while trying to learn and sift through the many available methods for blogging and making money on the Internet has been overwhelming! I would like to create a solid, work-at-home job for myself as well as a secure financial future for my daughter and me. I am an experienced and talented writer, website designer, and educator. I want to blog about things that I find worthwhile and incorporate my existing knowledge to help others, particularly in the parenting arena. I have been seeking a mentor to help me on my way but am continually stopped by lack of capital – it is a dreadful merry-go-round ride! With the direct guidance of someone with experience, someone like you, I feel that I could break through to a successful Internet Marketing career!

  19. Melvin says

    What you’re doing is really great! Keep doing great things John! 🙂

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