Niche Research #1: 6 FREE Google Tools You Should Use

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I have received over 70 plus emails in the past 7 days asking on how to research a profitable niche.

And that is similar to receiving over 10 emails a day from my 11,000 email subscribers.

I was sharing with one of my friends that anyone can find a profitable niche online and
no niche is saturated.

The magic is you got to find the right keyword.
(With the right keyword, you get the right traffic.)
And to do that, you got to use the right tool.

Google has been really generous in these past 2 years, making many
tools free of charge so business owners wannabes like yourself
can start making money online right now…Yes, Right now!

As I have said many times, the right keywords must fulfil
the following 3 criterias:
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FREE Blogging Report – Earn Your 1st $100 From Blogging

make your first 100 dollars by blogging Hi, as promised to you for being my loyal reader, here is a FREE Blogging Resource Report for you.

It has the entire blueprint of how I make US$3000 from my wedding blog.

You can download the report by opting in the opt in form below.


P.S: It comes with Master distribution rights and you can give it away, sell it or do whatever you want it.

Free Online Tool to Convert MS Word To PDF

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Many students in my blogging program have asked for a free tool to convert their MS word document to PDF format.

Why is it necessary?

This is because they are converting their MS Word document to a pdf ebook so that they can use it as a freebie for their readers to opt in.

You can get the free PDF converter tool from

If you want to know how to build your list, you can read Your Money Is In Your List

Have You Signed Up For Twitter Today? Tweet tweet

twitter john yeo jhongren

Are you missing out the fastest growing online community?

It is not Facebook. In fact, this online community is growing faster and faster each day and may one day just overtake Facebook as the number 1 social bookmarking site.
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My Cool Button – Free Buttons Generator For Web 2.0 Blogs

my cool buttons generator

Just a moment ago, my student Brandon in my coaching program asks me for free resource to create Web 2.0 buttons for his blog.

I was searching in Google intensely. After 1 hour of search, I managed to find one which is definitely very useful.

You can create any button of any color in the website and save it as picture file ( png format ). And you can use it for your personal blog.

There are over 50 fonts available and you can key in whatever text you want in the buttons.

Just click on “Modify me!” to download your customised button. =)



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Here are 4 other useful resources which my Warrior friends shared with me

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