Ask Campaign: All About Blog Flipping

from debbieliane

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It is weekend soon and I love weekends.

Weekend is a time you get to take a break away from your work and do things you enjoy such as spending time with your children and family or hanging out with friends and chit chatting.

As you know, I have success in blog flipping during the past few months and in June, we sold about 10 blogs at US$297 to $347 per blog.

As I was sharing all the various blog flipping posts sharing how do I sell the blogs and the tips to sell a blog at a high price, I did receive many emails from my valuable subscribers asking me various questions on blog selling/ flipping.

Thus, to benefit everyone else, I am marking this month, July as “Blog Flipping” month.

You get to ask me question on blog flipping. You can ask me any question and any number of questions.

This “Ask Campaign” will last for 7 days and I will compile your questions.

For the next 3 weeks or so, I will post content related to your questions.

Why am I doing this?
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Success Stories

from ilinas


If you are already making money and you want to make more, read on.

This is a personal invitation to those of you who have been making money and would like to bring your blog or site to the next level.

I am going to coach you…so you can make MORE MONEY!

Here is what you will get!
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Your Top 2 Challenges In Blogging

from 14103848@N02


Making money from blogging will get easy, eventually.

Those who are consistent in taking a step a day will succeed one day…Guaranteed!

Meanwhile, you may be facing many problems while developing your blog from an empty domain to a powerhouse blogging platform with HUGE traffic coming in. And inevitably, with money flowing into your pocket.

So meanwhile, I would like to cater my next few blog posts to address the TOP 2 challenges you are facing while developing your blog…and possibly using some of your blogs as case studies so all of you will learn and apply it to your blog.

From my experience, the problems fall in a few key categories such as:
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Ask Campaign (All About Blogging)


from eleaf


I want to hear from YOU! =)

I would like to get to know your No. 1 challenge which is stopping you from blogging…or bringing your blog to the next level of success…

The problems can be grouped into these few common categories:
(this list should help you articulate out what may possibly be your challenge… )
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Ask Me A Question About Article Marketing & Win A Prize – 3 Lucky Winners!

from dreamincolour

Thanks everyone for submitting your questions… There
are over 60 questions submitted!

My team and I had a hard time selecting the winners.

Here are the winners.
1. Sam
2. Brandon Schmid
3. Jennifer Gait

I will email you to let you know how to download your product.


As for the questions, we will compile the questions and notify you
when we have replied them. =)

If you are looking for a really good article marketing book,
I recommend this resource.


If you have a blog and you are not receiving much traffic, you are now reading the right post.

If you are looking for very targeted traffic and have no idea where to get them, you are in for a treat.

In this blog post, I am going to reveal to you how I make US$45 within a day and this is going to be the part where you are going to learn more about traffic generation.
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