Niche Blogs Tutorial 2 – Site Set Up & Content Creation

Thank you for your great feedback on our first tutorial – Niche Blogs Tutorial 1 – Choosing the Right Keywords I am glad that you find the step-by-step tutorial is very simple to follow and implement.

Just like mastering any other skill, you need to commit to 3 to 4 hours everyday to sharpen your keyword research skill. Researching keywords can be very frustrating but it gets easier with more practice. The reward is big once you find a low competition and high CPC keyword. =)

In this second tutorial, we are going to talk about how to set up a system for setting up your sites and creating your content. Remember, you are a business owner now. In order to make more money and work less, you need to work smarter.

The only way to achieve this is to set up a system which can even run without you and your only role is to manage it.

If you are planning to churn out a minumom of 100 blogs per month, I DO NOT recommend that you do everything by yourself. Even if you are new to blogging, you should try to set up a maximum of two to three blogs to have a feel how to go about doing it. This is to facilitate your training of your Virtual Assistants – your staff who are going to hire to do your work and you just manage them while oiling your system at times.



First, you need to know where to find your virtual assistants. They need to be reliable, efficient and honest.

I use to find my virtual staff. According to Wikipedia, oDesk is a company with a global job marketplace and a series of tools targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote workers.

Another great resource site is

For written content, I use The writers provide fast and good service. You can choose not to accept articles which do not fit your criteria.



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Start Ranking and Earning with Exact Match Domains

The number one common problem that most bloggers face is not able to generate traffic.

This is what most newbie bloggers will say “I have spent weeks and months working on my site and there is not even a single visitor to my site. I am toasted!”

If your site is not ranked for any keyword, then there won’t be any traffic or visitor going to your site.

However, this problem can be easily overcome by using this particular method which we teach all our students.

This method is called Exact Match Domains. (EMD)

After the Penguin algorthim update, EMD are still ranking very nicely indeed in Google’s search. In most instances, most of our domains are ranking in Google’s top ten for their related keyword phrase within a few days.

Once these sites are ranked well and traffic starts to flow in, their earning potential is HUGE!

Let’s work out the Maths.

If a EMD site is making $10 a month and you own 300 of such niche blogs, you will be making a nice comfortable figure of $3000 a month doing nothing after you have set up your sites to run on autopilot.

And now, you might be feeling worried because you know setting up 300 blogs is not an easy task…Not to worry, here is the simple system we have created for our niche blogs project.

Step 1: Research on suitable exact match domains using Keyword Canine.

Step 2: Buy the domains using

Step 3: Generate 1 Primary keyword and 4 Secondary keywords for each domain.
1 Primary keyword is for the main article of 800 words.
1 Secondary keyword is for the other articles which are about 500 words each.

Step 4: Allocate the content generation to your writers. (or if you enjoy writing and can write well and fast, you can do it.)

Step 5: Once the content is ready, the domains will be set up and the content will be sent to your virtual assistant to have the domains set up.

Step 6: Once the niche site is set up, another virtual assistant will take over the on-page and off-page seo.

Rinse and repeat the steps and you will soon have your 300 money-making niche blogs within a few months.

In the next post, I will be showing you exactly how our niche sites team will be setting up 20 blogs within 30 days and how you can easily do the same.

What kind of niche blog will you be starting off with? Share with us your idea on our Facebook wall.

Free Online Tool to Convert MS Word To PDF

blog carnival submitter contest

Many students in my blogging program have asked for a free tool to convert their MS word document to PDF format.

Why is it necessary?

This is because they are converting their MS Word document to a pdf ebook so that they can use it as a freebie for their readers to opt in.

You can get the free PDF converter tool from

If you want to know how to build your list, you can read Your Money Is In Your List

Have You Signed Up For Twitter Today? Tweet tweet

twitter john yeo jhongren

Are you missing out the fastest growing online community?

It is not Facebook. In fact, this online community is growing faster and faster each day and may one day just overtake Facebook as the number 1 social bookmarking site.
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My Cool Button – Free Buttons Generator For Web 2.0 Blogs

my cool buttons generator

Just a moment ago, my student Brandon in my coaching program asks me for free resource to create Web 2.0 buttons for his blog.

I was searching in Google intensely. After 1 hour of search, I managed to find one which is definitely very useful.

You can create any button of any color in the website and save it as picture file ( png format ). And you can use it for your personal blog.

There are over 50 fonts available and you can key in whatever text you want in the buttons.

Just click on “Modify me!” to download your customised button. =)



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Here are 4 other useful resources which my Warrior friends shared with me

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Creating Pages In WordPress

Step 1:

Log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard

wordpress admin dashboard
WordPress admin dashboard

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Add Images In WordPress Post

Step 1:

Places you can have copyright free pictures is

copyright free pictures photos

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