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When setting up a business for your offline consulting, it is important to remind yourself not to work yourself to death.

Many small business offline consultants that I know are working 12 to 18 hours a day to fulfill orders. They range from designing blogs to building backlinks for their customers’ blogs. For every project that they have completed, they take on another way and continue working to help their customers.

There is nothing wrong with this system, only if you really working and would rather spend time working than travelling or doing other things you enjoy more.

In today’s blog post, I would like to share with you a business system which can bring you passive income every month without you doing much work.

Well, perhaps you need to oversee the system and tweak it to be more efficient so you have even lesser work.

In the offline consulting niche, one has to understand that the purpose is to meet the need of your customers who are the business owners. Let’s narrow down and I personally prefer to work with small business owners mainly for these two reasons.

– Small business owners are either a one-man team or has a few staff and they can make decisions faster.
– Small business owners have many many tasks to handle daily and they are always more than delighted to have you coming in to help them and most of them really appreciate your help.

One of the needs of a small business owners is tight budget and they lack IT expertise. Even if they know how to set up a blog or site, they will not have time to do it because they have other prioritites such as fulfilling orders for their own customers.

So, imagine this, what if you can provide a service like this
– ready made site with ready content
– all you need to do is to change the contact to that of your customer
– you can help upload the images for your customers
– your customer can rent your blog and decide after a few months if having online presence works for him.

In my coaching, I have taught my student this method and he ended up making US$8000 in residual monthly income within 30 days. So anyone can easily do it, including you.

So what should you prepare now, even if you want to test it just for the next 30 days.

Remember now is the testing phase and you got to keep your cost low.

You need to have a reliable hosting such as Hostgator. Use the coupon code “1centoffernow” to try it for just one cent for the next 30 days.

Next, you can use free WordPress themes. There are tons of them. All you need to do is to Google “cake + free wordpress themes” if you are targeting home bakers. If you are targeting dentists, Google “dentist + free wordpress themes”.

Set up a blog and add about 2 to 3 pages so that there is content on your blog.
If you want to add more pictures, use stock free images.

Now, let’s work out the Maths.

Renting a blog at $100/ month with all the following services
– changing of contacts
– adding customer’s content such as text and images

To make $5000 a month, all you need to find 50 customers.

Here are some places you can find customers
– Yellow Pages
– Chamber of Commerce
– Groupon
– Business Directories

Next, changing contacts and uploading content are considered as eazy low level jobs and you can hire
a part time freelancer at about $400/ month to do it for you.

So you will still have $4600 passive month every month and there is no need for you to do much work.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts by leaving your comment below.

Email Interview #32: Stuart Tan

In this new email interview, I am delighted to feature one of my mentors who has helped me alot in starting my Internet marketing business back in 2006.

His name is Stuart Tan. He is an excellent coach and he has been my role model all these while.

* Start of Interview *

1. Please share with my readers who you are and what nature of business you are running.

I’m a trainer and the Executive Director of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. I primarily do coaching and training of corporate managers and executives.

2. What motivates you to create your business?

We started in 2002 and have built a sizable business over the years due to a positive combination of teamwork. Our main desire is to empower and develop people in as many ways as possible ranging from children to adults.

3. Were there any challenge you face along the way? Please share one which almost stop you from pursuing your dream.
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2 hours day – Are You Committed To Your Plan?

from nattu


I was talking to a fellow subscriber on Skype a few days ago.

Just a month ago, he did not know much about internet marketing. He was trying a few stuff online and didn’t make much money from the things he did.

Amazingly, he made over a $1000 in 2 weeks later and I asked him about his secrets in making things worked for him.

He did not say much about the money-making method he is using.
He did not say much about what he has been doing.
He did not say much about the tons of materials he has.

So what did he say?
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Email Interview #30: Merry Riana

Today, I am pleased to have the honor of posting the email interview I did with a millionaire in Singapore. She made her first million when she was 26!!!

Coincidentally, she is the wife of my very good friend, Alva which I met in a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner course 8 years ago.

While reading her replies and after exchanging a few emails with her, I learnt many positive attributes from this inspiring lady. One of them is she is really humble and she is really quick in agreeing and replying my email.

I hope you can too, as you are reading this post, be inspired by this young entrepreneur and follow your own dream.

* Start of Interview *

1. Please share with my readers who you are and what nature of business you are running.

Merry Riana, Founder and Chairlady of Merry Riana Organization, made her first million when she was 26 years old. After graduating from Nanyang Technological University with a $40,000 study loan debt, zero capital and no network, she dived into a career in sales. Relying on pure determination, hard work and a positive attitude, Merry astounded her chosen sales industry by breaking many achievement records and setting new ones. In four short years after University she earned her first million dollars.
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Featured as One of the Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers

Hi, I am very honored to be featured in one of the very brilliant and highly successful internet marketers’ personal blog as one of the top 10 Internet Game Changers who have gone from zero to hero within 4 years.

His name is Edmund Loh and he is the King of Private Label Rights.

When I did my series of email interviews of highly successful Internet marketers, he was the first one to agree to help me. Then, I was really a new player in the field of Internet Marketing.

You can check out his email interview here.

Honestly, I felt that I am just an ordinary guy who is very determined to succeed in this field. It is not easy but the success can be guaranteed – only if you worked damn hard and never look back.

You can check out the other successful internet marketers who I have highly admired too and I thank them for their friendship too.

1. Khai Ng
2. Aurelius Tjin
3. Ian del Carmen
4. Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin
5. Jonathan Teng
6. Semmy Wijayanto
7. Stephen Luc
8. Peng Joon
9. Elle Wong
10. and lastly, myself. ;p

You can check out the whole post at
=> Internet Marketing Game Changers: How 10 Ordinary People Went From Zero To Hero In 4 Years

Email Interview #28: Violet Lim

Hi, my series of email interview is BACK!!!

For this new series, I am interviewing local entrepreneurs. And the questions will be based more on “Mindset of Entrepreneurs”.

From my own experience, striving to be successful for online and offline businesses requires you to have a strong mindset.

* Start of Interview *

1. Please share with my readers who you are and what nature of business you are running.

[Violet:] I am Violet, happily married with two wonderful kids and I am a professional matchmaker.

2. What motivates you to create your business?
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5 Surefire Tips On Building Authority Online

from tropicaliving

Recently, I met my good friend Perry Lai on MSN chat and we did discuss about the topic on building authority. He will be doing a workshop soon and this post is for his subscribers and participants.


Hi, this post is about building your authority – from someone new to someone of authority.

It is not easy. There are many hurdles.

For me, back in 2006, I was a normal guy. (I am still is…:p)

I ventured into the world of make-money-online niche while everybody else was saying it was too saturated and it was impossible.

No one knows who John Yeo was. No one had ever heard of this name.

I knew these were true BUT I persisted on.

I guess I am the little fly which kept on flying while being swapped a few times.

Now, 4 years later, I managed to slice myself a piece of the big pie with my own list of subscribers (over 12,000!) and my own line of blogging products.

This is how I did it…this is my secret…
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