My Personal Thoughts On Working From Home

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In this post, I will share with you 2 things.

Number 1: My Blogging journey – from rags to $$$
Number 2: How you can get your blog set up and maintain by us?

>>> My Blogging journey – from rags to $$$:

Being able to work from home is what most people would love to.

No more waking up early in the morning to work…
No more squeezing in the jam-packed train or bus…
No more facing the boss who we dislike (or sometimes even hate)…

Is this what you are going through right now?

If you are reading this post, there could be a part of your daily working life which you are not happy about.

Who isn’t?

There is always a urge to get out of the rat’s race so you can do something you like and enjoy life.

Is it a dream? Is it a hope?

It can be real for you and it is possible. I have seen it, walked it and now, let me show you how.

Honestly, working from home is more challenging than working in the office.

There is a structure for you. Your boss tells you to do this and you do this. Your portfolio revolves around that and you just have to do just that.

There is no need to think much. You just need to do as you are told.

If you work from home, you are your own boss. You need to decide what you need to do and how much time you are going to do it. Your are the controller of your own time. You tell yourself when to work and when to rest.

It may seem daunting. “I still remember once I slept the whole day and ended up doing nothing. Yes, I procrastinated.

But the returns will come to you in many folds.

Yes, you get to make more money in your home wearing pajamas.
Yes, you get to have more time to rest at home or spend more time with your family.
Yes, you get to have more time to do what you love…

Many people have done it and it is possible. Yes, it is possible for you to work from home.

And now you have the chance to get Ready Made Blogs and possibly make income like what we are making while working from home.

Blog Maintenance Program

I call it my special “Blog Maintenance Service“!

Here’s what you get:

1 ) One FREE domain of your choice
2 ) FREE monthly hosting for your blog
3 ) Setup of WordPress blog and upgrade to latest version
4 ) Choice of hundreds of blog theme designs to choose from
5 ) Installation of super-cool plugins for your blog

6 ) Writing of 8 blog posts per month, or 2 blog posts of 450 words each
per week
7 ) Writing of 2 spin articles for them per month and distribute
to more than 500 blogs and article directories to build backlinks
and improve search engine ranking
8 ) Recommendation of affiliate programs you can join and include
in your blog so you can earn residual income month after month!

For all the out-of-this-world service above, I could be charging
premium prices for that, BUT..

I’m NOT going to charge $297 for it..


Well, I’m NOT even gonna charge $197


Listen carefully, for all these fabulous services,
you’ll only have to pay a measly $147 a month!

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27 Responses to “My Personal Thoughts On Working From Home”

  1. Peggy Baron says

    Hi John,
    Working from home is much more fun. I like working my own hours, and it’s nice to be able to put the kids first when I need to. But sometimes I think I’m harder on myself than any boss would be. 🙂


  2. Karen Hutton says

    Hi John

    Agree totally re the benefits of working from home. Yes, it does involve hard work but at least it’s ENJOYABLE hard work and all the hard work is more than made up by the amount of freedom that working from home brings. I love it 🙂


  3. Johnny Karrax says

    Hi John,

    Great income from 6 days 🙂

    I really don’t understan your Service.

    You do all the work for the $97 per month? I mean the article,….

    Pleas reply!


  4. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, your words are really trustable, because having an home job is hundreds of time better than go to work every single day of your life.

    You can set your times, you can get a pause when ypu need,and when you start to build a list of subscribers and to have a great income, you can think to holidays.

    Your “Blog Maintenance Plan” is one of the best I’ve ever seen online, and if you try to ask to any other Internet Marketers the price will go up to ten times, really !

    I hope you get hordes of orders, because you are a kindly person, very able in blogging and blog maintenance.

    Thanks for all, and have a good day !
    Alessandro Zamboni

  5. John Yeo says

    @Johnny, we do the articles and keyword research for you. =)

  6. JOHN WRIGHT says

    Yes my dear friend,right now I could no way afford the $97.00 a
    month, but maybe down the road.Could you possibly tell me how to
    get and set up an RSS feed to my web site? Everything is taking
    so long to set up and get an income coming in.The ws website
    sounded like a good idea at the time, but I don’t know now.That is the problem with no experience=no knowledge.Also I have a site
    in Resellers rights weekly, and it is sitting doing nothing also.
    Guess I should get something right one of these days.Your blog
    sure looks great.Of course you have many experience on me.

  7. Don Friesen says

    I’ve recently retired and am enjoying it. Now I want to bring in an additional income stream for working from home. I believe your blog maintenance service is just what I’ve been looking for. This is a great opportunity to piggy back on your blogging expertise.

    Will the blog include security and spam plugins?
    What about being FTC compliant?
    To what extent can my involvement be?
    Will I be able to sell the blog down the road if I choose?

