Merry Christmas to You!

from duaneschoon


2010 is coming to an end and I guess some of you could be busy preparing for this important festive days.

I have been asked what my Christmas wish is. My wish is to spend more time with my family. Simple.

I guess my wish is not important…really.

What really is important is what your Christmas wish is.

It could be getting that branded bag you see in the shopping mall lately.

It could be simply being able to talk to your parent more.

It could be having an online business to replace your income.

The possibility of wishes is endless…

No matter what your wish is. I am sure you are going to get it as long as you continue to fight for it. Or some of you already have them – Yeah! Early Christmas gift!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family Merry Christmas!

You can also share with me your Christmas wish in the comment box below.

Featured as One of the Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers

Hi, I am very honored to be featured in one of the very brilliant and highly successful internet marketers’ personal blog as one of the top 10 Internet Game Changers who have gone from zero to hero within 4 years.

His name is Edmund Loh and he is the King of Private Label Rights.

When I did my series of email interviews of highly successful Internet marketers, he was the first one to agree to help me. Then, I was really a new player in the field of Internet Marketing.

You can check out his email interview here.

Honestly, I felt that I am just an ordinary guy who is very determined to succeed in this field. It is not easy but the success can be guaranteed – only if you worked damn hard and never look back.

You can check out the other successful internet marketers who I have highly admired too and I thank them for their friendship too.

1. Khai Ng
2. Aurelius Tjin
3. Ian del Carmen
4. Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin
5. Jonathan Teng
6. Semmy Wijayanto
7. Stephen Luc
8. Peng Joon
9. Elle Wong
10. and lastly, myself. ;p

You can check out the whole post at
=> Internet Marketing Game Changers: How 10 Ordinary People Went From Zero To Hero In 4 Years

Happy Mother’s Day!

from raenbow


I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

I know this is a special day for all mothers. In fact, 365 days should be Mother’s Day because ever since our baby girl was born, I have personally experienced that taking care of a baby from day 1 is NEVER easy!!!

I had sleepless nights; I know all mothers had.

I had been constantly worried about her; I know all mothers do.

I had been wanting to provide her the best; I know all mothers want this.

I know it is not easy. Being a stay home mom (or dad) is very challenging!

Everything we do revolves around the little angel.

I am very impressed when a subscriber, mother of 5 told me how she still have personal time for herself.

5 Kids!!!
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My Blog Has A New Makeover!

Hi, you may realise there is something different about my blog today… :p

I am proud to introduce the new John Yeo Blog. “Wohohoho!!

My blog has a fresh look and it is inspired by family members, my wife and baby…I started my blogging business a year and a half ago so I can be a stay-at-home-dad just to take care of my girl.

I just wanted to remind myself of the purpose of my business whenever I read or write in my personal blog. And that is why you see the many lovely pictures of my family.

One of my mentors have taught me to always remind yourself the purpose of making a difference in your life. If there is no strong reason to live our life differently, we going to be like any other normal human being who follows a daily routine of working, sleeping and working.
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Which Blog Design Do You Like More?

Design 1


Design 2


I’m improving the design of my John Yeo Blog in a few weeks’ time. Need your help – which design do you prefer and why?

We Have A Baby Girl!

2nd update on 20 March 2010, Satrday.


First of all, I want to thank you for sending me your blessings and congratulations!

I have received More than 70 comments in this blog post alone!

Time is tight when I need to juggle playing time, feeding time and working-from-home time.

But it is fun trying to the cope to the best I can.

Here are 2 more photos which I love to share with you.

My first bottle feeding…on 20th March 2010, Saturday

my happy and very satisfied baby

Things will get more settled down next week as this week, I am trying my best to be the best papa I can be.

I am glad my family is very supportive.

Have a great weekend! And go spend time with your family!


* *

My first day as a daddy…. >.<

My Baby Girl! Happy Birth Day!

After spending 2 days in hospital, I felt quite tired. Our baby girl was born yesterday in the morning.

Looking into her eyes, I marveled at how her pretty she is, how serene she looks and how cute her cheeks are.

I started smiling at her, singing her “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” & “Happy Birth Day” as how I had sang to her when she was in the womb and without any conscious effort, I felt my eyes become teary.

This innocent little face is all my reason why I have started my online business.
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Chinese New Year Greetings + My Baby Girl


from pelayolacazette


This is going to be a short and meaningful post. “I promise 🙂

In less than 12 hours’ time, we are going to journey into the year of the Tiger.

According to Chinese belief, there are 12 zodiac animals.

This Tiger year has extra meanings to me. It is a fearsome and majestic animal,
and at the same time, confident, carring and always protective over its offspring
and family members.

My Baby Girl Is Coming Soon:

When I have decided to invest in my online business, there is only one reason
which made me decide.
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