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“I got over $8000 in a month!”

Hi John,

I would like to compliment how great your latest training was!

I was just trying something new to do daily just with blogging and blog flipping, which is my main businesses.

You have explained to me all about offline marketing, and I must say that I have found an evergreen and very profitable niche!

Your lessons are so comprehensive and easy to understand and after I have read and memorised your techniques, I started visiting every shop I can possibly find on my own.

A fabulous experience, I got over $8000 in a month!

And now I can go to another city and duplicate this same strategy. In this way, I can get a revenue for the rest of my life!

Thanks John, you are a great man, and your techniques always work!

See you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni
Italy, Milan

“I made $1000 in 5 Days!”

(I made) $1000
$500 for Web design and $500 for 3 months SEO.

John, thanks for your encouragement.
Will be meeting another client next week.
Hope can close another one next week.

Allan Lim

Allan is not the only one who made money.
There are many more who made money.

One collected a $300 cheque on the 3rd day.
One collected $400 cash on the 4th day.
One more collected $100 on the 5th day.

You can read about other success stories of my students here

We sell no hype and zero fluff and we love to (K.I.S.S) keep it simple and sweet while delivering the maximum result for your investment.

So here  is a short description of the services I provide:

What Your 1-to-1 coaching Consists Of?

(The following services include personal coaching, market strategy design, action plan, short term and long term goals for the entire coaching process)

My business is in these 4 areas and I will be teaching you what have worked for me and my business:

– Offline consulting for local businesses

– Niche blogging and making affiliate commissions

– Building Authority site for local lead generation

– Blog flipping and selling the blogs you created for a profit

Contact me now for your customised coaching programme.

* * *

My coaching is not the cheapest around and it may sound expensive but I can guarantee you that if you can afford it, you will move on further from where you are today in terms of income and your business development.

I can only accept 2 individuals or companies per month because I want to focus on the individuals I am guiding.

I was always in top 10 (or top 5) in internet marketing contests against some of the BIG Names and my students have achieved success within a short time (as proven by their testimonials).

I have a very rigorous screening and don’t accept anyone who applies. Just wanted to let you know that up front. The reason is because many people have good intentions but don’t really have what it takes to go through my program.

So don’t take it the wrong way if you are not accepted. We want to provide real value to our customers who paid for our service.

Plus, the coaching program is very intensive.

You can contact us by using our contact form or send me an email >>> askjohnyeo @ for your application so my team can help you with your application

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More Testimonials:

“Hey John,

Here ya go:

I am brand new to the internet marketing world. After reading John’s ebook, I decided to start my internet business with a blog. They say that the success of a business is determined by the team you have and I could not have a better mentor and friend in my corner than John.

John has an amazing ability to explain how to do things in great detail. He will take the time to explain how and why things are done, all while being patient and understanding. There is a certain comfort in knowing that help is only an email away. Not only is it priceless to have someone to ask for help, it gives me all the more confidence in growing my business having John on my side. You will have to quit on yourself before John will quit on you. As long as your willing to work, I know John will always be there to help.

Here’s to many successes in the future.

As always thank!”

Brandon Schmid
Brandon Schmid
Angulus Marketing Ltd

* * *

“I was recommended to John and when I saw his wedding blog, I was very impressed and motivated to start my own blog.

The advice given is detailed, easy to follow on a step-by-step basis.

John has a very positive attitude and always encouraging me to achieve greater levels in my work. He is also very patient in his explanations, and takes pain in making sure that I understand completely.

I’m able to save alot of time in developing my blog, and allowing me to achieve faster progress in my work as a result of his advice. This is a great benefit to me as I do not have the luxury to “trial and error” on my work, and hence time is of essence to me. John’s mentoring has benefited me greatly on this.

John is very hardworking and efficient, and very innovative as he launches new products periodically. His success is a role model for me, and most importantly, he is willing to share his secrets of success.

I’m a personal trainer myself in Fitness and I definitely know the benefits of having somebody guiding you. In order to achieve your success in the shortest time possible, I will vote with my feet that John will deliver his promise to take you up to the next level.

