Adding Affiliate Link

To cloak or hide your affiliate link, you can use a free service such as

tiny url

How to hyperlink a keyword:
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How To Embed YouTube Video In WordPress

Hi, many of you have asked this question: “How to embed a YouTube video in your post?”

I have selected a YouTube to show it to you.

To adjust the dimensions, go to the code and edit the numeral value >>> width=”425″ height=”344″

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Website for Copyright Free Images

from ilinass

Images always add an impact to your post. So always make sure you add related photos to your content.

Here are some resources where you can download royalty free photos.

To position the images, you can use

<left></left> , <right></right> or <center></center>

To add images, you should use


To hyperlink them, you can add <a href=””></a>

A full example will be:

<center><a href=”><img=””></a></center>