1 Blog Flipped And Sold For US$400!

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Today, I have received a piece of wonderful news from one of my students, Alessandro.

He has managed to flip and sell his blog for a profit…

He sold it for US$400 and this is the second blog he has sold for a HUGE Profit!

In fact, anyone can be successful in blogging. And it takes time.

The question is how patient are you to wait for the Paycheck Day.

All of us make mistakes and the number one common mistake that many newbies made is that they gave up too early.

Tomorrow is the big paycheck and today he gives up.

My student, Alessandro did well. He took up my coaching since last year and he managed to build some profitable blogs.

There are 101 ways to make money from blogging…

3 common ways are
– selling other people’s products in your blogs,
– flipping (or selling your blog) as it matures
– and selling ads space (via Google ads or sponsored ads)

I am opening another blog flipping coaching and this is what I am offering:
– 5 emails coaching a day for 3 months (excluding weekends)
– 1 skype consultation at the end of each month to tie up loose ends of your blog
and to answer any question you have so you can move forward.

For my coaching style, I am a very systematic person. I will tell you this is what you need to do and here is how you can do it. Once you have finished step 1, I will then move on to step 2.

At the end of this coaching program, you are going to get:
– 6 active blogs created by you and you can choose to sell anyone of them for a profit (worth US$799!)
– 1 blogging course which belong to you so you can own your own product (worth US$579!)
– 1 blogging ebook which you own and you can promote it for a profit (worth US$699!)
– 1 joint venture with me so we can promote your product to our list (worth US$799!)
– future joint ventures with me (Priceless!)

Here is who this program is for:
Anyone who is committed to building a profitable blogging business and is determined to work very hard
to be successful.

This is program is not for you if:
– the price is off your budget
– you are not willing to spend at least 2 hours a day to work really very hard
– you are not discipline to follow the exact steps recommended by me

I want to be very clear here…I provide the strategy so this is the shortest path to flipping your blog and you follow my steps diligently and work on your blog.

Due to the complexity of this package, I’m only going to offer my service to the NEXT 3 PERSONS who subscribe, so you must hurry.

Normally I charge US$1997.

Well, I am not going to charge $1297.

I am going to charge $997 One-Time and I am ONLY accepting 3 students.

You can sign up here:
$997 payment
=> Click here to gain instant access!

or 3 monthly subscription at $397
=> Click here to gain instant access!

and I look forward working with you.

Once done, you can email me your paypal receipt
at askjohnyeo @ gmail.com

Looking forward to work with you.

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