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Hi all,

Christmas is coming and everyone is busy preparing for this important day.

While most of us are in the festive mood, I know there are still many readers – like yourself still working really hard to meet the goals they have set for themselves.

So what is this contest about?

So for this contest, what you need to do is to share with me your greatest achievement for this year.

It can be in terms of your self-development, your family, your business etc. You decide what you want to share with me. =)

You may share about the before and after.
– What was it like before for you?
– What was your achievement like?

There will be 3 winners who will each get US$20 sent to their paypal account.

This contest will last for 7 days. You can submit your answer to the comment box below.

On the 8th day, I will randomly choose 10 people from those who commented to choose the top 3 winners.

So meaning if you have commented, you may be chosen to be one of the 10 people to vote. 3 votes per person.

So now submit your comment below to stand a chance to win the Cash Prize!


45 Responses to “7 Days Contest – FREE Cash! – 3 Winners”

  1. Sarah Tan says

    Never launched any product before. I thought it was extremely hard to do so.

    Finally decided to get it going. Created my own course Article Cranking Machine on article marketing and launched it.

    After the initial launch, it’s now passively making sales without me having to do anything. I’m encouraged to launch more courses to build on the momentum.

  2. chrisco says

    Hi John

    My greatest achievement for this year is that i managed to complete my self upgrading course which don’t have much confidence in finishing the course when i first enrol as im someone who tend to fall asleep whenever i have a book to study in my hand.Not only that i actually score a grade A for my accounting exam during the course which i am very surprised myself as i do not score high for Maths when i was schooling. It make me feel that studying is not that boring after all.

    I guess this is the best achievement that i have achieve for the year 2010.

  3. Glenn Tan says

    Hi People,

    For me its just a simple talk with my sister, i find it was a little difficult talking to my sister since the beginning of the year or last year at least since my family doesn’t spend time together much given that each are busy with their own stuff.

    We are 7 years of age difference, but today i’m making the effort to speak and spend time with her whenever possible. I felt that that we are at least a little more closer compared to the hello and bye or short conversations we’ve had.

    To me i feel that, its a small achievement and that we should spend time with our loved ones and mend the difficult spaces among us.I hope i’ve helped to change someone’s life by sharing this short note.


  4. John Yeo says

    @Sarah and Chrisco….thanks for your submission….

    Keep the comments coming in!!! =) We want to hear your success!


  5. John Yeo says

    Thanks Glenn….good sharing… =) sometimes the hardest people to talk to is the ones closest to us.

  6. wilson says

    Knowing that internet is not just for playing games only.

    In the past, internet to me is just a informations and gaming tools. Having thoughts that do people really making money out from internet marketing????
    Or they are just scams?

    Yes, people do made money through internet and because it is the global network. It can gather anyone from anywhere in the country to a certain similar interests. With sharing, interacting and communication, it can help anyone benefits in some ways.

    Recently , then i finally found my right answer with proven records.
    As i am now one of the internet marketer. Understanding that internet not just sources for information and gaming, they are the biggest global network marketing place.

    This should be what i have achieve for the year 2010. From a nerd to a IM.

  7. kalai J says

    Hi Jhong Ren,

    After many years…it was nice to communicate with you earlier. I have been in Koh Samui, Thailand since last year September…thinking of doing something of my own to generate income….hahahaha…till now its still in plan….

    I am currently coaching my hubby for our family life…beginning, it was touch cos both of us had a lot of emotions involved…but now…i m able to sit and have coaching session with him…it’s all in how effectively we communicate….and he too have great zest to learn and deliver…

    He has been excellent in his career in hotel industry….and now with the effective communication skills i shared…he is achieving his goals much easily..

    I always believe it takes 2 hands to clap….the Trainer and the Winner has to work hand-in-hand…just like your online training.

    You are a very responsible person in nature and I am sure everyone you agree to coach will do well on online biz….

    God Bless!

  8. Jun Yuan says

    Hey John

    Speaking of 2010, this is one of the worst years in my life… Nothing went my way this year… Whatever bad could happen to me happened… ๐Ÿ™

    If I were to mention 1 greatest thing that happened to me this year – That would be my results from attending your blog flipping bootcamp – Seriously, blog flipping is one of the easiest way for anyone to be able to generate a wealth of income in a very short period of time.

    Following exactly you covered in the bootcamp, I managed to crank out over US$700 in a space of 7 days, where I sold a total of 2 blogs – That’s really amazing, considering I only spent an average of 3 hours or so on each blog… Taking that into consideration, I think it’s not too bad an earning for me (for just 3 hours of work to do up 1 blog) ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m already looking forward to 2011, where I am looking to launch even more Internet Marketing products of my own (and establish a name for myself in the Internet Marketing niche) as well as create more blogs to flip (and generate even more income!) Really looking forward to it… And hopefully things will go my way next year… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jun Yuan

  9. Paul Klein says

    Hi John,

    I always enjoy your blog posts and emails. To add in this fun contest is icing on the cake!

