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For the past few months, I’ve been using my breakthrough method to sell brand new blogs at record fast time (within 3 days!)

Now get this right:

1) All the blogs are brand new with no traffic and minimal content.

2) So easy to create that even a ten-year-old kid can do it.

3) Each blog can fetch as high as $500 if you know how to do it (I’ll show you).

Just last year, I conducted 2 private workshops teaching people how to flip blogs using really simple techniques and I’m proud to say that it was a smashing success!

Close to 98% of my students have sold at least one blog after they attended my workshop.

Free Report: How To Earn An Easy 4-Figure Income Flipping Blogs

Hey everyone,

John here. It has been quite some time I have last updated my blog.

The reason is I am working on a new blog flipping membership programme for my customers. It will be out soon in 2 weeks’ time and I have a direct link to my free report on my blog flipping journey.

Here’s the link to my free report: (no optin required)

**Make sure you save the file (Right Click >> Save Link As) to your desktop as this URL will change.

(New update) New Coaching Slots Opened Now!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it and
please do let me know what you think.

I plan to publish more posts on blog flipping soon. So check back often.

Have a great day!


3 Easiest Blogging Ways To Fire Your Boss & Work From Home

from leefly

Hi everyone,

2011 is coming and some of you might be planning on how to quit your job by then. It is going to be a new start for you and making money online has never been easier.

To help you make money fast and easy, I am going to share 3 shortest shortcuts you can take now to help you build a sustainable monthly income.

(Shortcuts do not mean no work is needed to be done. Lots of works still have to be done but they can be easily accomplished.)

So what are the 3 easiest ways to start working from home?
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Private Coaching and Apprentice Program [Now Open!]



I am opening up another 2 more slots for my Private Coaching Program,

In this Coaching program, I am going to teach you the 4 methods which I am personally applying and making money from:

1. Product creation – you will get to create and have your own product

2. List building – you get to have your own list of subscribers who you can sell to

3. Blog flipping – you get to build and manage a blog of your favorite topic and make money from it
Plus, you will learn how to flip and sell it for a profit.

4. Facebook marketing – you get to leverage on the power of Facebook and get a list of loyal fans supporting you and possibly, buying from you

I will cover one topic every 3 months so that by the end of the 12 months, you are skilled in using these 4 methods and have more than one income stream.

I will support you for 12 months.

If you’re looking for a complete business system for creating consistent monthly income stream while working from home starting from the beginning of 2011, this paid Private coaching is the one for you!

The seats are very limited and there are only 2 slots left.

So if you are sure this program is the right one for you,
sign up now by emailing me at askjohnyeo @ gmail.com to apply.


P.S Bonus for this month – I have included another business model – offline consulting in the coaching which has made my student US$8000 within 30 days.

P.P.S. All applicants will have to go through my interview phase.

P.P.P.S. Check out the 22 posts with testimonials and track records of my students!

Plus the product launches I have successfully helped in and I am always in the top 10 among other bigger players.

Apple Iphone Blog Sold For US$527 In 1 Day!

Blog flipping is the easiest way to make money, even for a newbie. I had posted a blog post sharing about a student who sold a blog for US$588 under 48 hours.

Today, I received another good news that another student sold his blog for US$527 within 24 hours!

Congrats Andrew!

SHOCKING! He Sold Another Blog for US$588 within 2 Days!


A student, Brian who attended our blog flipping coaching on 13th and 14th November has broken his $1000 mark yesterday, having sold his 2nd blog for US$588 (S$793)

Congrats to him!

And he is going to make more sales like this within the next few days!

Here is another guy who made US$397 while having his lunch!

2 Simple Ways of Making BIG Profits from Blogging

from masaaidhs


Over the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with different ways of making money from blogging to see which way will get the most profits within the shortest day.

The criteria is that it must be easy even for a newbie marketer.

Easy means you need to invest a reasonable amount of time and effort in building your business. Be realistic! There is no do-nothing-huge-profit business. (If you know, please let me know.)

The first one is selling blogs to small business companies. My Italian student Alessandro has successfully done it by knocking from door to door of shops in the city in Milan. His hard work paid off giving him $8000 of revenue in the first month.

His cost is only $9 for one domain. His profit – US$7991!
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