My Cool Button – Free Buttons Generator For Web 2.0 Blogs

my cool buttons generator

Just a moment ago, my student Brandon in my coaching program asks me for free resource to create Web 2.0 buttons for his blog.

I was searching in Google intensely. After 1 hour of search, I managed to find one which is definitely very useful.

You can create any button of any color in the website and save it as picture file ( png format ). And you can use it for your personal blog.

There are over 50 fonts available and you can key in whatever text you want in the buttons.

Just click on “Modify me!” to download your customised button. =)



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Here are 4 other useful resources which my Warrior friends shared with me

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Uploading Photos into Your WordPress v.2.7 Blog

abstract photo
from pensive relfections

Below is our Video Tutorial on how I have added the photo above.

“Do give it some time for the video to load”

Add Images In WordPress Post

Step 1:

Places you can have copyright free pictures is

copyright free pictures photos

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Website for Copyright Free Images

from ilinass

Images always add an impact to your post. So always make sure you add related photos to your content.

Here are some resources where you can download royalty free photos.

To position the images, you can use

<left></left> , <right></right> or <center></center>

To add images, you should use


To hyperlink them, you can add <a href=””></a>

A full example will be:

<center><a href=”><img=””></a></center>