Understanding Your Strength & Weakness

from stevecollins

Normally before I start telling what my students what to do for their blogging journey, I will ask them what their strengths and interests are.

Many times Internet Marketers who have a relatively fair bit of experience will tell newbies that they should do “this” and “that”.

But they forgot to tell them how they should do it the best way they can and how can they best leverage on their strengths and interests.

Why do I always start off by asking them about their interests and strengths?

It is definitely not to judge them. We being humans are in no position to judge anyone if they are going to be successful or not.

So having understand my students’ interest and strength, it is best to discuss and come up with the best path which caters to these 2 aspects.

So while building their business empire, they can also enjoy what they are doing.