    For me, my biggest achievement this year has been launching a new business that I had been dreaming and scheming on the past year or so.

    Previously I had struggled in trying to learn as many aspects about marketing and the internet as I could. I tried just about all angles, like many friends I know working online – eBay, list building, giveaways, blogging, videos, etc., etc.

    All this was done while trying to hold down a day job and hoping to make it online to support my family. Then with the downturn in the economy I was laid off and the company I worked for closed down.

    Fast forward to this year when I put the pieces together to help business owners get online – I also encouraged some friends to go online who had never thought about it before.

    Now I have a few clients and am in the process of negotiating with more to continue building my web marketing business.

    I extend my best wishes to all who enter your contest and hope they can find themselves being one of your winners!

    Best regards,
    Paul Klein

  10. Jackie Paulson says

    Share with me your greatest achievement for this year.. Great question as so many challenges I have had to face.
    My greatest achievement should be so easy since it is a positive thing to talk about and that is what I love to vibrate. Hum….
    I had to move in Feb, was evicted from home, moved into hotel for three months, -because I lost my job, moved to another town, found a job and finally have the job of my dreams is the greatest achievement. I lost my book collection had to sell over 1000 books, and most possessions I had, but overcoming all of the loss made me strong. I helped out a “battered” woman, until she could be “safe” to get help from the proper authorities. It was such a great feeling to help someone in their time of need for four weeks. I am so grateful that I met all he challenges of 2010 and know that 2011 will bring so many great blessings my way.

  11. John Yeo says

    @Paul, wow..amazing! starting a business owner and getting your own pool of customers! I am so happy for you!

    @Jackie, you have a kind heart… =) and a resilient character…”i am impressed! =)

  12. John Tan says

    i’ve been reading much about Internet Marketing over the past few year. But i’ve never had a coach to guide me along.

    After attending the Blog Flipping course by John, i manage to make a decent amount of money from it with guidance and support by John and his tea of coaches. In my opinion, Blog Flipping is the easiest money making opportunity out there.

    I’m looking forward to 2011, where i ORD and hopefully can make a decent income (2k+ per month) from the internet. =D

  13. John Yeo says

    Great John! I am glad you have succeed in this area!

    Keep the comments coming1 YOU can be one of the winners!

  14. Aljiro says

    Hi John,

    I would say my greatest achievement this year would be the successful Big Event led by my organization. I’m currently the President of this Well known organization at my college and we had a big event in a popular mall in the country so you can say my organization skills and team management were put to the test. We had web design contests, singing competitions, quiz bees and I am happy to say the event was a success. Nothing like the feeling of fulfillment. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. John Yeo says

    Congrats Aljiro in doing well in school!

    Keep the comments coming in!

  16. Arnel says

    It’s not my main objective to win the prize here. But I want to share my bad experience in the past couple of years that I am able to start overcoming this year.

    I was in deep financial crisis since year 2008 because of businesses that I put up and did not become successful. I eventually lost amount of money that my wife and I hardly earned in our ten years of marriage and some amount of loans from the bank. Lessons I’ve learned …. Start small business and think big! Don’t venture to a business that you can’t do hands on..otherwise it will become somebody’s business. That’s business … it’s like a gamble.

    I didn’t give up. I started this year another business that I really love to do. I stay focused. I now begin to see positive result in my financial statements. I can now manage to pay my bank loans. I consider this as an achievement for year 2010. I hope for continuous success in year 2011 for me and for everyone, too.

  17. Vi says

    Hi John,

    Thank you for prompting this contest. Weโ€™re often so overwhelm with our daily schedules that we simply keep doing and going without realising what we have been achieving so far.

    I think my best achievement for this year is probably the investment Iโ€™ve had in myself to attend your blog flipping class and taking up the FA exam. Being a Stay-At-Home-Mum with 2 young active kids, itโ€™s really tough for me to run a career of my own from home. Thanks to your blog flipping course, cozโ€™ now Iโ€™m also able to earn some easy money thru blog flipping from home at my own โ€œFREEโ€ time.

    I think 2011 is a great year to look forth and I also want to encourage Stay-At-Home-Mum to be proactive in establishing their โ€œDREAMโ€ career from “HOME”.



  18. Sherry Seow says

    Hi John,
    Your question (contest) come at the right time of the year. It is also a good time to wrap up for the year 2011 & reflect on what we have been thru’ the entired year.
    Well, my achievement for this year is that I am able to handle things more calmly(than ever) one at a time. I am able to remain peaceful at heart even though things seems volatile on the external happening.
    The best gift to give myself is to invest in myself by attending courses that is beneficial to my self-growth. It is a great step for me to take up blopfilp intensive workshop because I have never like to use computer beside using it for my office work, haha! I have always wanted to work from home one day so this may be a stepping stone towards my dream. I start to like & feel fascinated by the internet world. Change is the constant, so keep moving forward with the changes.


