2 Fastest (And Easiest) Ways to Make Money Online

from ravsitar

Recently, I did meet up with my students and we discussed about a very common topic which everyone loves to discuss about.

What is the fastest (and easiest) way to make money?

Won’t you want to know? If yes, read on.
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Private Coaching and Apprentice Program [Now Open!]



I am opening up another 2 more slots for my Private Coaching Program,

In this Coaching program, I am going to teach you the 4 methods which I am personally applying and making money from:

1. Product creation – you will get to create and have your own product

2. List building – you get to have your own list of subscribers who you can sell to

3. Blog flipping – you get to build and manage a blog of your favorite topic and make money from it
Plus, you will learn how to flip and sell it for a profit.

4. Facebook marketing – you get to leverage on the power of Facebook and get a list of loyal fans supporting you and possibly, buying from you

I will cover one topic every 3 months so that by the end of the 12 months, you are skilled in using these 4 methods and have more than one income stream.

I will support you for 12 months.

If you’re looking for a complete business system for creating consistent monthly income stream while working from home starting from the beginning of 2011, this paid Private coaching is the one for you!

The seats are very limited and there are only 2 slots left.

So if you are sure this program is the right one for you,
sign up now by emailing me at askjohnyeo @ gmail.com to apply.


P.S Bonus for this month – I have included another business model – offline consulting in the coaching which has made my student US$8000 within 30 days.

P.P.S. All applicants will have to go through my interview phase.

P.P.P.S. Check out the 22 posts with testimonials and track records of my students!

Plus the product launches I have successfully helped in and I am always in the top 10 among other bigger players.

How Bloggers Can Make 4 Figures Per Month!

Hi, I know that for the fact that you are reading this post, you are possibly looking for some ways to bring in more income so that you can either work less in your office or quit your job totally.

Working from home is possible and I am sure you can achieve your dream eventually.

And once you know of the shortest short-cut, you will be able to reach where you want to be within the shortest time.

Right now I am going to show you 5 simple steps that you can follow easily and start making 4 figures each month. (and you can quit your job!)

If you have a blog, you can easily leverage on your blog to achieve more success.

If you do not have any blog, it is ok too. You can always have a blog later on once you have done this step.

I assure you that this method will require the least time, least effort and least resources from you.

You will need to get the basic stuff such as a paid hosting and a domain from godaddy.com

Are you ready? “LET’S GO!!!
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Present Like Steve Jobs

from jikeb

The most expensive internet marketing
product is a ticket to an Internet
Marketing conference or seminar where you
get to learn from very experienced
Internet marketers.

Internet marketers like Edmund Loh of PLR Gold
has sold his product in seminars too. (and
one day, I am going to be like him.)

Each ticket can be sold at a whopping
US$4997, depending on the scale of the seminar
and who the guest speakers are.

So, if you have followed my post on 21 product ideas for
your product creation, you should be training
right and upgrading your presentation skills now
so that you can be a more persuasive speaker
when you promote your high ticket IM product.

How well you can present and persuade shows how
high your sales conversion is!

I have always admired Steve Jobs and he is
a really convincing speaker.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

21 Simple Product Ideas For Your Products

personal power.
from happeningfish/


If you really want to succeed online, beside
being able to make sales from blogging or affiliate
marketing, you need to own your product.

99% of those successful marketers who are earning
a living have their own products, ranging from US$7
to US$9997 per piece, be it an ebook or teleseminar
or home-study-books.

If you are reading this post right now, it shows that
you are interested in having your own product,
don’t you?

Product ideas can include services too and feel free
to use your creativity to create any kind of product
you want.

So, here are 21 product ideas:
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Product Marketing 101: Tip 1…Want to be a Super Affiliate With NO List?

road trip
from pedrovidigal


I was talking to a friend on being super affiliates for
joint venture partners and I feel there are some
useful pointers even newbies can start applying
and aim towards being one of the best affiliates.

So starting from this week, based on my experience
of being a super affiliate, I will be providing
a series of blog posts, high value info so that
you can immediately start to create your own
product and make your product line.

And with your product, you can path your route
of being one of a super affiliate like me.

So are you ready?

Here goes…

1. Build your list from ZERO and UP.
A list is the most important aspect of a business.
I have learnt from an experienced internet marketer
that you can sell your business, but you can always
have your list to fall back on.
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Email Interview #23: Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi there. I’m Desmond Ong from DesmondBlog.com. I’m currently staying in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t have a specific area of IM expertise but I am widely known as a site flipping expert, product launch expert and niche marketing expert.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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