    Thanks John,


  8. Robin says

    Yeah working from home can be challenging. You just need to be really clear on THREE things you want to get out of the day and make sure you get those 3 things done. Otherwise you can very quickly become overwhelmed.

  9. John Yeo says

    Hi Don,

    Yes, definitely. they will these plugins.

    Yes, ftc compliant.

    You will need to decide your niche and you have full access to your blog.

    Yes, you can sell your blog and we can even help you to sell based on our blog flipping experience.


  10. Dave Osmonson says

    Hi John,

    I sure like the products and information you produce on your blog. This sounds like a great investment. To what Don said, does this cover these things?

    Will the blog include security and spam plugins?
    What about being FTC compliant?
    To what extent can my involvement be?
    Will I be able to sell the blog down the road if I choose?

    Thanks much, Dave

  11. John Yeo says

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, I have replied Don’s questions above. =)


  12. alain says

    hello john, i am interested in this blog much is it again? pls email me details and what will be my part, if you will do the work? and how can i earn from that? will i be able to earn if i have to pay you every month? and what is the duration of your sevice, because i am a first timer and i really dont know if it will work for me, do you offer trial for this?or can we do this for 2 months and chk if it’ll work? see i have a lot of questions, because i am really interested but has no back ground at all, all i know is to write..heheh but dont know the programming things..hehe..hope to hear from you..thanks

  13. John Yeo says

    Thanks Alain. I have replied you in the email. =)


  14. adam says

    Hi John,
    I like the idea of working from home, but sometimes I find it challenging having a corporate boss and even more challenging when climbing the corporate ladder. Although I want that kind of lifestyle still the sad truth is happening and that is having a low salary. That is why I created my blog site for me to gain extra income working from home.

  15. adam says

    I could use a topic about steps in doing link exchange.

  16. John Yeo says

    Yes, Adam…For link exchange, it is really simple…
    find related blogs and ask the bloggers nicely…

    if they say yes, ok…if no, just move on…

    on average, 1 in 20 will agree…so you need to ask 100
    to get 20 links.

  17. [Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 7: Uploading Of Video & Pictures | Blog Simplicity - John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog says

    […] Stripping down blogging to its bare essentials…so you can work from home too. Subscribe via Email | RSS […]

  18. alex says

    blog mainteianance program what is the real cost
    is there an offer and is it true that you will write the blog post for me and submit to get traffic to the blog too

  19. Edward Han says

    Nice to read about your earning with blog. It’s your effort and gaining the reward.

    Guess those who say that they didn’t earn money can be either doing the wrong thing or sitting on the fence.

    I believe now it is the video trend to get things going. What do you think?

  20. Melvin says

    So if I am paying $147.00/mo that means, I should be earning more than that every month?

  21. Edward Han says

    Hi Melvin

    Went over to look at your site, pretty clean wordpress theme.

    You will need to do up your blog like changing the category and adding new ones, changing the blogroll, etc. Get some good plugins to help your blog for SEO.

    Yes, if you invest $147/monthly, the ROI should be at least twice the amount. That’s what I am doing for my investment.

  22. Melvin says

    Hello Edward!

    Thanks for the reply and compliment to my site, which I am still working till now. Well anyway, I am interested when you said that the ROI is twice the amount, but how soon after my first $147 payment? I’m not rich and $147 would mean not eating for 2 weeks and so if I don’t get it back soon, that means a month of no eating for me. I you were me, it would be scary right? 🙁


  23. Edward Han says

    Hi Melvin

    Thinking back in 1987 when I first started my own business, it was frightening since I have kids and family members to support.

    Well, for your case, you might want to start easy by exploring some of your options. You may not need to jump into opportunity straight away but you need to take action even some can be started as free. Main thing is to take action.

    I am doing web hosting for clients and also having my own servers to run my business. What I am spending is just the cost of my own servers plus my own time. You will need a mentor if you have no idea or direction.

  24. Melvin says

    Hi Edward!

    Yep, will definitely take your advice. It’s really nice to find people like you who are very generous with the good things they learned and very kind hearted. 🙂


  25. Edward Han says

    Hi Melvin

    You are most welcomed.

    I had learnt the hard way and helping people is one of my hobbies as in life, you can’t have everything yourself. It is needed to be shared. One should never be selfish in sharing.

    If you need advice, you are most welcomed to let me know and I will help in whatever way I can.

    Btw, do you believe in Feng Shui? You can check out – https:///

  26. pete says

    I’m into home based online business and also found an effective and tested ways to profit money using the internet marketing without spending too much.

  27. adam says

    Dear John,
    Thank you for such a good advice. I’ll be working on it and hopefully that every webmaster that I’m going to ask would agree to have a link exchange. Also for those who would be able to read this message If you want to link exchange kindly message me at my blog. thanks.

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