  19. John Yeo says


    Thank you for participating..pls vote for your top 3 most favorite comments in the comment box below.


  20. Glenn Tan says

    Paul klein, arnel and junyuan

  21. wilson says

    jun yuan, sherry seow and vi lee

  22. Jackie Paulson says

    kalai J #1
    Jackie Paulson #2
    Sherry Seow #3
    They are my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Felix Naranjo says

    1. Jackie Paulson
    2. Sherry
    3. jun yuan

  24. Rose Sales says

    My vote is
    1. jackie paulson
    2. sherry

  25. Jun Yuan says

    I vote for (not in order) – 1. Arnel, 2. Glenn Tan, 3. Jun Yuan Lim (myself! ๐Ÿ˜› Hehex!)

  26. Jackie Paulson says

    I vote for 1. kalai J 2. Jackie Paulson 3. Sherry Seow

  27. Jun says

    So I might say that at present I’m happy tinkering my laptop and looking for good sites that pays me LOLZ… Compared with the past, I got stuck up doing codes for application systems wherein I work as a computer programmer of an institution.

    Luckily enough for me time is not yet too late.

  28. Aljiro says

    I vote for Aljiro, Jun Yuan, Jackie Paulson

  29. Sherry Seow says

    1. Glenn 2.Jackie Paulson 3.Kalai

  30. Pamala Dean says

    Hello John, I am new to your post, but have been enjoying it. I know I missed the deadline for stories, but I wanted to share.
    My biggest accomplishment this year is not giving up and starting anew.
    About 5 years ago, I was a successful artist making a decent living from my sculpture and art business. Then, I began loosing strength at an alarming rate and lost my ability to continue my businesses and ended up on disability (from Celiac Disease, Lupus, thyroid issues and RA). During this time, I was being inspired by various bloggers. This year, I found an energy/healing system (Matrix Energetics) and I am now in remission! I am now working hard to develop my own blog in hopes to get back on the road of productivity and off the disability trail!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my exciting story. May you and your blogging community have many blessing this Christmas and through the new year.

  31. patricia says

    Hi John, I am glad to say that I have been able by the power of God to put aside my hurt and anger at others and to learn how to pray for them and myself. God is good.

  32. John Yeo says

    Thanks to everyone who has voted!

    Hi Pamala, thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I hope you are well now and wishing you a Merry Christmas too!

    Hi Patricia, thanks for sharing =)

  33. Arnel says

    Thanks to JUN YUAN and GLENN TAN.

    Not to be biased. They have great experiences to share, too.

    Therefore, I am voting:
    1. JUN YUAN
    2. GLENN TAN
    3. Can I vote myself? If so, MYSELF. LOL

  34. John Yeo says

    hi, thank you for voting.

    the 3 winners with the most votes are
    Jun Yuan and Jackie with 6 votes each
    and Sherry with 5 votes.

    Congrats! pls email me your paypal email to claim your cash prize!

    Congrats again!


  35. piyush bhatta says

    1. courage 2 wisdom 3willpower

  36. piyush bhatta says

    1.jun yuan 2 john yoe 3 pamala dean

  37. John Yeo says

    Thanks piyush…the voting is over…hope u can vote next time for future contest =)

  38. Jun Yuan says

    Wow! I am really, really surprised to find out that so many of you guys voted for my comment… I’m indeed really touched… I want to sincerely say a very, very big thank you for all of you for your votes… I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I would like to say a very big thank you to John Yeo – Not only for holding this wonderful contest, but also for everything that you have imparted to me during the 2 day blog flipping bootcamp… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week everyone!

    Jun Yuan

  39. John Yeo says

    Thanks Jun Yuan and you are welcome!

    Got your paypal email to =)


  40. Jackie Paulson says

    This contest was so much fun. I wanted to say thank you for holding it for us. I am having problems with paypal, thus I wish to pass my winnings to someone on the list that has paypal. Thanks for voting!

  41. John Yeo says

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your email. =)

    Happy birthday to you!

    As discussed in the email. I will donate, on your behalf, to https://www.operationsmile.org.sg/miles4smiles/htm/milesforsmiles.html

  42. John Yeo says

    ok, Jackie..I have donated =)

  43. Sherry Seow says

    Hi dear ones!
    Many thanks for the votes. It came as a surprise to me!
    Hope everyone is inspired to move forward regardless of any changes for the remaining 2010 & for the new year 2011 to come!



  44. kalai J says

    hihi All..

    my vote is for:-

    1. Glenn Tan (if we don’t make effort for our family member…who will???) Great Start Glenn…keep it up..!!!

    2. Vi (Great mum who wants to fulfill her dreams). Go for it Vi…..may you feel great personal satisfaction when you fulfill your dreams….!

    3. Sherry Seow (anyone who is willing to change will excel in life.) Sherry, you’ve got the gift of patience to learn….adapt to changes that are necessary….may your dreams come true!

  45. tufail says

    you are very well

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