800% ROI in only 4 days for Blog Flipping Coaching!!!

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Last week, we had our blog flipping coaching class and it has been an AWESOME experience!

One of our students, John Tan diligently carried out what we covered during the 2 days coaching program and 4 days later, he has made over US$750!

Here is how he did it!

The thing is he just sold 2 blogs and he has followed the other selling techniques we have taught during the coaching session.

Some of the selling techniques include selling MORE stuff to the buyers to meet their needs.

And he is going to make US$1000 really soon! At this rate, he may be able to make over USD$3000 within a month (and that is possibly more than the salary of a 9-to-5 job)

Who says working from home is hard and you need a long time? :p

This amazing guy did it within 4 days and spending only about 2 hours a day!

The best thing is his cost price for blogs set up is around $70 and
that is over 800% Return On Investment (ROI)!!!

Well done John Tan!



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      11 Responses to “800% ROI in only 4 days for Blog Flipping Coaching!!!”

      1. Misako says

        This goes to show that if a student pays close attention to his teacher, he will be a success. Inspiring indeed!

      2. John Tan says

        It’s been a great pleasure learning from John and his team of coaches. They have taught me all the secrets to success in blog flipping; they did not hold back on any secrets and techniques that they know. They also replied to my questions promptly and quickly in a private forum and through email, which shows their sincerity in supporting and helping me to succeed. Thank you John, Aloysius, Benrick and Nicholas!

        P.S. Don’t wait! Sign up for John’s Blog Flipper’s Coaching Course now. He’ll make sure you succeed. Trust me, it’s doable! Anyone who can use a computer and surf the net can do it! =D

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      4. John Yeo says

        Hi Misako, John Tan is also very willing to learn and he took action!

        Hi John, thanks for the compliment! You deserve the success! =) Congrats again!

      5. andrew says

        Congrats to John on the success of your seminar and congrats to John Tan, you are on your way to success !

      6. Irish says

        Congratulations to John too!

        I personally attended the class too and I would say it is very resourceful and anyone can learn the tricks and strategies to flipping a blog within a few hours as long as you follow the guides closely and apply it!

        Thanks for the sharing!

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      8. Aljiro says

        Awesome progress. Just goes to show how awesome a mentor John is. 🙂

      9. John Yeo says

        Hi Colin, thanks for your kind words

        Colin Wang says: Oh John Yeo is the best internet marketers in Singapore. He is upright and honest. And freely share all info with us. He does not promise that we will make a lot of money overnight after course.

        He only promise that if we work hard we can earn US$1500 a month pretty soon. We need more internet marketers like John. I highly recommend anyone interested to learn internet marketing. Please attend John Yeo workshop. You will not regret it. You may not be rich overnight. But you will make money soon enough, if you put in effort

      10. Shawn Tay says

        Just made a USD$296 revenue 2 days ago by selling a blog with a net profit around USD$200! Can’t wait to get my second blog going!


        What you will learn at Blog Flipping Coaching is not only detailed step-by-step to earning money through blog flipping, but literally CLICK-by-CLICK.

        And if you happen to miss a click or mis-click, he and his team will make sure you get back to the right clicks!

      11. John Yeo says

        Hi Shawn,

        Thanks for your compliment and congratulation to your success!

        I am sure you are making more money soon!


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