[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Site Sold for US$297 On Day 7!

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Today for Aljiro, there was a breakthrough! And it’s only 7 days after setting up the blog and listing on Flippa!

Status of auction:
Within 24 hours…
31 views to 259 views,
and 2 bids increase of 7 Bids with a buy it now price of $297!

And you know that this site will be in the hands of a new owner after the auction!

On a personal note, I feel happy for Aljiro to have sold his first site successfully and he can certainly use the money to buy medicine for his sister’s treatment.

Thanks to the new owner with a very BIG heart!

So the lesson of the day is…to get more views, opt for the featured listing option in Flippa when you list your blog.


3 Responses to “[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Site Sold for US$297 On Day 7!”

  1. [Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 5 & 6 | John Yeo’s Blogging for Profits Work At Home Blog says

    […] Click here for day 7. […]

  2. Misako says

    7 bids within 24 hrs? Thats amazing! Well done. I need to learn this stuff from you very soon..lol..:)

  3. Edward Han says

    Wow! That is really fantastic! Should be awarded the best timing award if it is done in 24 hrs.

    Let’s see how well can I do with my new promotion for selling article directory source code with classified ads and wordpress blog integrated as one template.

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