Niche Blogs Tutorial 1 – Choosing the Right Keywords

Hi, sorry for the delay in creating this step-by-step tutorial for creating niche blogs. Many things (both good and bad) have happened in my family these few weeks. First, my second daughter was born 6 weeks ago. Then she had high fever and was admitted to hospital last week.

Today she looks much better.

Next, one of my favorite uncles peacefully passed on in his sleep three days ago. He suffered heart attack. It was VERY shocking to me because he was still well last week and he drove us to the hospital last week. So right now, we were really busy at the funeral.

Even though I was very busy, I had an hour of resting time before helping out again and I decided to create this tutorial now, as promised.

As you know, we have been actively creating our network of niche blogs. Now we have hundreds of them. We work as a team and we had developed a more efficient system (after encountering many challenges, failures and difficulties.)

Though to set up the system is very hard, it is quite easy to manage it once it has been set up. I will do my best to explain as clearly as possible. If you have any question, feel free to post in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

In short, there are 5 steps to this system.

1. Niche research – done by me and my partner

2. Site set up and content creation – done by my virtual assistants

3. On-page and off-page seo – done by my virtual assistants

4. Maintenance and tracking of keywords performance – done by me and my partner

5. Selling earning blogs to our customers – done by me and my partner

Now, to start off explaning “Niche research”, here are the 7 steps which we have followed closely to generate hundreds of niche blogs so that we can flip them after they are earning revenue.


In fact, the list of top selling products (known as best sellers) is already available in a big online library. Check out, one of the largest online market places. Search for 10 popular products ideas from Amazon Best Sellers.

You can research on anything that interest you. There are many niches (as shown on the left sidebar) that you can choose from. If you are a cycling enthusiast, you can consider bicycle niche. Or if you love computers, you can explore “Computers & Accessories” niche. Do spend an hour or two to check out some of these niches. You may be surprised by what will interest you.

Click on the links on the left side to explore more.


For this tutorial, let’s work on the cat’s niche. I love cats, so do my 2 year old daughter. I have specially selected this kitty camper based on two criterias. Firstly, I know cat lovers will invest in getting comfortable cat beds for their cats. Secondly, there are over 46 reviews shown and there is a rating of 4.5 given. So this is a pretty popular niche and people are buying them (and reviewing them too.)

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Niche Research #1: 6 FREE Google Tools You Should Use

from manfrys


I have received over 70 plus emails in the past 7 days asking on how to research a profitable niche.

And that is similar to receiving over 10 emails a day from my 11,000 email subscribers.

I was sharing with one of my friends that anyone can find a profitable niche online and
no niche is saturated.

The magic is you got to find the right keyword.
(With the right keyword, you get the right traffic.)
And to do that, you got to use the right tool.

Google has been really generous in these past 2 years, making many
tools free of charge so business owners wannabes like yourself
can start making money online right now…Yes, Right now!

As I have said many times, the right keywords must fulfil
the following 3 criterias:
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Email Interview #20: Winson Yeung

Winson Yeung

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi, my name is Winson Yeung. I am born in Hong Kong and came to Singapore at the age of 7 to study. My area of expertise is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Backlinks Building.
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Email Interview #18: Alvin Huang

Alvin Huang

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

My name is Alvin and I’m from Singapore. I run a full time search engine optimization consultancy called Savant Consultants. Our company services various multi-national companies and small to medium enterprises in my country.

In addition to that, my other company Mentis Marketing produces and markets our own self improvement products too. And more recently we have ventured into selling internet marketing products.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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Email Interview #15: Daniel Molano

Daniel Molano

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

My full name is Daniel Molano Fajardo, I am 22 years old and I am currently living in Mexico. I have also lived in Spain, England and Colombia to name a few. I will be travelling all over the world again, starting this summer of 2009.

I started Internet Marketing around June 2008. My main area of expertise is massive amounts of traffic generation, more specifically via SEO, article marketing, keyword research and e-mail marketing.

In short, I have perfected an authority site model which allows me and my clients to rank #1 in the search engines for any keyword within 3 months, regardless of competition, using a 100% white-hat approach.

For more information you can visit:

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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Get More Traffic By Setting The Keywords Right

build traffic
from gbenz

On last Friday, I have sent you an email with a step-by-step
guide on how to effectively use article marketing.

I have received many emails from some of you asking how
exactly do we know if we are focusing on the right keywords.

* * *

Keyword research:

Find a profitable topic…one good resources is
and also

Your keyword research should have these 2 basic criteria:

1. more than 300 searches per month


2. less than 20,000 competing sites when you do a google search in quotes.

=> use and remember to put in quotes eg: “keyword”

Choose a long tail keyword and use it for your domain name.,,
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Adding Affiliate Link

To cloak or hide your affiliate link, you can use a free service such as

tiny url

How to hyperlink a keyword:
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