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from astragony

Here are the 5 lucky winners!

1. Alessandro
2. Andrew
3. Brandon
4. Elaine
5. Wong

I will be contacting the winners and sending them their prizes!

Congrats again and everyone is a winner here because you took action!

Do leave a comment on how you feeling right now, as a Winner!
(In, everyone wins!)


It has been a fun week. Most of my JV partners are very generous to give me complimentary copies of their products.


Because they want you to succeed. And so do I.

I really hope the winners for all the contests really make full use of the prizes.

Read it, digest it, apply it!

Not everyone has the luxury of having it. So if you had been one of the winners, Congrats! And really make full use of the books.

And you have yet to be a winner, here is another chance for you.

My buddy Bryan Zimmerman is giving away 5 copies of his Newbie Workbook.

Bryan Zimmerman

Here is the question:

“If you have a blog and you are already achieving a certain level of success, show me your blog website and explain in steps, how did you achieve your success?”

Success can be:
1. in terms of making money (regardless of any amount of dollars)
2. in terms of having your list of buyers/ subscribers
3. in terms of bringing you to another level such as being able to create your own product or be able to provide a service for a fee
4. in terms of getting more credibility or building your own brand
5. in terms of growing your network of partners/ friends/ affiliates

Best 5 answers get a complimentary copy of the Newbie Workbook and a blog post to feature your blog and your success story in my blog.

newbie workbook ecover

Retail price of Newbie Workbook is US$37
Blog feature : Priceless! as you get more traffic to your blog

I will pick the 5 winners and will contact the winners through your email on how you get your Prize. =)

Contest ends on 12th August 2009.

Here is the question again:

“If you have a blog and you are already achieving a certain level of success, show me your blog website and explain in steps, how did you achieve your success?”

Success can be:
1. in terms of making money (regardless of any amount of dollars)
2. in terms of having your list of buyers/ subscribers
3. in terms of bringing you to another level such as being able to create your own product or be able to provide a service for a fee
4. in terms of getting more credibility or building your own brand
5. in terms of growing your network of partners/ friends/ affiliates

Send in your submission now and you can submit them in the comment box below.

P.S: Remember to include your blog website so our panel of judges and my other readers can take a look at your blog.


20 Responses to “FREE Giveaway Contest: 5 FREE Newbie WorkBook”

  1. Alessandro says

    Hi John and thanks for this opportunity.

    Around one mont and half ago I finished the creation of my first e-book for resale, named Super Article Traffic.
    I decided to focalize just on a thing that I love to do (and I assure that’s absolutely the best way to become successful).

    I thought about Article Marketing and I decided to put in all my efforts to realize the best guide about it.
    No way for the other competitors.

    I started to put on paper the first steps to create the perfect article with an optimal resource box.
    So I created a step by step process to follow, easy to comprehend but including all the serets that normally were
    forgiven by other merchants.

    Super Article Traffic include also a complete chapter about how to find a niche full of useful tactics and websites to consult.

    I illustrated all the ways to achieve success from Articles, not only by Article Directories, but in great other ways that in 99% of cases are until now undiscovered by the masses.

    Every tips to have articles submitted to Article Directories without rejection and consequently getting many visitors to your articles were explained.

    I made a clear example using Ezine Articles and I explained also a tip to have the article link automatically posted on twitter.

    I analyzed the best softwares to rehash articles and to write new ones, but I have included also the best article submitters reviews.

    As a series of gifts I attached to the main guide a series of Mindmaps to remember all the concepts explained and a great interview with John Yeo (my unique menthor), including a series of “ready to edit” 7000 PLR Articles.
    Finally, always as a Bonus, I inserted a great software for keyword research, completely free and not a demo.

    I usually update the Super Article Traffic guide on regular basis and I attach often new bonuses for my customer.
    Now I’m at version 1.3.

    Being a newbie of selling, to attract more buyers I opted for a low price and full time support for questions and methods.
    And the selling process went over my expectations, giving me a lucky income to solve many of my problems.

    I received also a large number of requests for handwritten article packages and many leads for my free Super Article Traffic : Niche Under Cover, a free report to let users view the quality of my work.

    That’s my success story, step by step.

  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks Alessandro, i remembered you had a very successful blog and you sold it for a huge profit…do tell us more about it!


  3. Alessandro says

    Thanks John, also for asking me about my latest blog flipping.

    When I hear abiut Michael Jackson death, instead of starting to sell items on eBay like hundreds of people, I thought about opening a blog about Michael Jackson.

    After a research for a Seo-friendly domain (all yet sold by domain resellers) finally I choose for “Blog About Michael Jackson”.

    When I gave it a great look through a free customized WordPress template I decided to iwrite personally every article.
    So I start a phenomenal research of every online and offline source to achieve a good knowledge about a singer that I never listened in my life.

    Well, I finally written more than 14 high quality and seo friendly Michael Jackson Articles.
    About his life, his biograhy, his discography and latest success.

    Another trick I used was to insert on Blog a section about Michael Jackson Friends : that permit me to call back more visitor searching for their biography, because I inserted a speedy bio and their connection with Michael Jackson.

    To let “Blog About Michael Jackson” became more known and famous, I built a Squidoo Lens strictly linked to the main blog, to elevate search engine position.
    I called it Michael-Jackson-Report.

    The Blog is receiving hordes of visitors : that’s was made by posting many Backlinks in important websites (especially Michael Jackson Fans websites) and through a manual submission to Social Bookmarking websites and Directories.

