BIG Bonus For End of the Year! – Blog Sold At US$597!

In the past, most people would not have believed that a completely new blog can be sold for more than $400.

For the past few weeks, I have been receiving many success stories from my students about how much money they are making by selling blogs. The selling price range from $400 to $600.

This week is a great week! A few days ago, a student shared that he has sold a new start-up iphone blog for US$527.

Today, another student emailed me about a new blog which he sold for US$597 (S$805)!!!

Congrats! And I am sure my students who attended the blog flipping coaching programme are going to share with you more success stories.

Apple Iphone Blog Sold For US$527 In 1 Day!

Blog flipping is the easiest way to make money, even for a newbie. I had posted a blog post sharing about a student who sold a blog for US$588 under 48 hours.

Today, I received another good news that another student sold his blog for US$527 within 24 hours!

Congrats Andrew!

SHOCKING! He Sold Another Blog for US$588 within 2 Days!


A student, Brian who attended our blog flipping coaching on 13th and 14th November has broken his $1000 mark yesterday, having sold his 2nd blog for US$588 (S$793)

Congrats to him!

And he is going to make more sales like this within the next few days!

Here is another guy who made US$397 while having his lunch!

He made US$397 while having his lunch

Hi, 2 days ago I posted about how these 2 methods are the easiest ways to make money from blogging and how this guy who sold his first blog for $397. Yesterday. he sold another one for the same price.

What is interesting is he made the sale while having his lunch and he was out relaxing and he was going to catch the movie – Megamind.

Here are his earnings report:

His revenue for this week is US$794! (about S$1,070)

His profit is going to cross $1000! (not forgetting he can sell more service to his customers)

Not bad for a 2 days’ effort and having freelancers to do your work and you just collect money.

Here is how he describer his overall experience:

“Yeah man! That’s the best part… Collecting all my “winnings” all sitting in front of my computer, with the fan blowing at me! LOL!”


P.S: I am having an Internet Marketing apprenticeship program. The duration of the program is 3 months (min) – 6 months (max).

We meet up on skype only once a week for assignments and can still work from home. Email me at askjohnyeo @ to sign up to be interviewed.

2011 is going to be a Profitable year for YOU!

2 Simple Ways of Making BIG Profits from Blogging

from masaaidhs


Over the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with different ways of making money from blogging to see which way will get the most profits within the shortest day.

The criteria is that it must be easy even for a newbie marketer.

Easy means you need to invest a reasonable amount of time and effort in building your business. Be realistic! There is no do-nothing-huge-profit business. (If you know, please let me know.)

The first one is selling blogs to small business companies. My Italian student Alessandro has successfully done it by knocking from door to door of shops in the city in Milan. His hard work paid off giving him $8000 of revenue in the first month.

His cost is only $9 for one domain. His profit – US$7991!
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She Finally Did It! $100 Profit for Her 1st Blog Sold!

You know I get asked alot on the success rate of our students making money from blogflipping after having attended our first coaching a few months ago in August.

Well, at this point in time, those who did work and had diligently followed our steps did make money.

So the success rate is 100%!

Now is 12.05am and half an hour ago, one student of mine, Sherry emailed me that she had managed to successfully sold her first blog plus selling more of her services to the buyer.

She made a profit of over $100 for her FIRST attempt!

And yes, she took longer than the rest to make money. BUT still she made it!

When she first attended our coaching, she knew very little about blogging and faced alot of challenge when setting up a proper blog.

Her result is really impressive and within a few months, she had managed to sell her first blog for a profit.

Honestly, how many of us made a 3 figure profit when we first started off? I remembered I made a few cents from Google adsense…haha!

So if you are still struggling to make your first dollar online, you have no one to guide you and you are looking for a professional coaching programme to help you make your first 3 figure profit soon, you can sign up for our Blog Flipping Home Study Course.



My programme is getting such a high success rate (100%) and I am sure you can succeed too.

Now is 12.10am and I need to check out my private blog flipping forum to answer my students’ questions.

Yes, it is pretty late now but this is the commitment my team of trainers and I give to our students.

Have a great weekend!


18 Year Old Made US$297 for Less Than 1 Hour of Work– Student Interview #5

In this last interview, I am featuring an 18 year old gentleman who has made over US$200 for less than 1 hour of work and he did this while he was still schooling…I think he may be having lesson in classroom when the money was sent to him.

Making money online is certainly possible for anyone as you have seen that it has been possible for
– an army boy who made over US$1000 during his first 2 weeks,
– a stay-at-home dad who made money from home,
– a full time housewife who got approached by companies to redesign their blogs and
– an admin clerk who is planning to quit his job soon.

Read on to find out how he made money while he is still schooling.
(And remember to sign up at the link below so you can join our next upcoming coaching class in a few weeks’ time.)

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1. Tell us more about yourself and how you got to know this course

I’m a full time student and currently studying for my national A Levels examination. I’ve been reading a lot about Internet Marketing and have been trying to start my own online business for more than a year. I happened to come across John Yeo’s website through another link and have signed up for his newsletter. In one of his email newsletters, he promised $1000 in 1 month. I was fascinated!

2. Why did you sign up for the course?
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