[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 2: Choosing of Domain Name

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from tonyshi


In the last post on “Choosing of Niches“, I have received some comments on why my post is so short.

I stutter. So I don’t talk much. I go straight to the point so you get the key concept and so do I for my blog posts. 🙂

Hope this explains the length of my blog post.

Ok, let’s begin. “Move it…Soldier! :p

In this post, I wanted to talk about “Choosing of Domain Name

Recently, I walked past a shop which is available for rental. It says

“To contact the owner, go to his website at http:www.91XXXX.com”

Basically, it is a series of numbers and the owner expected anyone to remember it.

Most domains make no sense.

If I have a domain 917me.com and I sell books, does it really make sense?

Or does royxx917.com tell you that it sells toy car models?

So domain names are very important. It is same as the name of your brick and mortar store (if you want to do business offline)

Recently, in Singapore, I have been seeing this ad with the domain name displayed. It says “CatchCheatingSpouse.com.sg

I am sure you can instantly know the nature of its business.

So in short, your domain name got to have the keywords.

If your blogs are promoting “weight loss” affiliate products, your domain should be “HowToLoseWeights.com”

If you are selling hair treatment products, your domain name should be “TreatingHairLossNow.com”

Here are some resources you can get your domain or check its availability:
1. https://godaddy.com/
2. https://nameboy.com/

Remember the keywords you found in “Choosing of niches“?

Those keywords should give you a good idea on your domain name.

In the next post, I will share with you the top 17 WordPress plugins you must have for your blog…



14 Responses to “[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 2: Choosing of Domain Name”

  1. Misako says

    Thanks for this very informative post, John. Just goes to show the importance of choosing the right and related name for your online business, just like in offline business.

  2. Deb Lamb says

    Hi John,
    I wish I had know this when I started my business. I have sort of learned things in a backwards manner, however, now my domain name is pretty well set with rankings and think I better leave it alone.

    You offer some excellent advice that I continually learn from. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

    Make it an awesome day!
    Deb 🙂
    Freelance Writer

  3. Michael says

    Hi John,

    I have to respectfully disagree that the domain name must, in all cases, be relevant. Does Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com tell you what the site is about?

    I agree that using a keyword in the domain name CAN be beneficial, but it’s not a “make or break” item.

    Another great resource for choosing domain names is https://www.domainsbot.com.

    Best regards,

  4. patricia ramsawh says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all the tips. like you I am not one to elaborate. I am kind of shy. So I get right to the point.

    Thanks again

  5. Daaiyah says

    Hi John,

    I like posts short and straight to the point. You don’t have to dig through a lot of words to get the info. Great post.

  6. Richard says

    Hi John,

    I have viewed your wedding blog which is really nice work.
    I have not been specific with a particular niche as I have not moved on from internet marketing as yet. I know this is a competitive area and I do things the hard way. However, many trials make good experience I trust. I will find the niche right for me and I use allplrworld because it is private label rights where I am in this point in time.


  7. luis says

    I thought this was a very good tip about choosing a Domain name, gets right to the point, you can also get some real good ideas on picking a good profitable domain name by going to Amazon.com and checking out whats selling good offline.

    Thank you


  8. Hans says

    Hi John,

    I must agree with you. Coming straight to the point and explaining the topic is better than having endless content to go through. Most of your visitors wouldn’t do it anyway and probably just leave your site. Having your keywords in your domain name is definitely an issue which is overlooked quite often, particularly by newbies. Your domain name should be relevant to your niche or business.

    Have a nice day,


  9. Kenney says

    I have several domain names & I’m not sure I have got the hang of it just yet…I try to come up with a Idea…Then put it thru a keyword program to look at variations…But usually the next day I think of something I wish I had used instead…Maybe someday…lol…Kenney


  10. Terry says

    The point about domain names is well taken. If you can purchase one that is your main key word stream for your niche it will assist the search engines in finding you faster. There are other elements that I know you will address later and this is a key one.

    If you have a domain name right now that is not a search term someone would use to find you, it is possible to purchase a second domain name and redirect that one to your main site.

    For example: xyzsupplies.com may be your business name – then you may want to purchase your key word rich domain of OrganicGardenSuppliesYourCity.com and redirect that to your business home page. If a domain name is already taken – try using hyphens and see if that one is available IE: Organic-Garden-Supplies-YourCity.com

    Thanks for a great post

    Terry Loving

  11. Viviana says

    I see some pro bloggers are still using their names as their domain names. But you’re right, using keywords as a domain name has advantages. I normally choose keywords which have high CPC and low volume search.

  12. John Yeo says

    choosing a domain name related to the niches is good if you are doing niche blogging.

    from another field of thought, you can use another name (not related to the niche at all) for branding purpose…. =)

    so it really depends on your goal.

  13. Drebrafof says

    i easily enjoy all your writing style, very charming,
    don’t quit as well as keep writing seeing that it just truly worth to read it.
    impatient to view way more of your posts, enjoy your day!

  14. Lawn Care says

    With all the doggone snow we have had lately I am stuck inside , fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. 🙂

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