[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 5 & 6

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Day 5:
The previous listing ended without any winner.

Why? The price didn’t hit the reserve price Aljiro has set and Flippa will not release the site to the bidder.

Day 6:
So Aljiro made a major decision here.

Does he want to relist it?

He had to pay another listing fee to have it relisted.

PLUS now, what is different is he has paid another US$29 for his listing to be featured on the front page of Flippa.com

And the good thing about investing in a featured listing is that your listing gets more eyeballs and views. And within an hour of being listed, he gets:

Status of auction:
Within an hour…
0 view to 31 views,
and increase of 2 Bids with a price of $21

Now the listing will last for another 2 days plus and if you want to invest in a professional looking blog in the wedding niche, place your bid too at:


(Wedding niche is one of the most profitable online niches and I myself have been in this niche for 4 years plus. I am still making money from affiliate sales and selling ads space.)

Click here for day 7.

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