    Following John Yeo WSO guide a little time before, I decided to try to sell my new Blog on Warrior Forum.
    So I made my good selling page and in only 2 days I sold it.

    The new owner want I follow “Blog About Michael Jackson” time to time and want I keep it updated with new articles.
    He pay me for doing that.

    And now I got an order for a Family Business blog.
    I hope that’s only the starting point.

    This is only an example for all John Yeo’s Work At Home Blog visitors and readers, because I want you take some courage to act online.
    You can really become successful.
    For sure.
    You have only to propose different thins to achieve success.

    Thanks to all and Goodbye.
    Alessandro Zamboni

  4. John Yeo says

    Wow, Alessandro…really great success you have there. and you managed to sell that blog for US$197…well done…and you have just sold another one a few days ago…Congrats!

    look forward to see more success stories =)


  5. andrew says

    Ok. I would like to share a little of my small success I guess.

    There is a bit weird and compared to the previous guy, who manage to sell his blog for 197, mine is just small amount.

    Basically, I started creating a review page about building six pack abs product, and change to a opt-in page before finally settling it as a blog.

    Since i have created this blog, writing health and weight loss articles, it makes me a small income of about $30 per month. I have written around 100 over articles to ezinearticles, did some bookmarking and so far, I get around 10 to 30 subscribers a month too. Till date, it has been bringing in around $360 a year and my maintenance has been very minimal.

    I have to admit laziness have creep in but traffic is constant and though the money is not a lot, it is still free money, so thats all for my story.

  6. John Yeo says

    Thanks Andrew for your interesting post…keep the comment coming! =)


  7. Brandon Schmid says

    Hey John,

    My journey started in Cuba last December. I got married there on the 30th and was not due back to Canada until the 5th. I have had a very successful vending business for 5 years now and after spending over $50, 000 in expansion in 2008, I thought it was time to look at other business adventures that didn’t require so much capital to expand. I was getting frustrated with the financial restrictions of getting big. That’s what brought me to IM and how to make money online.

    In January purchased Justin Michie’s book on internet marketing. Through his opt-in list I was introduced to John Yeo, who at the time was a nobody to me. I bought John’s book on how to make money blogging and it has been a great ride ever since.

    Our blog: went live at the end of February 2009. It is a blog that teaches financial education to the middle class. My first month I had a total of 23 visitors and I was by myself trying to build it up. We are now a team of 4. We are getting around 1600 visitors a month and as of 2 weeks ago we are now a google page rank of 3! Our opt-it list is growing at a good pace averaging a 5% conversion rate of all total visitors. My squeeze page conversion rate is well over 50%.

    Currently I am working on our first product. It is a book about how to quit your job by being smart with your money.

    I know I could have not done it with out the continued support of John and his team. Thanks!!



  8. John Yeo says

    Hi Brandon,

    Well done…I must say you are one of the up and coming marketers…very diligent gentleman and very smart too. =)

    To your success!


  9. Brandon Schmid says

    Thanks for the kind words John.

    I would argue that the only thing that makes me smart is following your advice.


  10. Tracey says

    Hi John, thanks for your contest…it has been really good to read the submitted entries…I learnt alot too…I will send in mine soon. =)

    Thanks again!

    I really love your blog!

  11. John Yeo says

    @Brandon, thanks for your kind words… =)

    @Tracey, hope to see your entry soon. =)

  12. augusto says

    hi john, hello actually john I still don’t know if, or what actualy is my main blog or web site can you tell me if the following site is my best blog site or considered a blog. 1st, 2nd, leaving with the cat at
    bloggers spot Im still waiting for my credit card thats why I am timid of asking you always for your advices and but I wish I could start a real blog thru your guidance you have sendt me various email guides and I have kept it all on my john yeo’s folder to review when I have paid you because I have a lot of emails coming from all over I don’t know who to respond with what or how too many online offers of money making online so sorry for the long letter tnx again for accepting me.

  13. John Yeo says

    @Augusto, i cant really access your url…pls email me again..thanks..

    a blog is an online journal…with posts and with dates… =)


  14. Elaine Lau says

    Hi, my website is

    I would like to share my little success. We have just started our site on the 14 Feburary and I have a facebook group of more than 3000 member and a subscriber list of more than 2000 subscribers. I guess I am able to build sizable list at such a short time frame is because of my interaction with my friends in facebook. You have to be very active in social networking media to build the list.

    So far, the site brings us a lower level of 4 digits income and i hope that as the list grows, our income level will keep growing as well.

  15. John Yeo says

    Thanks Elaine…wow, looks like you are going to dominate the “motherhood” niche …good job!

  16. Wong says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my small success.

    I have built a blog that covers financial news and
    for many months, my blog is on page 1 of the search
    engine of big G based on the keyword I used and the
    site has been enjoying page rank of between 1 and 3
    over the past quarters.

    Though the primary monetisation of the blog is adsense,
    the income has nevertheless allows me to enjoy free
    domain as well as hosting.

  17. John Yeo says

    Hi Wong,

    Well done…by focusing on one monetisation
    is also a key factor to your success!


  18. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Wow ! I’m happy to won this contest.

    I’m happy my first Blog Flipping gave me the opportunity to win an e-book I will glad to read.

    Thanks John and a real thanks to all the other blog readers.

    Alessandro Zamboni

  19. atul says

    Was very very late. Hope i could receive the gift

  20. John Yeo says

    Hi Atul,

    The contest is over. =)

    Look out for more emails of my upcoming contests.


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