Thanks alot John!”

Melvyn Goh
Fitness Trainer

* * *

“John tells things as it is – no fluff and no bluff. He is straight-to-the-point and he tells you what I need to know. One thing I find helpful in the given advice by John is 100% practical and implementable.

John is very proactive and he has no qualms helping people. In fact I wonder how he could manage all his stuff when he is always taking the initiative to open up a conversation and looking at things to help me with.

One way I have benefited from the advice given is that I had a better view of the blueprint for online success. I now know what to do next and my path is much clearer.

John gave me lots of tips on improving my software and many customers are very happy with my recent upgrade!

I used to think that Internet Marketers are selfish. I think John is the only one who has proven me wrong again and again.

Definitely a great coach, friend and person to work with. He holds no information behind and he will make you wonder if Internet Marketing is really that straightforward and easy.”

Dominic Tay
Dominic Tay
Software Writer

* * *

“Hi John,

What I like about your style of communicating with your partners is that you are very patient. You are a good listener too. You really help me to concretise my business ideas and now I am clearer of my business direction.

I also find you as someone who is very willing to help and generous in sharing your knowledge and this really motivated me to start my business. I even started my own blog writing and book.

One overall thought I have after working with you during all these times is that you are hardworking and astute. Thank you! =) ”

gwen shuling
Gwen Goh
Image Consultant

* * *

“I have been working with Mr John Yeo for almost a year now and it has been a great experience working with him. He has an excellent style of communication, and is always available if I need any advice, and he also explains everything in a detailed and organized manner.

He is also extremely humble in his attitude, never showing any form of arrogance despite his achievements. Although his advice and teachings have helped me in many ways, one things that stands out his when he advised me on how to get traffic to my blogs.

After taking his advice and applying, I was able to see a significant rise in the daily number of visitors to my website. Overall, I regard him as someone who has great knowledge, experience, as well as skill, and also someone who is confident of what he is doing.

I highly recommend him to any individual or company in need of a capable mentor or advisor. ”

Warrior Forum Member

* * *

“I have been partnering John for the past few months and I must say that John is always honest and sincere when he speaks to you, so it’s always a pleasure to communicate with him.

One admirable point about John is that he never hides anything from you. He always tells you what to do and what not to do based on his online experience, with nothing help back. One thing I like about him is that he is straightforward, courteous and willing to go all out to help a friend.

I’ve managed to triple the traffic to my blog in as little as one month’s time by just using a tip provided by John. Now, my blog has more viewership and I experienced increased online earnings from my blog.

One overall thought I have before ending off is that John is a kind and thoughtful person who listens to what you say. Great chap I should say!

Thanks John! ”

Benrick Soh
Assistant Managing Director
Net Media Revolution LLP

* * *

“I knew John for more than a year. When I just getting to know him, both me and him were still learning about internet marketing. His determination and his commitment made him into who he is today.

Today, John not only provides constructive ideas in helping me how to succeed in internet marketing, he shares all his secrets to success in this field.

John is someone who makes it work and with his constant and never-ending guidance, I’m sure that everyone who learn from him will achieve greater success in the internet marketing industry.

If you are serious and looking for the right guru in this field, he’s definitely the right person for you!”

Shawn Lim
Shawn Lim
Internet Marketer

* * *

“I communicate with John on a daily basis via email which is very good for me as i can draft my questions throughout the day before sending. John never fails to reply and many times even past midnight. This is his high level of commitment to his clients which is rare in internet marketing.

John’s advice are always well structured and easy to follow steps and he has lots of materials like reports & videos to help you along.

One thing i like about him is he is always very assuring, humble and encouraging. No questions are too trivial as he answers everything best to his knowledge.

With John’s advice, I am able to define a business direction and roadmap for my site. Best of all is his strategies can be applied for other sites as well. After applying just a few simple traffic generation strategies, i have seen my visitors increased significantly and my list of subscribers growing.

To sum things up, John is a sincere and honest person who walks the talk and delivers. Thanks John for all your help.”

Edwin Seow
Edwin Seow
Internet Marketer

* * *